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(Unbreakable Bonds #6.5) The Unbreakable B

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Jocelynn Drake, Rinda Elliott

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Take one fabulous hair stylist.
Add a chicken, a robbery, duct tape, and a stripper.
What do you get?
Most likely, it’s a day with the Unbreakable Boys.
B has been cutting Lucas Vallois’ hair for nearly eight years and he finally get his hands on all of Lucas’s friends as they prepare for Ian’s wedding.
It was just supposed to be a day spent with a bunch of sexy men.
How could things go so wrong?
****The Unbreakable B is a 15,000 word short story set between Fracture and Ignite that gives a fun glimpse into the lives of all the couples as they prepare for Ian’s wedding. Get ready for one crazy afternoon!
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Unbreakable Bonds Series by Jocelynn Drake

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Jocelynn Drake, Rinda Elliott

Chapter One

The alarm was screaming, demanding to be noticed, and all B wanted to do was burrow under his pillow. It was too damn early. Nobody wanted their hair cut or styled at this ungodly hour—at least none of his clients.

The mattress shifted and sank beside him. Warm skin brushed his under the blankets and B smiled. Ricky had spent the night again. Curling up against his big chest…and other big assets…was a wonderful way to start the day.

Except for that damn alarm.

“What’s with the alarm? What time is it?” Ricky asked, his voice was low and husky with sleep. A muscly arm reached out and wrapped around B’s slender waist, and he started to pull B closer.

Biting back a moan, B reached out and snatched his phone so he could thumb off the alarm before he was snuggled against Ricky’s warm body. B wasn’t normally a snuggler, and he wasn’t a sleepover kind of guy. He liked his freedom and independence. In the past, he’d been quick to cut loose any lovers who became clingy and made demands like monogamy.

But Ricky was proving to be his weakness.

And it wasn’t just because the man was an incredible lover; there was an unexpected thoughtfulness to him. It was as if he could read B’s mind. He knew where to push boundaries and when to back off. Sleepovers with Ricky were fast becoming one of B’s favorite things.

Ricky pressed his face into the soft skin between B’s shoulder blades, sending a shiver through him with the rough scrape of his whiskers before pressing a gentle kiss to his spine. “I thought you didn’t go in until eleven,” Ricky murmured.

“I don’t, but today’s special. I’ve got exclusive appointments all day.”

“Really? Someone can do that?”

B let out a deep, throaty laugh, and Ricky tightened his arm around him, pulling him in closer. “Oh honey, you can if you’re Lucas Vallois.”

“The billionaire?”

“The one and only.”

B couldn’t help the little sigh that slipped out at the mention of Lucas. There were few men more handsome than the billionaire, starting with his sexy husband. And B was going to get his hands on both of them today.

Just the thought of his schedule put a little zing in his blood, waking him up better than that damn alarm had.

Behind him, he felt Ricky shift so that he was now leaning over B with a somewhat mutinous expression. Apparently Ricky had heard that sigh. “You got a thing for Vallois?”

That little stab of jealousy unexpectedly warmed B’s heart. He reached up and placed a hand against his lover’s cheek, taking in his dark eyes and soft, full lips. Lucas might be a handsome devil, but Ricky was no slouch either. B was looking forward to waking up many more mornings just like this.

“I’ve been cutting Lucas Vallois’s hair for almost eight years now. He’s a sexy gentleman and that is all. Besides, he’s got himself a husband that is the center of his entire universe.”

“And he hired you for the day?”

B lifted his chin a little as his smile widened up at Ricky. “I’m a wedding gift,” he said proudly.


“Speaking of, I’ve got to get up, baby.” He gently patted and pushed at Ricky until he lifted off B so that he could climb out of bed. The air was cool in his apartment, teasing his naked skin as he hurried over to the dresser for a clean pair of briefs. Oh, the pink ones with the bright-red cherries. Those were his favorite pair. His lucky pair. Today was a special day, and he wanted everything to be perfect.

“Seriously, how are you a wedding present?” Ricky demanded from the bed.

“Ian Pierce, the chef and owner of Rialto, is getting married in two days. He’s a close friend of Lucas’s. As a wedding present, I am cutting the hair and overseeing spa treatments for the entire wedding party and their significant others. Eight men.” B paused and tapped a finger to his lips. “I have a feeling I’m gonna have to tie Rowe Ward to the damn chair. That man is not going to sit still long enough to have his nails cleaned up or allow me to use a good facial scrub on him.”

“Sounds like you’re going to be busy today. Want me to drop off something for your lunch? I have to go in at two for a meeting, and then I’m off. I can swing by that sushi place you love and pick something up on my way to work.”

B dropped his briefs on the dresser and crawled back into bed. Ricky smiled into the kiss, opening instantly to allow B to explore his mouth. With a growl, Ricky made a grab for the back of B’s neck as if he intended to pull him flat on top of him, but B quickly slipped away again. As much as he’d love to remain in bed and have his wicked way with the sexy man, there really wasn’t time. And no one made Lucas Vallois wait.