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Girls grow up believing in fairytales and love stories like Romeo and Juliet. As a little girl, you are a Disney princess until the day you look around and it dawns on you that your life is more like the tragic stories you hear in a bar.
I grew up in a trailer park, an only child of a drunk mother who slept her way through all the losers in town. I forged my way into a job at fifteen and vowed to save as much as I could to get out and away from here. School is my only respite. The one place where I have peace and can put my head down and imagine I have a future far away from here. I keep to myself, speak to no one but my best friend Heather, and stay away from the boys. I am invisible and that suits me just fine.
Then out of the blue senior year, captain of the football team, everyone’s golden boy and dream boyfriend, and the one boy I have known since I was younger but never spoke to, steps into my path and never moves. His family is the epitome of money, a house high on the hill looking down at everyone else, but you would never know it from his personality.

My future was always known to me. I was going to graduate and go play professional football. That was my plan. Well, you know what they say about the best-laid plans.
I come from a close family, one filled with wealth, love, and an understanding of what’s important. I focus all of my attention on football and school, spending time with my best friend Cori and my family. The girls in my school are like leeches. They latch on to what is convenient and can provide the most. No, thank you.
Then on the first day of senior year, I see her. Like really see her, Ripley Franklin. I have known her since we were younger, but now, I want to more than know her. I want to own her. I insert myself in her life, walking her to and from class and driving her to and from work, waiting for her to get off against her own protest. The need inside of me to protect her, take care of her, and make her love me is strong and undeniable.

Trigger warning: There is contemplation and intent for an abortion that leads to a doctor’s office. It doesn’t happen, but I wanted to warn you.

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Chapter One


“Don’t fucking move, angel.” Right now my cock is inside my girl, who was up until this point asleep. I continue to move inside of her, pushing her face into the pillow to stop the scream I know is coming because I am only working my way deeper inside of her. “God you feel so good first thing in the morning, baby. Warm, pliant and sticky,” I groan into her ear. I hear a muffled whimper when I grind my cock inside of her. “You want to cry don’t you, angel? I bet you want to hit me and make me stop fucking you like a dirty whore, but I won’t. I never will. Do you know why?” She pushes back against me, and I smack the shit out of her plump ass. “Fuck. I told you not to move.” Her hand reaches back and pinches my side letting me know she is feeling playful.

I let up on her head and she turns her head, giving me her morning glory gaze. “What fun is it if I don’t move?” She licks her lips before pushing back against me again. Wrapping her hair around my hands, my eyes roll to the back of my head when she wiggles, seating me further into her sloppy cunt. That is part of the reason why I fuck her when she is asleep at first, because the minute she begins moving, I lose control and I like to take my time.

“Bitch,” I grunt before pulling out and flipping her over on her back. I wrap my hand around her neck and watch her eyes glaze over. I learned almost from the beginning that my girl loves it when I am rough with her. She likes it when I tell her what to do and where to go. It turns her on when I make her eat and pick out her clothes. She confessed to me this is the first time she has ever been taken care of. That gutted me and gave me more motivation to make my girl feel loved and secure.

She smiles at me when my grip gets tighter. “Good morning,” she says so sweetly, She wraps her arms around my neck, and I lean in and kiss her, releasing my hold on her throat. Her tongue plays with mine, bidding him good morning while her pussy sucks on my cock like a vortex.

“Damn it, angel. I wanted more time,” I tell her, sucking a nipple into my mouth.

“I know, but you have a game today and you know your mom is going to be up here in minutes to feed you the breakfast of champions.” For her smart-ass mouth, I smack her pussy with my cock and put my legs on the outside of both of hers. Her breathing begins to pick up because she knows what happens next. I push her legs up and make sure they are closed tight. Then I rut this Viking cock inside of her tight sluthole, right as my mom knocks on the door. I slam my hand over her mouth to stop the ensuing scream, but God do I love the tears that are falling from her face.

“Cobi, breakfast.” Fuck. I can barely form words now. All of the circulation is being pulled from my brain to my balls. I can’t even fucking move I’m so stunted by how good she feels taking me anyway I give it to her.

“Yeah. Okay,” I cough out trying to cover my impending orgasm. Ripley is still crying little girl tears, but her pussy is giving me big dirty girl suction and wetness.

“Oh, and good morning Ripley. We made breakfast for you too, sweetie.” My girl's eyes soften a moment at my mom’s words. Once I am sure she has walked away from the door, I remove my hand and glare at my angel.

“Take it,” is all I tell her before I pull out and push back in with everything I have knowing this is going to be it. My thumb rubs vigorously against her clit, and she screams, weeps, and bucks against the snug invasion. Rope upon rope of my seed leaves me, binding her to me, trying to find a home so my kid is in her, and she’s showing by graduation.

“Cobi, babe, oh God, I can’t,” she cries, scratching me in her fit of release. I fuck her through the orgasms, watching it fall out of her and simultaneously putting it back inside of her with my fingers. I don’t know if she has caught on to the fact that I do it every fucking time. My fingers are coated in it, so I rub it around her pussy, the inside and the outside. “Holy hell,” she says, dropping her hands to the side.

I roll and pull her with me, putting her head on my chest right over my heart, the heart only she owns. “Are you okay, angel?” I love rubbing her, blonde, soft head full of hair and back after I have been brutal with her. It's like aftercare, but it is more than that, it is checking in with her mental state now that I have taken care of the physical and lately I have noticed she has been a little quiet and I don’t like it.