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Wicked Desire

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It's an old tradition, taking your brother's widow if he dies childless. She had no idea when she married into the family; not until the day I showed up on her doorstep to collect.

My brother has always been a monster, someone I stayed away from when I was old enough to know better. I didn't expect to fall for his girl and had no intentions of crossing that line. But now the bastard's dead and the old archaic tradition is just the excuse I need to get her into my bed.
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Jordan Silver


The house was packed with people all milling around downstairs as I made my way up the stairs in search of her. I took my sweet time even though the blood raced in my veins with heated anticipation as my cock throbbed and came awake.

I was finally going to get what I wanted, what I’ve wanted for the longest time, even before I should’ve before it was right, I wanted. Now it’s finally within my reach. Not the pussy, I’d taken that already just a few short days ago, but the whole package, my ring on her finger and her in my bed.

I’m sure that half the people gathered here would lose their minds if they knew what I was about to do, and the other half might faint dead away, while a handful would only nod with understanding, but I didn’t care. It was time. I’m sure she too would want to wait, but I’m not about to give in to her on that.

I found her in what used to be their bed curled up on her side with her back turned to the door, probably still crying over the prick that used to be her husband. I’m about to put a stop to that though, three days of mourning over him was more than enough. I wasn’t willing to share any more of her with the man whose ring she used to wear.

I closed the door softly behind me and locked it before walking over to the bed to look down at her. I knew she knew I was there even though she pretended not to, but the fact that her tears had already started drying up was the proof.

That and the way her breathing changed, the way her chest rose and fell more rapidly as the excitement she tries so hard to hide took over her senses. My eyes went to her nipples, which are always a dead give away to her arousal, and I smirked when I saw how hard they were poking against her dress.

I didn’t say a word as I started to get undressed, first kicking off my shoes before losing my shirt and tie. My pants were the last to go before I even addressed her. “Turn around and look at me.” She took her sweet time rolling over, but in the end, she had no choice but to do as I say.

There was a look of defiance in her eyes when they watched me, and I callously took my cock in hand and stroked it from base to tip. I knew she couldn’t resist the sight of my cock, not as long as she recalls what it had done to her in the last few days, not to mention the things it had made her do, things I’m sure she’d never even contemplated doing before.

“Take that off.” I gestured with my chin towards the short black dress she’d worn to her husband’s funeral. “And don’t wear it again.” She got down off the bed and pulled the zipper down her back before letting the dress fall to the floor around her ankles, all with an attitude, of course.

She’d learned early on not to push me too far; she never likes the consequences when she does. She’d got her ass fucked hard the first time she tried defying me, and once I’d fucked her too hard on purpose to get my point across.

I’m keeping the spankings in reserve for when she really crosses the line, but this first week I’ve decided to cut her some slack due to the circumstances, but that too ends today.

When she reached for the French cut panties to take them off, I stopped her. “No, leave those on.” I looked into her eyes and smiled smugly because I knew it would piss her off. I knew how much what I’ve been doing to her in the last few days since about two hours after her husband drew his last breath, in fact, was getting to her.

I got a sick sense of satisfaction, knowing how easy it had been to bend her to my will. How quickly her pussy had accepted me as its new owner and all in her marriage bed. It was a thing with me, having to claim her there first. I needed to erase that part of her life, to wipe out even the faintest memory of the life she led before me. I know it’s stupid that you can’t change the past, but if I don’t possess her completely if I’m not the only man in her heart and mind, I think I’ll go mad.

“Come over here and suck my cock the way I taught you to.” I beat my meat faster as precum gathered at the tip, and her greedy eyes followed my hand’s every move. She can pretend all the likes, but her eyes don’t lie. They always tell the true story of what she’s feeling, what’s really going on inside her head.