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Married in the Mountains (Camp Hardwood #1)

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Alexa Riley

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Honey and Ford Cyprus fell in love at Camp Hardwood when they were kids. Today they own the camp and run it together like they always dreamed of.

The only problem is how possessive Ford is over his wife. He doesn’t like to share her, and hearing people call her Honey makes him constantly grumpy. Will he ever get enough of her and cool his need? We don’t think so!
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Camp Hardwood Series by Alexa Riley

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Chapter One


I watch as the young girl pulls on her oversized shirt, trying to hide the fact that she has a small baby bump. She looks young, with freckles across her nose and cheeks, but I saw on her job application she’s about the same age as my son.

“Can I ask you something personal?” Her bright green eyes go wide for a moment. “Not about the baby, Piper.” Her face turns a few shades pinker when she realizes that I know. I’m guessing she thought it might hurt her chances at getting the job. “There’s no need to hide that from me. I was about your age when Ford knocked me up.” I end it with a small laugh, trying to put her at ease. I want her to relax and feel welcome because stress can be hard on a pregnant woman.

“You can ask.” She finally smiles and this time it’s not forced like the others. She’s been extra nice, but this is a job interview and I can tell she’s trying to put her best foot forward.

“I know everyone in town. That’s just how it is around here.” She nods and her long dark ponytail bounces with the action. The only people I don’t know are the ones passing through. “You’re not from around here so I’m wondering where you’re staying.” I knew that the moment I laid eyes on the girl I was hiring her. She’s lost and it pulled at everything inside of me to help her. My husband always says the strongest and weakest thing about me is my heart and that he’s been put on this earth to protect it. Young Piper here is tugging at all my strings and I know my husband is already digging into her background the best he can. It’s not just for my protection either.

We always do a full rundown on new hires since they work with kids. I know hers will come back clean. She just needs a place to lay some roots and I’m going to help her with that. I can spot a girl in need and I would never turn my back on that.

“I’m staying at the motel in town.” She shrugs while keeping her hands in her lap and fidgets with them. “Sometimes in my car.” That part is whispered and I hate that she’s feeling embarrassed as she drops her gaze to her hands.

“Then it should be easy for you to move right into one of the cabins.”

Her head jerks up in surprise. “You’re hiring me?” Hope lights up in her eyes. “Even knowing about—” Her hand goes to her stomach.

“Yeah, sweetheart, I’m hiring you.” I stand up from my desk and she does the same, getting to her feet quickly. “Welcome to Camp Hardwood.”

I pull her into a hug and she’s stiff for a moment before she relents and hugs me back hard. Piper holds on for a moment in a silent thank you and I give her all the time she needs.

“Van.” I call out to my son as we pull back from the hug and he opens my office door.

“Mom?” He looks at Piper and I swear each day he looks more and more like his father. We were only blessed with one child, although running a camp makes it feel like we have hundreds at times.

“Will you show Piper to her cabin?” I toss him the keys and he snatches them in midair.

“Sure thing.”

I watch them go, feeling better now that I know the girl is safe. No one in her situation should be alone. I was all by myself until Ford came along. I met him at this very camp when I fell off the dock and into the lake and he swam out to save me. I’ve been his ever since. We came from two different worlds but that didn’t stop us. It also didn’t stop my now husband from punching Jimmy Mason right in the face and breaking his nose for pushing me off the dock that day. Back then I didn't know how to swim, but by the time camp was over that year Ford made sure I could swim like a fish. It’s always been his life mission to make sure I’m safe.

I step out of my office, unsurprised to see Moose leaning up against the counter. I’m sure he’s who my husband called to run a deeper check on Piper. Ford might have more money than God, but Moose knows people that don't even exist to the rest of the world. I never pushed but I’m pretty sure he was some kind of government secret agent before he settled into an early retirement back here. The man is a giant, with dark hair and eyes. He has to duck to get into most of the buildings, but he doesn't seem to mind. Everyone calls him Moose but he looks more like a bear to me. I don’t know how he did anything super secret for anyone because the man is unmissable. If he’s in the room, you know it.