Sold to My Best Friend’s Dad (Naughty Bedtime Stories #1) Read Online Sam Crescent, Stacey Espino

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Series: Stacey Espino

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Clara has had a crush on her best friend's dad for years. She wishes she could get him out of her head, but Grayson Blackwell invades her every thought. The fact he's a bully, rude, and dismissive doesn't turn her off. It only fuels her desire to get his attention.Grayson's more than twice Clara's age, not to mention she's his daughter's best friend. Any intimate entanglement would cross too many lines to count. The facts don't seem to cool his desire for the young, curvy blonde. He decides to make a secret deal with her, one he hopes will help him end his obsession.It starts with a contract, but things get messy once emotions get involved. Can they make their taboo relationship work or will it pull their lives apart?

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Chapter One

Clara felt torn down the middle.

She’d parked in front of her best friend’s house ten minutes ago, but instead of browsing on her phone to kill the time, she was focused on the office window. April’s father was sitting at his desk. She wished she had a better view, only able to make out one strong shoulder, the muscles straining under the fabric. He’d brush his too-long bangs off his face occasionally, focused on his work.

Clara had had a secret crush on Grayson Blackwell since she was eighteen. That’s when she’d started college with April. Since day one, he’d hated her. Nothing she did helped to warm him up to the fact she was his daughter’s best friend.

Maybe it was all for the best. April would never approve if she knew the filthy things flitting in Clara’s head. It was so unlike her, but there was just something about Grayson that made her melt into a puddle.

She wanted to stop pining for an older man who wanted nothing to do with her. Clara needed to focus on college and forget about Grayson, his glares, and snide comments. To move on with her life.

Easier said than done.

“Sorry I’m late.” April dropped down in the passenger seat of the car, pulling her backpack and giant water bottle in as she struggled to grab the seat belt. “I need to get more organized.”

“It’s okay.” Clara took one more look at Grayson before backing out of the driveway.

They drove down the street lined with houses that looked more like mansions. The lawns were sprawling and meticulously cared for. April still hadn’t seen where Clara lived. She’d always have an excuse to avoid a visit. It’s not that she was embarrassed, but she didn’t want her friend to judge her for living in the worst end of the city. April had the best of everything handed to her. Clara had to work for the little she had.

“Wow, we chose a good time to come,” April said as they pulled into the gym’s parking lot. It was practically empty.

There was a note on the front doors, so they drove close enough to read it.

“The power’s out. Great,” Clara said. “I was hyped up to get started, too.”

They’d been talking about going to the gym forever. Maybe she wasn’t meant to get in shape.

“No problem, we’ll just go to my place. I told you we didn’t need to come here. My dad has an incredible setup.”

“I have a free pass,” Clara said.

“Only for a week. My gym is free 24/7.”

Clara dreaded going to April’s house because her father made her feel so unwelcome. She doubted her friend even noticed how horribly he treated her. And she didn’t want to create any problems for them. It was bad enough April didn’t have a mother.

“Okay. Fine.”

She headed back toward April’s house in the suburbs, her nerves on high alert. And something more she didn’t want to acknowledge.

“I got beautified for nothing.” April checked out her makeup in the passenger seat mirror. “I was ready to find myself some muscled stud.”

“No, you weren’t.” Clara giggled. “Besides, you’ll be all sweaty. The gym is the worst place to pick up a guy.”

April shrugged, leaning back in her seat. “I need a boyfriend asap. Dad’s having some fancy get-together at our place next month.”

“What about Rob? Or Josh?”

“Meh. They’re not boyfriend material.”

“Don’t worry. You have plenty of time to find Mr. Right,” Clara said. “You’re only twenty-one.”

“That’s you, Clara. I’m almost twenty-three. Twenty-three!” Her friend dramatically draped her arm over her eyes as they pulled into the driveway. She’d finished school a year ago. Clara was in her last semester before graduation.

As they walked up the path to the front doors, she noticed Grayson Blackwell was no longer sitting at his desk. Her heart sank.

“Let me put this shit away,” April said. “I’ll meet you in the basement.”

Within seconds she was standing alone in the massive foyer. She was surrounded by white marble in every direction. It was like standing in a castle.

It was too quiet.

She made her way to the basement door. They’d been friends for over three years now, so she knew where almost everything was.

Clara was terrified to run into Grayson alone. And terrified not to.

She scrubbed a hand down her face, wishing she wasn’t so infatuated. It was ruining her life. While April needed more than ten fingers to count her conquests, Clara was still a virgin. She’d never dated, never even looked at boys her age, because her heart was set on an older man who was completely off limits. She was an idiot.

“Sneaking around?”

She gasped, whirling to the side to face the deeply masculine voice. It was him—Grayson Blackwell. He was leaning against a pillar watching her. Why did he have to look so drool-worthy?

“Just going to the gym.”