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Dario's Jewel - Darios Empire

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ChaShiree M

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A life of privilege. A family history recorded. Success. Money. Power. I used to think that was all I needed.
I grew my empires with no excuses and no room for error. The one in the open and the one in the dark.
I was content. So I thought. Then I met the brightness to my darkness. The sweet to my sour. The one that will submit before me, seeking me, in all things.
She knows I am not good. She says she doesn’t care, because she knows I will always be good to her. When she tells me she needs the kind of love I can offer, the walls around me begin to dissipate.
I have taken down the foolish. Destroyed the biggest. Buried the baddest. My knees have bent before no man, and never will.
The problem is…I will surrender on my knees for her. Just hope our enemies don’t see me kneel…before I make them…FALL!!
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ChaShiree M



“WHAT THE FUCK, DORIS!! I TOLD YOU TO FIND ME AN ASSISTANT. NOT A FUCKING ON CALL MISTRESS,” I shout, slamming the phone down. I can’t find it in myself to be sorry for my language or attitude. My assistant quit last week with no warning and no forwarding address. For the past week, I have been desperately trying to find a replacement. I tried a temp agency, but all they sent me were fucking twats trying to get the ‘D’. Not interested. If you have to seduce me, you're not worth my time. I should be drawn to you. I should not be able to get you out of my mind. So, I asked my office manager to take over the hiring. Today was the day she was sending me the final candidate. The ones before turned out to be no different than what the temp agency sent over. “Well, if you would keep your britches unwound, I was going to send the last one in.” she buzzes back in to say. I know I should probably fire her, but then my mom would kill me since they are gossip buddies. Instead, I shake my head and wait.

I come from a long line of ‘important’ people and money. My father is the governor of Florida. My mother, or the Queen of the Roost as my father calls her, is the face of the family. Flitting from event to event, making sure everyone knows we are still around running this fucking state. My grandfather is the Supreme Court Judge of Florida. I own a law firm. My little sister, Karla, is a law major in her last year of law school, hoping to come and work for me, making it a partnership. I haven’t told her yet, but I already have her plaque and office-ready. Yeah, the Lassiter name has been well known for decades. It can be a bit much.

Finishing some paperwork, I stop as soon as the smell of roses mixed with wild berries waft past my nose. Slowly I look up and nothing could prepare me for the girl standing before me. She looks not a day over eighteen. Her hands twisting together, showcasing her nerves, but giving a straight view of her thick and creamy thighs. Her skirt is way too short to be working in my damn office without every man walking around here adjusting their dicks. What? Yes I fucking said ‘Dick’. Motherfuckers in the suburbs say ‘cock’. Do I sound like I like that pure shit? I didn't think so. I like my words, like my business, real, dirty and not filled with sugar and candy dreams. A dick is fucking dick is a motherfucking dick. You got it? Good. “Up here canary.” Fuck. Where the hell did the nickname come from? I know why I called her that. But why the fuck did I say it out loud?!? Taking a second, I take in this little flighty bird that just walked into my cage.

I instinctively know I have to tread lightly with this one. She already has me giving her names and shit. Her head comes up slowly barely looking me in my eye. Son of a bitch. I am so fucking hard looking at how innocent she is. My mind goes a hundred miles an hour, thinking of how I can mold her. Teach her. Breach her. God damn it, Dario. Get her out of your office before you take her under your desk and show what her only job will be. “You have a resume?” I wait for her to give me her name.

“Jewel. My name is Jewel. Y-yes, I have one.” With shaking hands she gives me what she calls a resume, all of which I can tell is a lie.

“Please, have a seat.” I motion for the seat in front of my desk. I need to keep my fucking monster behind it because all he wants to do is chain her to the bed and fuck her until she is too far gone to know she has been destroyed and remade into my fucking treasure. My everything. Dario's Jewel. The woman that will do all I ask. The slave I crave. The receiver of all that is me and in exchange, she will capitulate to my will. Hell, if she opened her legs a bit more I could see the outline of her innocent panties. Get it together man. This girl is not ready for you. “So you have worked all of these places?” I ask her to try to get back to the now, knowing she is going to lie.

“Y-yes, Sir.” Did she just...aww shit. This girl is trying to get taken. Did she just ‘sir’ me? This is going downhill fast.

“canary, we both know you didn’t. What I want to know is why you would come here, knowing I would figure it out. I want to know where you li….” before I get to finish my question she is up and out of her seat, bolting to the door, apologizing as she closes it behind her. I know I should fucking go after her, but fuck...the shit I want to do to her, its better if she gets away from me. The problem is...thinking about another man getting to taste the berry syrup between her legs, makes me want to break my fucking desk in half. Bzzz…