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Once upon a time, she was asked to put on a slipper.
Little did this princess know, the arrangement she agreed to was going to get a bit more savage than the original fairytale…
*This was originally featured in the Savage Bloodline Anthology but now includes a BONUS EPILOGUE!

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Chapter One


“The shoe fits, you live.” I gesture towards the red bottom heel directly in front of the attractive, brown-skinned female glaring at me from the other side of my desk. “And if it doesn’t, you die.”

“You wouldn’t kill an innocent woman.” Her chin kicks upward in defiance, then a sly grin glows across her face. “Aren’t you a little worried about getting blood on that suit, pretty boy? You’re bluffing.”

“Am I?” My attention cuts to where the men are holding one of her useless stepbrothers in place. Without hesitation, I unholster my weapon and fire a round into the center of his foot. Sharp screams of agony echo around the basement office I’m currently occupying as red gushes into the hardwood floors.

She girlishly squeaks, “Ohmygod!”

“Shut him up,” I carelessly command to the individuals responsible for controlling his flailing body. They shove a random rag in his mouth at the same time I grumble, “Be grateful it was in the foot, Drew. The headache you, your brother, your father, and now your beautiful stepsister have caused me are worthy of a bullet to the brain.” Lazily rolling my attention back to the aforementioned female is followed by me presenting her with a charismatic grin. “You were saying?”

Her cracked jaw moves yet not a single sound escapes.

“Look, Elle, I understand this isn’t an ideal marriage proposal – for either of us, actually.” I rest my weapon-wielding hand on the desk, prepared to use it again when necessary. “I never planned to get married. I don’t see the point. It’s an unnecessary business transaction. And had the don of my family not died and left these fucking loopholes for me to jump through in order to receive the large sum of inheritance I need in order to fix some mistakes that aren’t my own, it wouldn’t be one I even entertain. And you…Well, you probably had fairytale-like scenarios in your head of a knight in shining armor, properly asking for your hand after weeks or years of wining and dining and underperforming during sixty-nining, with a mediocre diamond that he’ll be paying off for the next six to ten years. But, thanks to your idiot of a stepfather – Edwin – fucking up a string of construction deals I now have to correct and your even dumber twin stepbrothers – Drew and Adam – getting overzealous during some collections they had no business trying to conduct at their level in the organization, you’re now in a position to either marry me for six months leaving the forced arrangement with a large lump of cash and more importantly, your life, or continue to deny me and get what remains of your entire family slaughtered…in front of you before meeting the same fate.”

Disbelief deepens in her expression pulling an exhausted sigh from me.

“You’re absolutely right,” I nonchalantly state. “You are the innocent in this situation, and honestly? I don’t wanna kill you. I want you to pick up the shoe, have it be a perfect fit, and whisk you away to my beach home for the next few months where I show you a life you’ve never known. Why? Because it would mean my search is over, plus, I think you’re the sexiest fucking thing I’ve seen in a long time.”

The faintest shade of red cloaks her high cheekbones.

She truly is.

Smooth, creamy, coffee-shaded skin that makes my mouth water like that first cup in the morning. Long legs that would look even better in the dresses I have planned for the woman who helps me fulfill this obligation on such a short notice. Oh, and those feet. Those delicious, delicate little creatures that have been wiggling nonstop in her sandals, calling to my cock to slip underneath them to enjoy the continuous caresses instead of her shoes.

Fuck, I hope the damn heel fits.

“You’ve been dealt a shit hand.” Lifting the weapon once more, I angle it the direction of her stepfather who is sitting in the seat beside her. “But all of that could change very quickly if you just put on the shoe.”

“Please, Elle,” Edwin pleads, fear dripping from his voice. “Please, put on the shoe.”

She turns her face towards the redheaded man her poor mother decided to marry at some point in her childhood from my understanding. Too bad this asshole bled that poor woman dry, got them all into debt it would take lifetimes to get out of, and is now responsible for my financial burden that I will fix the instant the inheritance is mine.