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In the sweet little town of Magnolia Point, there is a coffee shop. Deja Brew is a quaint, charming shop in the center of town run by one of the most marvelous women on the planet. February Frost.

Is that too over the top?
Fine, maybe I’m not that marvelous. But, my shop is pretty great.
So, when the coffee shop on the other side of town tries to take my daily customers away—it’s war.

Mug Life Coffee’s owner, Harrison Riggs, possesses the Dark Triad of personalities; narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy.
I kind of think he was put on this planet to completely ruin my life.

When the local paper wants to find the best latte in town, there’s only one winner it can be…me.

But Harrison has other plans. He’s determined to win best latte in Magnolia Point if it’s the last thing he does, and he’s using me to do it.

I’m not that stupid. I won’t fall for his charming antics, or his otherworldly good looks. He may have the whole town fooled into thinking he’s god’s gift, but I know better.

I’m out to prove Deja Brew has the best darn latte in town.
And that Harrison Riggs leaves a latte be desired.

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Chapter 1


Iglance at my reflection in the window of The Riverside Cafe, adjusting my bright red lipstick, a shade totally out of my comfort zone. Today is all about blending in, avoiding detection at all costs.

Mrs. Deagle's greeting on Main Street catches me off guard, making me question just how I’m obviously not blending in at all. Nevertheless, I channel my inner spy, embracing the Mission Impossible theme playing in my head as I slink down the street, determined to be the best stalker that ever stalked.

This morning, I certainly didn't anticipate my day taking a covert turn, but desperate times call for desperate measures. The poor sales at my coffee shop, Deja Brew, over the past month launched me into this game of espionage, and the catalyst was none other than my star barista, Chantilly. Because I’ve had to cut her hours, she’s had to take on a second job. Now she’s working both places, and I wish I could have her back full-time instead of part-time.

I’m going to gather intel on my competition, Mug Life.

Passing by the shops on Main Street, I'm on high alert, dodging acquaintances like a secret agent evading capture. Mrs. Deagle's friendly greeting echoes in my mind, a stark reminder that my cover might not be foolproof. Nevertheless, I press on, determined to turn the tide in my favor.

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafts through the air as I approach Mug Life. Peeking through the window, I observe the bustling activity within, strategizing my next move.

Times are rough over at Deja Brew. When I first opened, I remember waking up every morning having to pinch myself to believe this was my life. I love coffee, so opening a coffee shop in a small town like Magnolia Point was a dream come true.

In a twist of fate, a storm cloud named Harrison Riggs drifted into town, bringing with him the whimsical charm of Mug Life Coffee, a coffee shop on the opposite side of town. Despite its reputation for being a tad overpriced and louder than a lovestruck pigeon, today marks the day I decide to throw caution to the wind and venture into Mug Life Coffee for the very first time.

Determined to unravel the mystery surrounding the infamous owner, I entertain the idea of a little friendly competition espionage. The town whispers about him as if he's god’s gift, but I'm curious to see if the reality lives up to the hype.

Stealthily, I slip into the coffee shop, like a shadow blending into the background. With unnoticed finesse, I scan the surroundings, absorbing the atmosphere and trying to catch a glimpse of the legendary man everyone talks about. Game on.

Once I’m in Mug Life, I'm immediately struck by its woodsy-industrial ambiance. The air is infused with the rugged charm of the surroundings. Surprisingly, rock music fills the space, a departure from the lively Taylor Swift tunes that typically echo in my shop. The contrast is stark, and I absorb the unique atmosphere, wondering how I can take down the competition.

I step further into the shop and smile at the barista behind the counter. She’s ready to greet me, but I’m not ready to be greeted. That’s not how stalking works. Instead of walking up to the counter, I turn to look at the wall with contemporary art hanging on it.

My plan to stall works, and she pushes through a door to go to the back of the store. I swing around, taking another look at my competition.

I hate to say it, but it’s a nice shop. It’s manly and has strong bones. There’s even a mural of a pine tree forest behind one counter where they make the drinks. I want to hate everything, but I don’t.

I move toward the counter, wanting to get a closer look at what type of machinery he’s using. Before I can inspect anything, the front door swings open and in walks Drake Gregory, my ex-boyfriend. The scum of the earth who dumped me for my best friend, Stella. I freeze at the corner of the counter as he holds the door open for Stella, and I want to literally die when I see the baby bump protruding from her dress.

She’s pregnant.

Drake got Stella pregnant.

Drake, the man who told me he never wanted children, has gotten my ex-best friend pregnant after six months of dating her.

And by the looks of her, she’s ready to pop. Which leads me to believe he was sleeping with her well before we broke up.

Well, damn.

I swing around, looking for another exit, but they’re blocking the only one.

I can’t face them, so I duck behind the counter, where the baristas stand to make coffee. Thankfully, the place is empty. I’ll just hide here until… forever.

I don’t really have a solid plan, but I do know I can’t face him.