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All it took was one look for Kye “Fox” Pearson to know that Dahlia Mackenzie was meant to be his. Then she took off with plans to head to Europe for three months, forcing him to chase her down. Being stranded by a hurricane in a safe house with only one bed was the opening he needed to claim the fiery redhead.

Unfortunately, someone was out for revenge against the club president…and his woman ended up being in the line of fire.

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The last thing I expected when I hightailed it to the Iron Rogues compound was to see a man grab my sister and hold a gun to her head. I knew Maverick wouldn’t let him take Molly anywhere, no matter the current situation, but I couldn’t just stand by and watch what was about to go down. Not when I had the advantage of surprise since everyone’s focus was on the wannabe kidnapper and my sister.

The guy was clearly delusional, ranting and raving about how he and Molly belonged together as I crept closer to the action. My breath caught in my throat when he threatened to shoot her if anyone tried to stop them from leaving.

One of the Iron Rogues strode over to Maverick’s side to face off with the intruder. Like most of the bikers I grew up with, he was tall and muscular. He put his intimidating air to good use as he snapped, “Why would you kill her if you love her?”

“If I can’t have her, no one can,” the guy holding Molly replied with a shrug.

His back was to me, but Maverick and his club brothers’ gazes darted toward me and away again. Neither of them looked happy, but I didn’t let their irritation stop me from inching forward. My sister’s life was on the line, and I wanted to be in the position to help if I got the chance.

“I’m gonna open the gate for you.” Maverick’s club brother kept a close eye on the gatecrasher as he took a few steps forward.

“You do that. Now, Molly and I are going to walk out to my car, nice and slow. Don’t make any sudden moves, or I’ll kill her.”

If looks could kill, the glare I sent his way at that threat would’ve dropped him where he stood. Unfortunately, I was so focused on him that I didn’t realize Maverick’s club brother had used the talk about opening the gate as a way to come up behind me. His hand was over my mouth before I could make a sound, and he quickly dragged me away from the confrontation and to the other side of my Mustang.

Everything moved quickly after I was out of the way. Another club brother threatened, “There’s nowhere you can go that we won’t track your ass down and feed you a bullet.”

Then I heard the distinctive roar of my dad’s Harley and squirmed beneath the guy pressing me against the side of my car. With everything going on, I hadn’t gotten a good look at him, but that didn’t stop my body from having an inappropriate—and surprising—reaction to having his hard body lined up with mine.

I didn’t have time to think about it because Maverick used the distraction my dad provided to shoot the wannabe kidnapper. His aim was true, and the guy was thrown backward. He dropped his gun as he went down, but he took Molly with him.

My legs were shaky as my dad roared my sister’s name. I held my breath until Dad reached out a hand and helped Molly up, and I didn’t see any blood on her.

“Holy hell,” I whispered, using the side of my car to slowly get to my feet as Maverick’s club brother stepped back.

“Easy, baby.”

His deep voice sent a sensual shiver down my spine that was prolonged by the feel of his strong hands gripping my waist. Turning in his hold, I blinked up at him as I took in his salt-and-pepper hair, strong jaw covered with dark scruff, and piercing brown eyes.

As a piercer at Silver Ink—the tattoo shop owned by the Silver Saints, my dad’s motorcycle club—I saw a lot of guys with tattoos. I’d never been a fan of neck ink. Not until I saw the black design on his tanned skin above the neckline of his shirt.

It took a moment for the name stitched on the front of his cut to register in my brain. One that I’d heard my dad mention before.

Crap. He wasn’t just any Iron Rogue…he was the prez, Fox. Which made my reaction to him even worse.

Not only was my dad here—and angry with me for keeping what Molly had been up to a secret from him—but the man I was lusting over was a club president, just like him. Growing up with my dad in that role, I knew how much was riding on Fox’s shoulders. As far back as I could remember, my dad had never struggled with making my mom and us kids a priority, but I knew the same couldn’t be said for a lot of other men in the role.

And the Silver Saints were a very different club from the Iron Rogues. They weren’t family-oriented the same way, although that might change now that my sister and their VP had hooked up.