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(White Wolf Ridge #1) Turner

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C.M. Steele

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Josiah Turner had just become the Alpha in his pack when his father decided to step down. Things would be incredible for the young Alpha if he could only find his mate. With the thousands of people who pass through White Wolf Ridge’s resort town, Turner thought he would have met her sooner rather than later, but there’s no such luck.

It takes a conflict with another pack for him to finally find the one. Will it work? Can she submit to him and become his mate?
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White Wolf Ridge Series by C.M. Steele

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C.M. Steele



She cries out my name over and over, demanding I make her mine. I’m just about to bite down on her neck….

Ring, ring, ring.

A roar rips through my chest. I close my eyes and try to go back to sleep, but my phone continues to go off. I grumble, seeing the sun shining through my living room windows. I pick up the phone and see it’s already after eight.

I shoot her a text, telling her I’ll call in twenty. I’m going to be late, but it’s my fucking company. It’s not like anyone can fire me. I hop in the shower and wash up before putting on a nice clean suit. I’m down my stairs and making a single serving of coffee for my travel mug.

When I’m finally in my Tahoe, I give my assistant a call back to go over shit and get my head on straight before I make it to the resort.

“Hello, Alpha. Did you get a nice sleep?” she asks with some hope in her voice.

“Yes. I did, as it happens, but it seems my to-do list is twice as long today,” I grumble, voice laced with sleep.

“Sometimes that’s the way it goes. At least you got some sleep so you can just power right through it.” I keep her around for these little pep talks.

“What’s the point of being in charge when I’m the one doing all the work?”

“Maybe you should learn to delegate. I’m pretty sure that’s what bosses do.” Yep. Really love her pep talks.

“Keep that snark to yourself, Daphne.” She won’t.

“I will when you start working smarter. As it is, I’m about to birth these pups soon, so you’re going to need to find a replacement,” she happily reminds me.

“Ugh. Now why do you have to go and do that? I haven’t had my coffee yet, and you’re talking about leaving me again. It’s not like I have anyone else in mind.” It’s shitty when you have the perfect assistant and can’t find a temporary replacement for her because there isn’t anyone capable of taking her place.

“Sorry, but you introduced me to your cousin, and look at where we ended up.” I remember exactly how they met. They saw each other when Elijah came over to visit the hotel. When he was younger, he left the pack to go to college and at the same time, Daphne joined our pack with her parents. They were in a different pack, but she wasn’t finding a mate, so her parents felt the urge to move elsewhere and they ended up with us. It didn’t take long before he gave up his job because I refused to give her up as my assistant. Now they’re both working my nerves with this baby nonsense.

“You know I don’t like all this baby talk,” I remind her. I manage to steal a sip from my travel mug. It’s refreshing. A nice cup of black coffee with a teaspoon of sugar is all I need to get started most days.

“That’s because you don’t have a mate. If you did, you’d be up her ass, begging to breed her.” I snarl, thinking about my dream woman. She’s been on my mind for so long that I believe she has to be real.

I hate that she’s right. The girl is always right, so I play my trump card. “It’s different. I can work while my mate has our babies when that day finally comes. Your mate is busy working as we speak.”

“Whatever. How far out are you?” she huffs. I grin, knowing I won.

“Five minutes.” I’m on Bluff Road that leads straight up to the resort’s main entrance.

“Good. I’ll have someone bring up your breakfast since I’m sure you forgot to eat anything, and then we can go over your agenda for the day.”

“Fine. Tell them I want extra bacon this morning,” I grumble as my stomach does. I’m hungrier than hell. Must be because I didn’t eat much at work and passed out last night.

“I will.” She hangs up on me, knowing that she’s got shit to do. I can always count on her. Three years, and she hasn’t let me down yet. I’ve never met a more organized person. I pull up to my parking spot, turn off the engine, and pop on out, remembering to take my phone with me.

Daphne’s there on the stairs, waiting for me. “Good morning, Mr. Turner.” When we’re in public or if there is at least a chance of being overheard, she calls me “Mr. Turner.” Most of the pack just calls me Turner, but my full name is Josiah Ethan Turner.

“Good morning, Daphne.” I smile and slightly bow my head to greet her.

That’s when I overhear a human employee mutter to another employee, “I wonder if that baby is his.” What the fuck? I know Daphne’s keen sense of hearing didn’t miss that comment either. What humans don’t understand is that as shifters, we mate for life, so they don’t understand how a male could be close to a female without trying to fuck her.