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They think they’re gods, but I will bring them to their knees.

All I’ve ever known is how to be a good girl.
My father called me his little jewel. I was the promise of a better life for us all.
So I studied hard and treated everyone kindly, just like he’d taught me.
Until I witnessed three vile boys kill.
Ares, Caleb, and Blaine from the Tartarus House at Spine Ridge University. Devilish, hedonistic, ruthless guys determined to break me. They’re self-proclaimed gods of their own purgatory, and they won’t rest until I’ve been silenced.
Their wicked games drive me insane. What they crave is my submission on a silver platter.
And when they threaten my mother’s life, I finally agree to let them own me.
Their filth is overpowering, and my body is corrupted in every way possible.
Debauchery is what they’re good at, burning every inch of my soul until there’s nothing left but hatred for how good they make it feel … hatred for how badly they make me yearn them.
But I will use this hatred against them…
Turn it into a weapon of vengeance…
Make even Gods kneel.

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“You will take all of me, every piercing and every throbbing inch,” Ares groans, slowly lowering me onto his length. “And when I am done with you, they will have their way with you.”

I glance down at Caleb and Blaine, as their two tongues roll around us both, their fingers flicking across my most sensitive spots.

But it is Ares’s grip on my body that turns me meek.

“Everyone will see, and everyone will know what a filthy girl you are,” Ares whispers. “And you will do it all for me.”

I can’t think, can’t even breathe as these boys, these killers, drive me to the edge of insanity.

Each touch, each kiss, each thrust makes me stray further and further into their depraved claws.

“Because you’re my fucking good girl, aren’t you?” Ares murmurs as he sinks deeper into me until my entire body begins to shiver. “Say it.”

Even if I denied it, I know deep down in my heart it’s true.

I never imagined I would willingly give myself to killers like them. These boys have corrupted every inch of my heart until nothing but sweet, delicious hatred was left.

Hatred for how badly I want them to own me.

So let it fucking flow.

“I’m your good girl.”

I can feel him smile against my ear as my eyes nearly roll into the back of my head. “Now let your God take you to purgatory.”

Someday, they will know my wrath.

Even if I want to beg them to use me, even if I crave nothing more than their fingers on my slit while being denied over and over, even when I come so hard I can feel myself ascending into heaven … hatred is the only thing I’ll carry with me.

To the end.


The roses on the bushes next to me shimmer in the eerie lights dancing in the sky above. The dew drops on their leaves fall to the ground as I walk through the maze, wondering why my heart pounds like I’m slowly headed toward death.

Electric lanterns are all I have to light my path, but the music guides my way through the maze as I focus on the noise.

When I make a left turn, a ton of people dance in a small courtyard in the middle of the maze. People are strewn all across the path, leading up to a gloomy-looking house almost entwined with nature. The branches of several invasive trees almost run through the building, and the roof is so pointy it makes me want to shiver. If evil built a house, that’s what I’d imagine it would look like.

Suddenly, someone’s hands lock onto my shoulders from behind. “Crystal! You made it!”

Just as I spin around in my heels, Kayla hugs me tight.

“It’s so dark and gloomy here,” I say.

“I know! Isn’t it perfect?” She’s glowing right now.

I look around at the decorated trees and bushes, the expensive outdoor furniture all across the courtyard, and the food, which looks like it was made by a Michelin-star restaurant.

“They’ve poured in a lot of work,” I say.

“Tartarus always throws extravagant parties. Or so I’ve been told. I’ve never actually been invited to one … up till now.” She squeals with excitement.

“How did we even get an invite to this party?” I ask.

Suddenly, Penelope throws her arms around my shoulders. “Perks of having friends in high places.”