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Only Tonight

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It was only supposed to be one night. Luke Kane is a player if you listen to gossip. An international one at that. He makes it hard to resist him when he’s so handsome and sweet every time we meet. He's nothing like people say or so I thought until he disappears not only from my life but the baby's growing inside me.

Kinley Cole thinks this is only for tonight. But I know this is forever. I just can't have her yet. If the men I've taken down find out about her, they'll use her against me. So I’ll wait to stake my claim after my final covert op. I only hope it won’t be too late to claim the woman who already has my heart.
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Lucy Darling



I step off the plane sucking in a deep breath. I swear the air here feels different. It's sweet and fresh. I seem to be able to draw it deeper into my lungs.

I turn my head to stretch my neck from the long flight. Something is different, and I sure as hell can’t put my finger on it. It has to be because my brother is finally settling down. We’ve both been so married to our jobs, a trait we inherited from our father. Change is coming.

I glance around the private airport that’s as tight as Fort Knox. No one but a handful of people should know I’m here. By the time anyone puts it together, I should be long gone and back across the ocean to the other side of the world.

But damn, I have to admit that it feels good to be home. I didn’t realize how much I missed being here until now. The tightness that had formed inside my chest seems to relax.

I guess I better make the most out of the next forty-eight hours. It’s all the time I’ll have for the next few months. Once it’s up, I’ll have to make up my mind and decide what I want to do with the rest of my life. I need something different, and I can feel that difference is coming. It gives me an unsettling feeling.

I descend the stairs. Grant starts to open the back door to the SUV. “Get back in,” I tell him while shaking my head at him. I round the vehicle, tossing the one bag I’d brought in the back before I climb into the passengers’ side. I have a house here too, so it wasn’t necessary for me to bring anything more than the carry-on I had. It’s easier to stay at the hotel where the wedding is happening. The home I had here felt empty anyways.

“You look tired,” Grant says before throwing the SUV into drive.

“Thanks, asshole.” I run my hand down my face. I feel tired. I’ve felt that way for some time now. I need to stop. I know it. Yet the thrill is what keeps pulling me back into the underworld. It gives me a sense of doing good.

I’m not just another billionaire who sits around doing nothing. I don’t toss money around and expect everyone else to do all of the work. I enjoy getting my hands dirty, and hard work always pays off, no matter which part of your life you apply it to.

“Will this be acceptable to wear to the rehearsal?” I ask Grant after he gets us out of the secure airport.

“You missed the rehearsal. It’s dinner now.”

“Fuck,” I mumble, feeling more like a piece of shit. My little brother is getting married and I am barely making it in time. At least I’ll be there for the big day tomorrow. I start to straighten my tie but say fuck it. The rehearsal dinner is only at a restaurant. “Married,” I mumble to myself. I still can’t believe my little brother Gerrit is getting hitched.

“Yep, we were all betting that you’d be the first with your playboy ways.” I fight not to roll my eyes. That reputation has gotten me into many places, so I let people believe what they want to. They think I want an easy pussy, they think I want all kinds of other things. I don’t really give a shit what anyone thinks. I know the truth.

Everyone knows I have money to blow, and they want me to blow it their way. From drugs, or propositions and anything else under the sun. They also think they can use me to move money. It doesn't look so funny when I walk into a bank with a million in cash and drop it down to be deposited. They don’t even blink an eye at me. It all plays well into my double life.

Years ago I would have told them all to fuck off. That my hands are clean and that I wouldn’t dirty them for anything or anyone. That was until Agent Clark and Interpol came strolling into my life asking me for my help. They wanted to dig out the evil that lives in the underbelly of some major cities doing business overseas. I’d agreed.

What else am I doing with my life besides making money hand over first? I am bored with only being successful. I want more. Clark came at the right time. For the first time I felt like I would be making a difference, so I snatched up the opportunity. Now I’m in so deep I’m not sure how I’ll ever get out. Everyone thinks I stay away because I’m so involved in my work, but it’s mostly for their safety.

When I enter the restaurant, I give the hostess a chin nod, already knowing where I’m going. My parents love this place, and I know they’ll be having the party in the back room. I push on the double doors, knowing they will open up and reveal a private dining area.