Reindeer Tracks (Little Cakes #16) Read Online Pepper North, Paige Michaels

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Series: Paige Michaels

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Welcome to Little Cakes, the bakery that plays Daddy matchmaker!

Love has always tiptoed around her. Could the massive footprints at her front door be Daddy tracks?

Gemma James loves helping women feel beautiful, and as the owner of Design Magic, she's living her dream every day. Helping women embrace fashion that flatters and fits is all the reward she needs, but her business limits her opportunities to meet a special man of her own.

While waiting to buy his sister a gift card, Anton Gates spots the well-loved stuffie by the cash register. But the moment he meets Gemma, he can tell she's the right person to help him find the perfect gift instead. Enchanted by Gemma's style and charm, it isn't long before Anton is envisioning the perfect Little holiday gift for himself, too.

Little Cakes is a sweet and satisfying series, but dare to taste only if you like delicious Daddies, luscious Littles, and guaranteed happily-ever-afters.

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Chapter One

Gemma smiled broadly. “Hi. Welcome to Design Magic. I’m the owner, Gemma. Is there anything I can help you with today?”

The man gave her a slow smile and extended a hand. “Anton Gates. Maybe you can. I need a gift for my sister. I was going to get her a gift card, but then I remembered how much she loves your store, so I thought I’d stop by and see if you could help me choose something for her.”

“Of course. I’d be happy to help. Give me just one second.” She turned toward Axel and Nicoya who had stopped in earlier to check out the shirts Gemma had collected for Nicoya. “Did you want to try those on?”

Axel took them out of Nicoya’s hand. “I’m sure they’re fine. We’ll just get them all and get out of your way.”

Gemma heard Nicoya make a small sound of protest and turned to encourage her to step into the dressing room. Trying to keep her eyes away from the dynamic man who waited, Gemma attempted to focus on Nicoya, but her view kept sliding toward the tall, sexy man at the cash register. His black hair was thick with a slight wave, cut and styled perfectly. His blue eyes should have been illegal.

He towered over her at six feet. Ordinarily she was often annoyed by her short stature, always worried people wouldn’t take her seriously, but something about him didn’t elicit that response. He was tall and broad but not intimidating.

And why am I even thinking about him so hard?

To Gemma’s delight, Nicoya said quickly, “Oh, right. We don’t have much time anyway. We’re supposed to be meeting some people at Little Cakes. We’ll just get these really quick and be on our way.”

“Did you say Little Cakes?” Anton asked.

Axel looked toward him. “Yes. Have you heard of it?”

“Love that place. Thanks for reminding me. I should head there next. My sister would be doubly impressed if I showed up at her birthday party with cupcakes. I wonder if they have any holiday ones yet. My sister is all about the holidays. Even though her birthday is December second, she considers it a Christmas birthday and thinks everyone else should too.” Anton rolled his eyes, but he was grinning.

“That’s so sweet,” Gemma responded as she rang up Nicoya’s shirts with trembling hands. When she spotted her stuffie had squirmed his way from his cubby behind the cash register, she subtly slid him back in place. To her embarrassment, she felt her face heat and knew she was blushing. Hopefully no one saw her hands shaking as she completed the transaction.

As Nicoya and Axel strolled toward the door, she turned to the handsome man who had waited so patiently. “You’re looking for a gift for your sister. I believe you said she shops here. What’s her name?”

“Tracy Fenagan. She’s a short blonde with a permanent happy attitude.”

“Oh, Tracy. I talked to her last week. She was looking for a shirt to match a pair of mint green slacks.”

“Did she find it?” Anton asked, looking at her with wide hopeful eyes.

“No. I didn’t have anything in the shade she was looking for.”

“Didn’t? Does that mean you have something now?”

“I do. I just got in a new shipment and I have several shirts that will match. Would you like to surprise her with one?” Gemma asked. “I was going to call her this afternoon, but I got busy.”

“I’d love to surprise her if you’ll help me choose one she’ll like,” Anton requested.

“Of course. That’s the fun part. Follow me.” She led him over to a rack she’d filled with some of the new shirts that had just arrived.

When she turned her head to talk to him, she noticed he was checking out her bottom. A flush of heat ran through her body. There was no way this mouth-watering man could be attracted to her.

His eyes rose to meet hers and didn’t hold a twinkle of remorse at getting caught looking at her charms. Quickly she covered her surprise by holding up a blouse. “What do you think of this?” she asked.

“I think that’s pinker than bubble gum. What would you call that color?” he asked with a chuckle.

Gemma looked at the garment she held in her hand and had to laugh. “Wow! That definitely isn’t mint green, is it? I think I’d call this fuchsia. Let me pay closer attention this time and choose something that Tracy will like.”

She moved around the rack and Anton followed her. She could smell his subtle but spicy cologne and loved it. Shaking her head to make herself focus, Gemma found a shirt and pulled it out. “Mint green.”

Locating several, she pulled out three others in different patterns and hung them on surrounding racks so he could look at them. Anton scanned them carefully and even touched the material.