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They were going to throw me in jail for something I didn’t do. Now, I’m free and clear and I just want to move on with my life. I was only supposed to be going out to celebrate. Not getting sucked back into this mess by a man who I just don’t know how to say no to. I’m breaking all of my rules for him, but I’ll learn so is he.
It all starts with an offer. A Million to Blow…

*This is Book 1 in the A Million Series from bestselling, award winning author Blue Saffire. This is a spinoff from the Lost Souls world.

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First Sight


I hate these events. My mother is the only reason I’m here. Only she can get me to New York for some bullshit like this.

This benefit isn’t even one of the deserving ones. However, my mother doesn’t know her best friend’s son is an asshat who’d rather make up a fake charity to support his drug habit than actually find a legit source of income.

I grab a flute of champagne from a passing tray as I casually stroll the large ballroom. My uninterested expression wards off most conversations. I’m making my second pass around the room as a stunning woman in a purple gown catches my attention.

Unfortunately, Dexter Reed is breathing down her neck. I can’t stand this prick. He thinks he’s God’s gift to the world. He doesn’t even have the funds to back his arrogance, he’s been coasting for years.

I move a little closer, wanting to learn more about the gorgeous woman. She has this vibe about her. Her long dark hair cascades like silk over her shoulder. When she turns her face my way, I’m blown away. Her face is as alluring as her body. Her brown skin has a glow about it.

She’s stunning. Her lips, her eyes. I want to peel that dress from her body and devour every inch of her, but I’m Clayton Hennessy.

I learned a long time ago that I can’t give in to every beauty I see. I need to learn more about her. I need to know if she’ll be willing to enter my type of arrangement. Especially now.

I can’t afford any more scandal. It’s been years since the blackmail attempt, but it burned up the last of my trust. Relationships have to be my way or no way.

“Clayton.” I turn to find my head of security with his eyes on me.

I point with my glass at the beauty in the purple dress. “Find out who she is.”

“I believe that’s Sidney James. At least from what I just overheard.”

I move in even closer. David follows. However, I’m not paying him much attention, my focus is on Ms. James.

“Listen, I don’t know who you think you are or who you think I am, but if you say one more inappropriate thing to me or try to touch me again, I’m going to throat punch you and step right over you like I have no idea what the hell happened,” she hisses at Reed.

I purse my lips to keep from laughing. I like her. As a matter of fact, I want her.

“I need to know everything about her.”

“I’ll get right on it. Your mother is looking for you.”

Chapter 1



I sip my drink as I look over my file on Sidney. I already have a plan working in my head. I’ll be spending more time in New York, to keep a closer eye on her and her life.

Finding out my cousin was one of her potential clients has rubbed me the wrong way. Wade’s an asshole. I don’t like the idea of him being anywhere near Sidney.

“That will be all,” I say to Levi, my assistant.

“Mr. Brick and Mr. Vault will be here to see you soon.”

“Thanks. Send them in when they arrive.” I stand and go to my office window, finishing my glass of brandy.

“Sidney, Sidney. I think we’d be great together. All I need is a little patience. I’ll have you soon enough.”

A knock comes at my office door. I turn in time to find Brick and Vault entering. Placing my glass on my desk as I walk by, I meet them to shake hands. They each tug me in for a one-armed hug.

Brick and I go way back. We actually own a few businesses together. I respect the Lost Souls. Their brotherhood reminds me of me and my brothers.

Gregor and Cane mean the world to me. I’d do anything for them. When I met Brick in college, he was a bit standoffish. I pulled him into the fold, and we became the best of friends.

If he needs a favor, I’m there for him and King—someone else I’ve grown to like. The Lost Souls pulled me in like a brother in my time of need, before I found my footing. King was the one to introduce me to the deal that set the first stepping-stones to my empire.

If King and Brick trust you, I trust you. That’s how Valmik or Vault became my lawyer and ally. I guess you can say I’m an honorary Lost Soul in a sense. I offer information and places to bury the bones.

“To what do I owe this visit?” I say as I round my desk and retake my seat.

“You always have a word for us when the smoke rises. We thought we’d return the favor,” Brick says.


“Those stopped permits I’ve been having have one thing in common,” he continues.