Inside of You – Volume One Read Online Kenya Wright

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Total pages in book: 25
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Don’t YOU deserve your own happily ever after?

Inside of You is a stand-alone series of illustrated novellas where YOU are the star of the romance.
The books are all written in 2nd person point-of-view.
The dark alphas in this series come from other Kenya Wright novels. However, you do not need to have read the other books to understand the romance.

These stories exist in an alternate universe.
IN VOLUME ONE, Russian Mafia boss, Kazimir storms into your place and uses it as a hide out, sparking an out of this world adventure of action, luxury, and love.

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Enter the Lion

It’s time for you to stop what you’re doing and read for a few minutes.

Because, sometimes the stress of a day beats you up. Sometimes you’re tired. Sometimes nothing seems fair. Sometimes bills, drama, responsibilities, or even the world’s shit piles on top of you until you’re drowning in the chaos and you can’t breathe.

Thankfully, you are blessed with Queen DNA.

Thankfully, you know who you are.

You have big dreams and high goals, even if your bank account doesn’t match the price tags.

You’ve got this!

Life will always make a way.

So you relax for a few minutes and start to read a new romance when suddenly. . .

Something heavy slams into the door.


A loud crash comes next. The door shudders in the frame.


Fast, you jump up. Your heart skips beats.


The hinges crack.

Right as you rush off in the opposite direction.


A huge, muscular man wearing a designer suit slams through the door with the same power of a wrecking ball. The heavy wooden door falls to the ground.

He points a gun at you. A heavy Russian accent laces his words. “Stay right there.”

You freeze.

He keeps the gun trained on you. “And make no noise.”

Your scream lodges in your throat.

“I don’t plan to harm you or take anything. I only need a place to hide until my ride appears.” The man steps further in, giving you a better view.

Now you can see him clearly.

He’s at least 6’4” with a bulky muscular build and shoulders a mile wide. The designer suit molds to his body perfectly.

His hair is midnight black and cut short and stylish.

His face is perfectly structured like a model. Sleek jaw and pointed nose. High cheekbones and full lips.

His eyebrows are two dark slashes above thick-lashed eyes that glow blue, cold, and deep.

And those eyes target you and communicate that he’ll pull the trigger if he wants to. And that he’s pulled the trigger many times before, and not lost one night of sleep.

He raises his eyebrows. “Do you understand this situation? Nod, yes or no.”

You nod your head.

“Are you alone?”

You reluctantly nod again.

He takes time to study you, drawing his gaze over every inch of your body. “A man should be here with you 24-7.”

You widen your eyes.

“You’re too sexy to be here by yourself with only a book.” Keeping his gun aimed at you, he steps further inside and scans your place. “Yes. This place will do for now.”

You swallow.

He walks over and stops a foot in front of you. “You will not speak the whole time. It will be easier this way.”

You try your best to calm your nerves.

He leans his head to the side. “Do you know who I am?”

You shake your head no.

“My name is Kazimir. I am the Lion.” A wicked smile spreads across his face. “Have you ever heard of the Lion?”

Two men rush inside before you can answer. Both are as tall as him and also wearing suits. Each wields a gun.

One groans and picks up the door. He has pale blond hair cut close to his head. “Kazimir, I told you to knock on the door, not knock the door down.”

Kazimir gestures to the man trying to fix your door. “And that is my step brother Sasha. He’s always grumpy.”

“Because you always leave destruction and messes wherever you go.”

“Get used to it, Sasha. One day, you’ll be my number one.”

Sasha rolls his eyes. “If I don’t kill you first.”

The other man helps Sasha lean your door against the frame.

“I apologize for the door. It couldn’t have been helped.” Kazimir lowers the gun. “I’ll be sure to send someone by this evening to fix your door.”

You are shocked by the statement.

“And write her a check too, Kazimir.” Sasha walks over, sits down, and picks up the book you were reading. “This looks good. Very steamy.”

“I can tell you’re the type of woman that loves it steamy.” Kazimir grins your way. “Would you like a big check from the Lion?”

You nod.

“I like a woman who knows what she wants.” Kazimir snaps his fingers at the other guy, still trying to fix your door. “Luka, write her check.”

Groaning, Luka drops the door, dives his hand into the inside of his suit jacket, and pulls out a checkbook. His voice comes out as a bark. “How much?”