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Lucky Ride - Men of Valor MC

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C.M. Steele

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My lucky Clover practically landed in my lap, and I would do anything to keep her right there for the rest of our lives, but our town is full of a dangerous element disguised as the good guys.

When one crosses the line, my sweet Clover becomes their target, bringing them into my crosshairs. I’ll never let them hurt this beautiful woman who in a matter of days became my obsession, my soul, my reason for living, so they’ve sealed their fate.
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Rubbing my temples, I work on the books for my diner. I’m not a numbers guy so this is pure torture, but I don’t trust anyone else to handle my finances. Everything’s clean and clear, money’s flowing, and thankfully we’re turning a profit. Owning a diner isn’t a damn gold mine, but I’m happy with what it has become. It’s not like I have to worry about money, but it’s still good to have a business not in the red.

My life is calm and comfortable with a nice home on the edge of town, two dogs, and a seventy-inch TV for watching movies or sports with some of the guys from the MC. I love hanging out with my brothers, but it’s not everything for me.

The sun’s barely up, and the place is swamped. I need to hire another waitress, but the last two ended up splitting town when they didn’t get marriage proposals from the club guys or myself. I don’t deal with the sweet butts that run in and out of the Valor MC clubhouse looking for a good time or to become the next old lady to one of us. I don’t want that headache, but maybe that’s my problem. I haven’t learned to party. Let loose. They ride my ass for not giving these women some dick, and days like today make me want to change my ways.

“Nah.” I shake off that thought because that’s just not who I am. I twist my head until I hear that pop in my neck and then roll it to the other side. I lost my father at a young age in an accident, and my mother turned tricks to bring home food until DCFS showed up and took me away. It had taken almost six months for my grandparents to find me in the system and bring me to live with them. When I returned from active duty in the Middle East three years ago, I learned about the trust they had created for me. They had tried to help my mother kick the habit, but she’d been too damn stubborn and died a year after they took me away. My grandparents are still alive and begging me to have kids, but I don’t have the heart to tell them that it might never happen because I want more than an accidental pregnancy.

There’s a knock at my door, which means I’m needed out front. I drop the pen I’d been tapping on my desk and stand, walking with tension in my shoulders. I’m too damn wound up. I shrug them a couple times, but I can still feel the tightness.

“What’s going on?” I say, swinging my door open. Cara, a stripper down at the Pussy Parlor, strolls through the place like she owns it. She’s lost a lot of weight recently to the point that it’s concerning to the guys since we own the strip club. I’m about to toss her out when I see a petite girl just behind her.

Who the fuck is she?

Why is she here?

What is she doing with Cara?

I’m totally not paying attention to a word Cara has said until she snaps her fingers in my face. “So, you could totally use another waitress, and my cousin just came in from Illinois and could totally use a job. I’m not sure why she’d want to come to this town, but hey, we could all use a fresh start. I tried to get her a job with me.”

She barely finishes her sentence when I grab her by the arm. “She doesn’t work with you.”

She tugs her arm back and rolls her eyes. “Duh. I just said I tried. She’s stacked in all the right places, but she’d rather make pennies instead of dollars to strip. A fucking saint in a sinner’s world.” She tosses out an abrupt laugh. “She’s better off back where she came from, but as it is, that’s why I’m here. I can’t have her sleeping on my sofa, so I need you to give her a job. It’s apparently the only experience she has.” My dick jumps at the emphasis on only experience, but I do my best to ignore the sudden desire shooting to my balls. Still, I can’t take my eyes off the hottest woman I’ve ever seen. It’s not even about how pretty she is; there’s something in her eyes that pulls me in. Maybe it’s the exotic, bright blue shade or the way her nervousness spreads all the way up to them. She’s genuine, and it’s more than my jaded self can handle.