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Ryder's Claim (Mafia Heirs #2)

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Isabella Starling

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She’s hiding a dirty secret… and I’m going to use it to destroy her.
Nobody is as off-limits as her - Nicoletta Carlucci, my brother's wife to be. But Nicoletta doesn't want my brother. She wants me.
Except she doesn’t know something - I’ve found out about her dirty little secret. Nicoletta isn’t who she says she is.
She’s a filthy liar, and I’m going to expose her. And nothing, not even her innocent wide eyes or the way she begs, will make me change my mind.
I’m not who I say I am. I’m not the perfect, sweet mafia princess my father wants everyone to see.
The truth is twisted, dark and cruel, just like him - Ryder Bernardi. The only man that has the power to ruin me…
And the only man I want to own me.
****Ryder's Claim is the second book of the Mafia Heirs series. This is a dark mafia romance.
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Mafia Heirs Series by Isabella Starling

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Isabella Starling


cazzo - prick

reietto - outcast

dio - God

merda - shit

bambina - babygirl



4 years ago

I know I'm being followed.

I can hear the footsteps behind me, soft as they are. I don't react to them. I pretend I haven't noticed the person sneaking out after me. I'll confront them soon enough if they keep this shit up.

Striding through the estate, I smile tightly at all the people I'm supposed to be mingling with. I mutter hellos and shake hands until I'm finally outside in the open. The fresh, cool night air hits me like a slap to the face. I could barely breathe in there. These mafia gatherings are just a fucking show. People here are merely competing to see who has more power.

I can still feel the person behind me, quietly following in my footsteps. I keep walking, across the garden to the maze. It's been here for as long as I can remember, but I'm the only one of my siblings that gives a shit. I like the maze. I figured out a way out of it when I was a kid, and even now I find comfort in letting myself get lost amongst the hedges.

Weaving my path through the grass, I keep walking faster and faster until the footsteps go silent. I smirk to myself, knowing my stalker is now lost in the maze. I retrace my steps, one by one, until I find the offending bastard who seems dead-set on knowing what I'm doing.

"Ow!" I bump into the figure a little too hard and send them flying to the floor. It's a girl, with pretty, golden blonde hair that reaches her butt. She looks up at me, eyes wide and hurt. I smirk at her, not offering her my hand to help her up. "What the hell was that for?” she whines.

"You were following me," I hiss. "Who the fuck are you?"

She picks herself up with a huff. She has green eyes. She's pretty for a kid, like a doll. "I'm Nicoletta Carlucci. How can you not recognize me?"

Even though her name strikes a chord, I don't show it. Instead, I take a step forward and growl, "I don't make it my business to know the name of every lost, dumb little girl at my father's party."

Instantly, tears well in her gaze and I roll my eyes. I don't have time for her drama.

"Why the fuck are you following me?"

"I don't know," she shrugs. "I'm not supposed to be here. But everyone was talking about business, so I slipped away."

"You shouldn't be out here," I mutter. "Don't you know it's inappropriate to be alone with me? Your papa would have a fucking heart attack."

"You're Ryder Bernardi, aren't you?" she says. "Our fathers are working on an alliance together, did you know that? Maybe one day we'll get married."

I can’t help but laugh. "Doubtful. You're just a kid. And I'm not interested."

The words seem to hurt her, and she blanches, staring at the grass beneath our feet. "It's not up to us, I guess."

The girl is sweet. But she's too young and my feelings for her seem more brotherly than anything else. "I don't want to ruin your little prince charming fantasy, but you need to get back to the house and stop following strangers around the estate. Got it?"

She shrugs, so I take a step forward and tip her head back, forcing her to look into my eyes. She averts her gaze. She can't even handle looking at me.

"How old are you?" I bark at her.

"I'm thirteen," she whispers.

"Too young."

"Too young for what?"

"All of this bullshit," I grind out. "Go back to your papa. Tell him to protect you. You're going to get hurt without someone to watch over you."

"Can you show me the way out of the maze?" she whispers, and I nod, grabbing her by the arm.

The last thing I fucking need is to get in trouble for being around a prized possession like the Carlucci heiress.

Of-fucking-course I've heard of Nicoletta. Her father, Gustavo, must be somewhere nearby. I've never met the man but word travels fast on the island and I know he's just as influential as Father in our crooked world of darkness.

Leading the girl out of the maze, she comes to a stop in the gardens and keeps her gaze trained on me. "Please, you have to help me."

"Help you?" I laugh. "What could a mafia princess like you possibly need help with?"

"My papa." Nicoletta swallows thickly. "He... he doesn't let me go anywhere. He locks me up. I've never been to a party like this. I think I’m only here so they can convince some man to marry me."

"How is that my problem?"

"Don't you feel bad?"

"Why would I?" I shrug. "I don't know you. Your problems are your own."

She grabs me by the hand. As her eyes meet mine, I can see they're panicked, swimming with worry. "There's something else."