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This September, 18 of your favorite authors take you to the mountains of Haven, Tennessee. This small town is known for its wild times, alpha men and the Dirty Sinners MC—a group of rowdy hellraising bikers who don’t have a problem getting their hands dirty in order to do good. Crime, passion and the forbidden temptation of love will push them all to the line.
Will they ride through life craving soulmates as their penance for the crimes they’ve committed? Or can a Dirty Sinner be saved?

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Growing up in Haven, all I ever wanted was to get out of this town and make it big literally anywhere else. I had it all planned out. I only applied to colleges in other states. I was pre-law. I had the perfect fiancée that I met at Freshman Orientation. All the things I thought I needed to succeed in life. I was eighteen and I thought I had the world by the balls. That was eight years ago now. I’ve been home for a year now. My father, Tobias, is the mayor of Haven. He fully expected me to fall right back into my old life, but I’ve changed too much for that. Gone is the meek boy who left here for higher learning. I’ve seen too much. Done too much at this point to ever go back to the pushover I once was. I’m not saying I had a terrible childhood, because I didn’t. I had the best of everything. I was loved and cared for. I had the best clothes, and shoes. I had money to spend. I played sports, I dated, but everything I did back then was to please my father. I had good grades and the right kind of friends. Right to my father, anyway. My father married my mother, Lara, when they eighteen. My mom had to have been pregnant already, but I never thought they got married because they had to. There was never any evidence of that. In fact, I’m pretty sure I only know what love is because of them. I was born a couple of months later. When he was a rookie firefighter, he was injured during the territory dispute the MC’s had going on back then and has been bitter about ever since. He does, however, think that being the mayor is his civic duty and I can’t help feeling that I am supposed to be an extension of that. I had to be own man. It was important to me. It became everything once I was away from him and Haven.

I fairly quickly ascertained that college wasn’t for me and Jean wasn’t the perfect fiancée either. After one semester, I dropped out and joined the Army without a second thought. I was in basic training before I knew it and in Afghanistan soon after. I was an infantryman and I saw a lot of action. There isn’t much I can’t do with a weapon. Knives, guns, a skillet that one time. I can handle whatever is thrown at me. All of those hard-earned skills would have been wasted on being a lawyer. Once my time was up, I wasn’t sure I even wanted to go home, but something called out to me. I still don’t know exactly what that was.

Once home, I bought an Indian Chieftain motorcycle and joined the local motorcycle club and am prospecting now. They call me Patriot, which I prefer to Xavier, but I’m still earning my place. They have assigned me to be the daytime bouncer at the club’s strip club, the Sin & Lust. I just do what I’m told and after eight years in the service, I appreciate the order that the Dirty Sinner’s provides me.

I got a little apartment outside of town and prefer to spend my non club time there. My parents just don’t understand why I’m doing this and if I’m being honest, neither do I. However, I’m twenty-seven years old and I am not about to let my parents, especially my father, tell me what do with my life. I know he feels betrayed by my decision to join the Sinners, but I can’t let him dictate my life.

My father hates the MC, always has, probably because they wouldn’t let him join back in the day. Ever since I joined, he’s ramped his shit up and is intent on taking them down. I avoid him like the plague because I don’t want Prez thinking I’m a narc or something.

The strip club opens at pretty early and even the day shift girls aren’t bad. I never had time for chicks when I was serving but I’ve dated some since I’ve been home. None of them were long-term material, but I tried to get out there. I firmly avoid the club candy though. I’m a jealous man by nature and I don’t share.