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I came from a monster. In my blood I am ruthless, cold-blooded, and it shows because I take no prisoners. Of course, it is in the business world. Still, there is a part of my life I keep pure because there is a demon lurking that I’m afraid will get out, a twisted side of me that’s in my DNA. The fear that I could be just like the monster is what made me keep that part of my life clean until she came into my life. She made me break the rules.I sent her running and into the heart of danger. I’ll never forgive myself for it. Her enemies are now mine, and they will pay. I can’t let her go again, but will she ever forgive me? She’ll have to because there’s no going back to the man I used to be. I can’t exist without her.

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Chapter One


The door to my town car opens and I step out, stretching my long legs and adjusting my suit to the chilly Texas air. My driver hands me my coat and briefcase before I make my way into my office building in the heart of Dallas’s sprawling metropolis. Doors are held open for me as if I can’t manage the feat for myself, but I don’t complain because today I’m in one of those moods to fire someone and as if on cue, it seems my staff can read it off my face. Everyone scatters and pretends to be busy even if they aren’t because it’s about to cost them their jobs.

Another sleepless night, another dream about the girl that works somewhere in this building whose name I don’t even know. I should have learned it, should have memorized it, written it down, and had it tattooed on my chest, but no, I snapped at her and sent her on her way. I could fucking kick my own ass for being so screwed up.

How many days has it been, and she hasn’t bothered to cross my path again? Is she trying to torture me? Punish me for being so damn cruel?

Normally I don’t hesitate in the lobby because there are too many interested parties seeking me out for business or perhaps finding a way to take me out. Still, I linger in the hopes of running into the little object of perfection.

“Sir, the elevator,” my head of security says, reminding me that it’s waiting.

“I own the fucking building. It can wait,” I snarl, staring at the lobby area, looking for any signs of her long, caramel-colored hair breezing through the area or a whiff of her vanilla scent in the air. “Nothing,” I mutter.

“Excuse me, sir?” he asks, believing that I’d been speaking to him instead of muttering to myself like a fool.

“Never mind. Let’s go.”

We enter the elevator and once it closes, he asks, “Is there a problem? Did you sense a threat that we may have missed?”

“No. Leave it be. Now, I need to get to work, and I’m not to be bothered until it’s time for my meeting.” I don’t make it to my office before I spot my VP of Operations. While I stay strictly focused on business, he can’t stay away from women.

He comes in smelling of booze this morning, and I wonder why the fuck I bother to keep him around. It’s then I remember that he knows too much, and I don’t have time to find a replacement for him unless he pushes me too far. “Nice of you to freshen up before work.”

“Hey, sorry. It was a long night. One of the new employees and I were getting to know each other, and it was a lot of fun.”

I drag him into my office and slam the door shut. It reverberates so hard that some of the papers on my desk go flying. “New employees? You’re not supposed to be fucking the employees. It’s against company policy, and you damn well know that shit,” I bark out, glad the room is soundproof.

“What? Technically she’s a temp, so she comes from a different company,” he confesses, shrugging his shoulders as if it’s no big deal. I didn’t even know we dealt with temps, but then again that’s not the part of my company I deal with. If I had time for those matters, I wouldn’t need all these lackeys around.

I shake my head, feeling violent, as if the punching bag I destroyed this morning didn’t get all my aggression out. “It doesn’t matter. What is wrong with you?”

“I like pussy.”

“Apparently a lot more than you like money. You’re on your last strike here, Majors. I don’t have patience for this shit anymore.” I release my hold on him, and he fixes his lapels.

“Damn, calm down.”

“Get out of my sight, and get some work done.” He leaves, and I feel like I have to disinfect my office and myself. I step into my private bathroom and wash my hands. Smelling the distinct whiff of old alcohol, I give my office a quick spray and turn on the air purifier just in case. No matter how much I don’t want to deal with the hassle, Majors has got to go. I put in a call to a friend and do some headhunting before my next conference call.

Once I get through my morning with a nice headache building at my temples, I get up and head to get myself some coffee. I have an assistant, but I sent him on an errand, so I’m left to my own devices. When I passed the copy room, the door was closed and the unmistakable sounds of moans, grunts, and slapping skin could be heard from it. Son of a bitch. I can hear the woman whisper my VP’s name and then he says, “Be quiet. I’m on thin ice already.”