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I Want To Know What Love Is

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M.K. Moore

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Jodi Hall’s first day at her dream job has been a nightmare. Who robs a bookstore? But when the police show up, she loses more than just her sanity. She loses her heart.
Paul Lochlan thought it would be just another sleepy day in Pine Grove until he intercepts a teary 911 call that changes his life.
Paul and Jodi are the very definitions of lust, now they want to know what love is…

Welcome back to the 80’s baby. Put away that Aqua Net and slip into something a little more comfortable with one of twelve couples as they fall in love in Pine Grove.
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M.K. Moore


Summer. It’s the best time of year if you ask me. I just graduated from high school and today is the first day of my first job.

“Are you excited?” my step-mom, Flora, asks as I sit down at the breakfast table. My parents got divorced ten years ago and my dad met Flora just last year. She’s only three years older than me, but she’s just about the nicest person you could ever meet. My mom, Irene, went the opposite route and married Jason, an old man, well then he was a fifty-five-year-old rich guy, and left us with our dad, except when she wanted to parade us out at Christmas. Thankfully, I don’t have to do that anymore, but I’d never leave my brother to deal with that witch alone. Even when he’s mean to me.

“You look stupid,” my little brother, Howie says, right on cue, with a mouth full of cereal. He’s twelve and finds everything I do “stupid”, but nothing is going to bring me down today. Not even Howie the Terrible. He's not wrong though. The black polo shirt isn't terrible, but the khaki pants are awful. No one looks good in khakis. Well, no awkward girl like myself at any rate. I feel more at home in neon spandex with my leg warmers, even though it is a thousand degrees outside.

“I am very excited, Flora. How are you feeling today?” She’s six months pregnant and as big as a house.

“Perfect,” she says blushing. I’d be grossed out, but I know how much my dad, Rudy loves her and so do I. She’s my best friend and I want her to be happy.

“That’s good,” I tell her, grabbing a piece of toast from the stack on the table. “Well, I’m off.” I grab my car keys and pull out of the driveway. Turning out of the subdivision, I head straight for the mall. That’s right. I’m going to be working at the B Daltons. My dream job. I feel at home with books more than I do anywhere else in the world. I am going to be the new manager because apparently, no one wants to work there. It might be boring to some, but not to me. Books are my life. They make me happy. They take me to places I'll never get to go to.

Growing up in Pine Grove Louisiana has been boring but at least there’s a mall. The Pine Grove Galleria. Where Pine Grove's teens spend all their free time. Mallrats love it. Speed-walking granny’s love it too. This is where I'm heading in my dad's old 1969 Mustang. Black Betty is gorgeous, and I can't believe she's mine now, I think as I whip into a parking space near Yonkers, the department store B Dalton’s is closest to.

I am even more excited as I walk into the store.

"You Jodi?" A guy asks before I make it two feet inside. "Yes."

"Great. Here's the keys. I quit."

"Wait. What? What am I supposed to do?"

"You're the manager. You'll figure it out," he says bitterly and walks out.

Um… what the hell am I supposed to do now? Okay, so I do the only thing I can think of.

“Balfour Enterprises. Rudy Hall’s office. Mindy speaking.”

“Hey Min, it’s Jodi. I need to speak to my dad.”

“He’s in a meeting. He asked not to be disturbed unless it’s an emergency.” I look around the store. It’s quiet but there may be customers in here.

“It’s an emergency,” I say.

“Hold please.” The line cuts out and the hold music is the radio.

“Here’s an oldie but a goody from Foreigner, I Want To Know What Love Is,” the Dee Jay, Louis In The Morning, says in that annoying way he does. The song barely starts when the music cuts out. Damn it. I keep missing it. I want to hear it so bad. It’s my favorite song.

“Jodi! What’s going on? Is Flora alright? Howie?”

“What? Dad, yes they’re fine.”

“Then what’s the emergency? You scared the shit outta me,” he says. His office is on the other side of Baton Rouge and he’s over an hour away.

“The other employee quit, tossed the keys at me. I don’t know how to do anything. There’s no one here to train me or anything,” I lament.

“Calm down. Go into the office and find the corporate number. Call them and see if they can send someone down. The cash register is probably self-explanatory. You can handle this Jodi. I’ve got to go. Call me back in an hour or so if you need me.

“Okay, thanks, Dad.” We hang up and I bolt into the office. A quick search of the mess gives me the number.

“B. Dalton’s. How may I direct your call?”

“Hi, this is Jodi. The new manager for store 6323. The only other employee just quit and there is no one here to train me. I don’t even know how the alarm system or anything really,” I say.