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Callie Campbell just got divorced from the love of her life. With thirty in her rearview mirror and three kids under the age of five, she could’ve easily buckled under the pressure, and no one would’ve blamed her, but this woman who had given her all wasn’t about to watch her family be destroyed without a fight. Read this rip-roaring comedy full of laughs and hijinks as Callie puts her ex and the affair partner through hell.

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Ladies, let me tell you something. There is nothing better than cheating with your ex-husband. Let me explain. My ex-Justin and I were married for ten years with three kids when he got the itch and decided to cheat with his work wife, the bitch he told me not to worry about that they were just friends.

Welp, I wasn’t born under a rock and I’ve read enough online forums to see where this was going. I gave myself two years tops to get my shit together, unbeknownst to him. I’d be the first to admit that after the kids were born practically back-to-back, I had no time for anything else.

I went from going to the gym three days a week to running around behind three kids under the age of five, which didn’t do much in the exercise stakes. Not to mention all the leftover food I ate so it didn’t go to waste that just ended up on my waist.

So, once I saw the signs, I went back to school online for a refresher course since I hadn’t used my degree since I left college and got married. I did some networking with friends from my college days that I was still in touch with and got my ducks in a row.

I never once let on that I knew his friendship had become something more, not until I gave him the divorce papers with the printout of the emails between the two of them that pretty much spelled out everything. I got the house, a hefty alimony that he would be paying forever since I never had any intentions of getting married again in this life, and enough child support to make sure my kids were always taken care of.

My lawyer took him for everything because we live in an at-fault state, and she has a stiffy for cheaters. He got to move into an apartment where he was free to do as he pleased with the skank he took up with.

Well, it’s been eight months since this all went down, and apparently, the grass isn’t greener on the other side. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t gutted by the cheating and spent an inordinate amount of time plotting revenge schemes in my head, but nothing was better than the reality.

How it all started. After I dropped the excessive one hundred- and seventy pounds dead weight that was my husband, I went back to work with the help of my mother-in-law, who practically disowned her son in favor of staying in her grandkids’ lives.

She didn’t want the kids in daycare, so while her husband went to work, she drove the half hour to my house to take care of the youngest two while the oldest, my only son, was in Pre-K.

She went so far as to take them on my weekends as well to give me some free time. With all the money I got in the divorce, I could’ve stayed home and sat on my ass for the rest of my life, but I wanted something more; I wanted to show my kids that I could do more.

I turned his study into a home gym and got back into exercising, not realizing how much I had missed it. I hired a nutritionist for me and the kids, who soon had us all eating better, and I’d say within the first three months, I started getting back to my ideal weight and was feeling much better about myself and life in general.

Now, here is where the problems started. The new girlfriend wouldn’t allow my ex to come to pick up the kids without being there, but when she tried mothering my kids in front of me, I had her trespassed, told my ex we could revisit visitation when he remembered how to be a dad to his kids without his tramp butting in where she wasn’t wanted.

It was easy to get her trespassed because she got loud and confrontational when I told her she was no mother to my kids and would never be even if she married their dad ten times. Yes, I goaded that bitch on purpose because I hate her.

I know, I know, you want to get to the cheating part. Well, I wasn’t just killing myself on the elliptical to fit into old college jeans. It was all part of my plan from the beginning. I knew I was going to work my ass off and lose the weight, which is one of the things he cited as his reason for cheating.

The first time he came to pick up the kids and saw me dressed to the nines, ready to go out on the town, he almost lost his shit. He didn’t know that I was going to the grocery store, but whatever. Now, when he left, I went and did what I had to, I posted a picture on social media looking just a little rumpled with the caption “Just like old times.”