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Filthy Little Secret

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Devon McCormack

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“I won’t fall for him.”
After breaking up with his cheating ex, Mark Kenmore turns to rebound sex with the campus drug dealer, Tim Halwell. He’s heard the rumors about all the hearts Tim’s broken, but after how he’s been hurt, there’s no way he’ll let himself fall into that trap. Besides, if the press found out he was screwing around with a drug dealer, it would tarnish his governor mother’s reputation. He expects the sex to be hot and exciting. What he doesn’t expect is the most intense, mind-blowing experience he’s ever had. He knows it’s wrong to want more, but he can’t help himself. And the more time they spend hooking up, the more he worries he’s falling into the same trap as Tim’s previous boy toys…and the harder it becomes to keep what they’re doing a secret from his friends and family.
“He’s just like the others.”
Tim knows Mark—the son of a politician, attending one of the most prestigious universities in Atlanta—is just another spoiled rich kid. When Tim hears about Mark’s breakup, he’s more than willing to help the brat out with some rebound sex. Just another notch in his own headboard. Tim won’t make it a regular thing because that never goes well. The guys always end up falling for him, despite how much they may fight it. But one steamy, lust-filled encounter after another, and he finds he can’t stop messing around with Mark. It’s too much fun. Too intense. Too erotic. And the longer they try to remain each other’s filthy little secrets, the more Tim realizes if he doesn’t back out soon, he just might fall in love.
Filthy Little Secret is a stand-alone erotic gay romance with a HEA, steamy-as-hell sex, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.
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Devon McCormack



He steps through the entry into the kitchen.

It’s over for me.

Folding his arms, he leans against the column across from the kitchen island I sit at, his dark eyes on me like some sort of predator. That’s what he is. I saw how he was looking at me upstairs when I was chatting with my friends. It’s why I slipped away, looking back at him just long enough to offer an inviting glance before I snuck down to the unfinished basement kitchen that’s supposed to be off-limits for party guests.

He must’ve seen how lonely I am…sensed my intense grief.

Now, here we are. Him—the notorious asshole who likes to fuck spoiled rich kids. And me—a sad, defeated, lonely kid who needs an escape from the pain.

The bass of the music upstairs makes me think of all the red Solo cups and dancing I witnessed a few minutes ago. The scent of wood and new paint fills the room.

I lean forward on the bar stool and rest my elbows on the island. I gaze into his eyes, wishing I were stronger. But if I were, then I could resist him, and I wouldn’t want to do that. I deserve a night with someone like Tim Halwell. I deserve to feel passion and to be as bad as Greg was to me.

“Seems awfully lonely down here,” Tim says as he steps away from the column, approaching me—moving slowly, taking his time. He doesn’t need to take his time, though.

“You’re some kind of demon, aren’t you?” I ask as he saunters around the corner of the island, trailing his finger along the marble countertop.

He smirks. “What do you mean?”

He must know I’ve figured out his game by now. How he leads guys on. How he excites them. Entices them and then leaves them hungry for something more…something he can’t give them. I’ve heard the story so many times, and I’ve been intimidated by him ever since I first heard about him last year. But tonight, I’ve given up.

“You can sense weakness,” I say. “My fear.”

“Are you afraid?”

I shake my head. “I would be on a different night.”

“What about tonight?”

“Just sad.”

“I can make it better.”

“That’s not how it works, but I don’t mind making a mistake.”

“And I don’t mind being your mistake.”

Revenge sex is what I need right now. To get the fuck plowed out of me until I can forget about Greg and what he did to me. How much he hurt me.

Tim moves in closer, so that he’s right beside me, and I turn and gaze into his beautiful brown eyes, which seem to have some great secret behind them—something he keeps from all his fuck buddies.

His short dark hair combed to the side, he has a sharp jawline covered with a light scruff like he forgot to shave this morning. The specks of hair surround those thin pink lips—curved just right…the most kissable fucking lips I’ve ever seen.

A voice calls out within me, begging me to reconsider acting on my lust and vengeance, but I can’t deny how hard I’m getting just thinking about fucking him.

I rise from the bar stool so that we’re just standing there, looking into each other’s eyes.

“I’m not in the mood for games,” I say.

“Who needs ’em?”

I move toward him quickly and kiss him.

I imagine him getting together with his buddies, bragging about how exciting it was to fuck the shit out of the governor’s son. Telling them how easy I was. How I’m the biggest bottom he’s ever had. How he owned me. Controlled me. Humiliated me.

The warmth of his lips has a hypnotic effect, making me forget all the good reasons for being apprehensive. All the guys I know he’s hurt. All the guys he’s drawn in only to drop them the moment they started to feel something more.

In some ways, I think this is my opportunity to pay him back for what he did to Keith, one of my friends who fell victim to his tricks—wounded and crippled him. Lured him in only to release him.

Destroy me, if you can, Tim Halwell.

I dare him to try. My ex Greg hurt me more than I’ve ever been hurt before, and I’m not about to crumble again. Not for a bastard like Tim.

I don’t know if I’ll feel that way tomorrow, but tonight I’m surrendering to my captor.

He slides his hand up the back of my shirt. When it reaches my neck, he grips my hair and yanks sharply.

It stings, but I don’t resist. Just stare into his eyes.

He leans into me, and as I try to kiss him, he pulls his head away and keeps his fingers locked in my hair so I can’t move any closer—so he can just stand there, enjoying how he has me frozen in this position. He must see that all I want is for him to take me.