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This duet is the first time Mafia Husband and In Love With A Killer are published in one book.

How am I supposed to fall out of love with my husband...when making me pregnant has become his number one priority?

I am done with my loveless marriage, but since I also know it won't be easy convincing Mr. Ex Greek Mafia Royalty here to let me go---
I tell my husband I want a baby, thinking he'd ask for a divorce...but instead he says we can start making one right now?!

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Oh, dear Lord.

Please save me from the diabolically sweet voice purring into my ear.

I excuse myself from my friends and walk out of the library before answering him. "Yo, dude."

Stelios sighs, and even though I know he's just faking it, I'm still tempted to delude myself into thinking it's all real, and that Mr. Billionaire here is genuinely disappointed I never call him 'husband' in return.

"Are you still in school?"

"That's a rhetorical question, isn't it?"

"Why would you say that?"

"Because you're like Theía."



"I object, wife." His denial is immediate and expected, and somebody please give this wickedly sexy man an Oscar because he even manages to sound offended. "I believe what you always mean to say is 'protective'."

"Hmm. Let me see. Two bodyguards shadowing me wherever I go, a female bodyguard enrolled in my university to keep an eye on me while in class, and a GPS tracker embedded in my wedding ring. Is that your definition of 'protective'?"

"Do you want my honest opinion?"


"My definition of 'protective' also includes having three bodyguards working incognito—-"

A choked laugh escapes me. "You really are the most controlling—-"

"Again, wife—-I think what you mean is 'protective'."

"—-and freakishly obsessive guy in the world. Aren't you?"

"I am."

I only mean to tease him, but when I hear Stelios' too-casual tone, I know right away he's taking me way more seriously than he should, and my heart aches even as I force myself to cluck my tongue. "Don't be so cocky, Mr. Diamandis. You may be the most controlling guy in the world, but the jury's still out on whether you can be just as bad as my theía."

A moment passes, and then I hear Stelios drawl, "Is that so?"

His tone is now more lazy than casual, and I bite back a sigh of relief.

"You know it's so, but I honestly don't mind because I know it's just her being—-"

"A pseudopsycopath?"


My husband snorts, and I'm barely able to suppress my smile. I'd never have imagined I'd be one day married to a man like Stelios Diamandis, but what's honestly surprised me even more since then is how we became each other's best friend...and because of Theía, of all people.

I would have taken offense if anyone else had referred to the older girl as a psycopath. Stelios is the only exception, and it's because I know he's the one person in this world who knows better than to judge my aunt for her condition.

"What time can you get home?" Stelios asks.


"Is that right?"

Since I've been married to him long enough to recognize that the mildness of his tone is a warning in itself—-

"What I mean to say is, I'll be home in time for dinner—-"

"And exactly what time would that be?"


"Not a minute past seven then."

"Yes, sir."

"I mean it, wife."

The possessiveness in his tone is enough to make butterflies in my stomach flutter their wings, but because I also know that's just who he is rather than being an indication of the billionaire having feelings for me—-

"Gotta go, dude."

The last thing I hear before hanging up is Stelios swearing in Greek—-

Don't let him get to you, B!

Stelios and Theía may have a lot of things in common, but I can't let myself forget that they're not exactly the same. While I truly believe that neither of them will ever want to hurt me, I also know one of them can without meaning to...and that's what's different between them.

I love Theía, and my aunt loves me back...while I'm in love with my husband, but there's no way he's in love with me, too.

Mafia Wedding

by Marian Tee

NOTE: THIS DUET IS the first time Mafia Husband and In Love With A Killer are published in one book.

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The Flying Lady

THERE'S A BRISK KNOCK on my bedroom door before it opens, and of course it's Theía not respecting my privacy like usual.

She enters my room, and her face immediately twists into a grimace. It's not enough to make her ugly (I don't think there's anything in this world that can), but it does get the message across.