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The Russian Billionaire - A Romantic Suspense

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I was working two jobs, mom was working three, and we still couldn’t make ends meet. No matter how hard we tried we just couldn’t catch up with my sister’s medical bills. Right before my eyes, my mother was becoming a shadow of herself.
And now Madison needed another costly medical intervention.
Every time I’d read about the Wall Street fat cats, bankers, and billionaires getting richer and richer with government bailouts while half our wages went on taxes, it made me more and more resentful and bitter about the system we lived in.
So… when I was offered a lot of money to take (okay, steal) something from a Russian billionaire, who had originally stolen it from another Russian billionaire anyway, I said yes.
The woman who offered me the deal made it sound easy. Her exact words were, “an in and out job.”
But it wasn’t an in and out job. Not by a long shot.
To my astonishment, I had foolishly wandered into the glamourous and dangerous world of the insanely rich.
I had walked into Constantine Tsarnov’s life, a secretive, unforgiving, and sinfully handsome beast.
A Standalone Full Length Romance.
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Georgia Le Carre Books


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* * *

My cell phone vibrates gently on my office desk. I glance at it. Stephan Priory. As I reach for the phone the girl under the desk stops sucking my cock and stares at me with her thickly lashed baby blue eyes.

“Don’t stop,” I instruct, as I hit the accept option.

Obediently, she continues bobbing her head up and down, her voluptuous red lips making wet sounds. She’s very good at this. Years of experience, no doubt.

“Stephan,” I say crisply into the phone, as I watch her big red mouth swallow my cock. I have a thing for girls with naturally big lips.

“Good evening, Mr. Tsarnov. Sorry to disturb you, but I just wanted to give you a heads up on a… um, ” he clears his throat, “developing situation. I’m afraid we’re going to have a slight PR problem when the Anton scandal breaks next month.”

My voice is cold and forbidding. “Why? What does that fool have to do with me?”

“Well, you know what the… er… political climate is in Washington these days if you’re a Russian billionaire. Pure paranoia and guilt by association.”

“I met him once at a party,” I growl, irritated.

“I know, I know, but unfortunately, there’s a photo circulating online of you and him at that party.”

I rake my fingers through the girl’s long silky hair, and she moans softly. “So?”

“The problem is I’ve been informed by my contact at the Washington Post that they’re planning to run with a center page spread story of the situation, and they’re going to use that photo, but crop it to seem as if you are entertaining him alone on your yacht.”

The girl starts to bob faster, as I watch my glistening cock slide in and out of her mouth. I weigh my options. Take the trouble to kill the story. Nah, those self-righteous pricks at the Washington Post can go and fuck themselves. “Let them run their lies. I have survived worse. Anything else?”

“Yeah.” He clears his throat. “I’m afraid there’ll be pics of you and Putin looking very chummy too.”

“For fucks sake,” I explode.

The girl stops and looks at me questioningly.

“Carry on,” I rasp at her.

“Sorry?” Stephan asks.

“I’m not talking to you,” I mutter.

“Oh!” He pauses, then continues. “We need to do something about this. The Hansom Cross contract is up for grabs in two months, and they won’t want to be tarnished by this mess. At least not if it’s going to be portrayed the way the Washington Post is planning to print it.”

I close my eyes and luxuriate in the hot, wet mouth of the girl. “You obviously have a suggestion.”

“Yes, yes, as a matter of fact I do,” he says eagerly.” We should mount our own PR offensive before they run their grubby story. A distraction is the answer. You should do something big and flashy. Something that gets you in the media and makes you get noticed for all the right reasons.”


“I’m thinking about the Huntingdon Children’s Hospital Charity dinner gala. You’re attending it on the 25th of this month. One of the things they’ll be auctioning off is dinner dates. I suggest you blow half a million on one of the girls at the auction. A bit of philanthropy never did any harm, especially if it’s also sexy enough to make it into lots of the newspapers, maybe even the evening news on some TV stations. I can almost see the headlines. Billionaire Russian throws a half a million on dinner date for children’s charity.”

“Who are these girls?” I ask, watching her cheeks hollow, as my glistening dick flows out of her red mouth.

“I’m not a hundred percent sure, but I think they’re agency girls.”


“Of course not,” Stephan cries, alarmed as only an Englishman can be.

The girl feels my dick grow larger and starts sucking harder.

“The women at these events are usually society ladies, or aspiring actresses and girls wanting to earn a bit of extra money. In this case, I believe the hospital is using an agency. They’ll all be really good looking though. Just pick the girl you think will bore you the least. It’ll only be a couple hours of your time, but the resulting publicity will be worth it.”

“Fine,” I reply, cut the line, tossing my phone back on the desk and give my full attention back to the girl under the desk.

* * *



* * *

“Oh, Raine, I’m so sorry to hear that. That’s terrible. What are you going to do?” Lois, my best friend asks, her forehead creased in a deep frown.

I drop my head in my hands. “I don’t know. I feel so damn helpless. Ever since Dad died, things have just been going from bad to worse. Mom’s working three jobs, I’m working two, and still there’s nothing ever left to put aside for Maddy. If we don’t get her the treatment soon… something bad is going to happen.”