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Evin's Fight (Southern Charmers #3)

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Ahren Sanders

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“Be careful, man. Don’t be seduced by the bright lights of the city. Even the strongest of men find their weakness.”
When Jackson spouted his advice, I laughed at the thought. A man in my position doesn’t have weaknesses. Or so I think.
The night I meet Poppy Malone, everything changes. The breathtaking bohemian is an irresistible temptation I never saw coming.
One night is all it takes for her to seal our fate. She’s convinced the odds aren’t in our favor. I’ll enjoy proving her wrong—again and again.
I’ve never backed down from a challenge. When someone from her past reappears, delivering the ultimate betrayal, the stakes grow higher.
No matter what happens, I’m all in.

“Dance to your Destiny.”
The day I heard those words, my path was set. Walking away from a world of wealth and privilege, I danced my way to my dreams and independence. Performing in Vegas is everything I ever wanted.
Or so I think. A twist of fate brings Evin Graham into my life. One earth-shattering kiss rocks my perfectly crafted world.
Devastatingly sexy, rich, commanding—Evin and I are polar opposites in every way. He dresses in custom-tailored suits.
I wear flowers in my hair. He’s an obsessively controlled business mogul. I’m a risk-taking free spirit.
He’s determined we have a future. Suddenly, my destiny isn’t at all what I planned.
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Southern Charmers Series by Ahren Sanders

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Ahren Sanders



“So, this is what the newest Executive Vice President extraordinaire does to earn the coveted corner office and obscene salary. You sit around and watch television?”

I drag my attention from the wall of screens playing today’s business news to find Jackson Hart leaning against my doorframe with an arrogant grin.

“Pull up a chair and I’ll find the Hallmark Channel.”

He chuckles, coming to sit across from my desk. “Some of us have to work for a living.”

“Too bad, I’m told the cozy mysteries are the shit.”

He leans back, casting a glance around my office. “Here I thought your fancy promotion came with a full-time assistant. Maybe they could help you make this place more appealing. Clients with millions of dollars in investments rarely approve of their portfolio manager looking like a hobo.”

I crack a smile and shake my head. “Is that why you’re here? About the assistant position?”

“Can’t a guy visit his friend without an ulterior motive?”

I quirk an eyebrow, unmoved by his false sentiment. Jackson is a transplant from one of our branches and joined our team a few months back. I’d met him years ago and we hit it off. Our stories are similar in that we started with the bank after college and worked our way up.

While my position heads up the Financial Assets and Portfolio Division, he serves as General Counsel and Chief Resource Liaison. Which means he’s responsible for the Human Resources team.

He’s wicked-sharp, highly educated, and all-around liked by all. It’s not unusual for him to drop by and shoot the shit. In the last months, we’ve formed a friendship outside of work. But inside this building, he’s typically all business, which is why he’s here about my recent denial to take on a full-time assistant.

“Okay, the position is one reason I’m here,” he admits.

“I’m good with continuing to share Tessa. We function well together, and her time split has never been a problem. If I find things change, we’ll reassess before budgets.”

His expression grows serious as he sits forward, propping his elbows on his knees. “Evin, the sixty to seventy-hour weeks can’t continue. Having a dedicated person to take some of the load will free up some of your time.”

“You been talking to my mom and sister?”

“No, but sounds like they see the writing on the wall, too.”

“What writing is that?”

“Burnout, fatigue, stress, premature anxiety, all the textbook symptoms.”

“Ahhh, here comes the psychological assessment side of Dr. Hart.” He hates the reference, Dr. Hart. He’s nowhere near a true doctor, but his years of training on employee behaviors make him somewhat of an expert.

“Would be falling on my job if I didn’t take the health and well-being of my employees seriously.”

“Jackson, I’m good. Promise. I knew what I was getting into when I decided on this career. But I also know how to make the break.”

This is mostly true.

He studies me for a second and nods his acceptance. “I’ll note that as an issue to be discussed at a future date. We’ll readdress in a month.”

“Whatever you say. What else is on your mind?”

“If you didn’t like my push for the help, you’re certainly not going to like what’s coming next.”

An uneasy feeling skates over me, and I wait for him to elaborate.

“You’ve heard about the changes to the PTO and comp time policies we’re implementing?”

“Vaguely, not my wheelhouse since I’m not involved.”

“Well, it’s about to become your wheelhouse because Human Resources slid your file to the front. Even with the new rollover policy and the payout grid, you stand to lose a significant amount of your accumulated time off. Now with your promotion, your benefits have shifted again.”

“You’re here to tell me to take some time off?”

“In a manner of speaking.”

“Not a problem. I have a trip planned next week and again in August for a wedding. The holidays are in a few months, so I’ll tack on some time there too.”

“Evin, a few days sprinkled here and there will not cut it. You need to look at weeks. Ten weeks to be specific.”

I suck in a sharp breath, mentally calculating my PTO. “Ten weeks?”


“None of that rolls over or pays out?”

“That’s with your rollover and payout. I did the computing myself.”

“Shit, there’s no way.”

“The perks of an overachiever.”

I catch the humor in his voice. “You consider this is funny?”

“Not at all, but most people would jump at this news. You look miserable.”

“How the hell am I supposed to manage my business if I’m not here?”

“How about getting an assistant?”

“You’re an ass.” I fall back in my chair. “Sneak attack.”

“Think about it.”

“Anything else on your mind?”

“The list is endless. My next question is about this office. You’ve been in here for over a week.”

“If it makes you feel better, Darby and my mom are coming today to help me unload and decorate.”

His eyes light up and he wiggles his eyebrows. “How is your sister?”