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Cruel Saints

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Michelle Heard

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An Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance
Alliances are made. Loyalty is owned. Love is taken.
Little did I know my love and freedom would be taken to form a new alliance.
Brutal, possessive, and dangerous, Lucian is feared by all. Including myself.
When his father is assassinated, Lucian takes his rightful place as head of the Cotroni family. They rule the Mafia with an iron fist, and he’s set his sights on my family.
Until now, we’ve been the only threat, but when a new one emerges, my father is forced to arrange a marriage between Lucian and myself.
He might be handsome but he’s not the kind of man who loves. He takes what he wants and right now, it’s my body.
I might belong to him in name, but the question remains – will our union be consummated in blood or love?
STANDALONE: Romance Suspense full-length novel.
WARNING: This book contains subject matter that may be sensitive for some readers. There is dark and triggering content between these pages. 18+ only. Please read responsibly.
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Michelle Heard


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Chapter 1


The Past - 17 Years Old.

My stomach is knotted with nerves as I glance over my shoulder before sneaking out of the house. Making sure I’m not seen, I break out into a run toward the stables.

With my father away on business, it makes it a little easier to meet Alfonso. I’ve been sneaking around with the stable boy for a month now. Alfonso was a pleasant surprise when he came to work here with his father, Gino, who’s been in our employment since I was a little girl.

Because my father deals in arms, I don’t get to live a normal life. I’m surrounded by an army of private tutors, guards, and staff who won’t hesitate to tell my father if I do something wrong.

Taking one last glance back at the sprawling villa to make sure none of the staff saw me leave, I walk into the stables.

I stop to pet Brimstone, my father’s favorite horse, and movement catches my eye. Turning my head, I watch as Alfonso comes out of the tack room. He’s only a head taller than me, with dark brown hair and amber eyes.

“You’re early,” he says with a grin tugging at his lips.

As he walks toward me, I enjoy the warm expression in his eyes. It’s the closest thing to love I’ve experienced. That’s why I’m breaking all the rules to have these stolen moments with Alfonso in the stables.

To my father, I’m a bargaining chip to secure an alliance when he needs one. Just another one of his many belongings. My father has never shown me any kind of love. When I was younger, it broke my heart, and I used to spend nights crying myself to sleep. Now that I’m older, I’ve accepted it’s the way things are. I guess he’s cold and cruel because he’s a part of the Mafia. No matter the reason, I’m done crying over something I can’t change.

My mother left after my birth, and I have no memory of her. Whether she’s dead or alive, I don’t know. No one ever talks of her. The only thing I know about her is her name. Eva Lucas.

I don’t blame her for leaving if that’s what she did. Between my father and my personal guard and tormentor, Dante, life is nothing but endless days of suffocation.

My mouth curves up into a smile when Alfonso stops in front of me. He gave me my first kiss, and last week I gave him my virginity.

He’s not the most handsome, and I don’t get butterflies, but that doesn’t matter. Just the thrill of sneaking around with him and having him want me is enough for me.

I also get to defy Dante. He’d probably kill Alfonso and beat me if he found us together.

“The house is suffocating,” I explain why I’m early. “I needed to get out.”

Alfonso walks to the wide wooden doors and glances around the property before he turns back to me. “How did you escape Dante?”

“He’s having lunch.”

Alfonso comes back to me, and taking hold of my hand, he leads me to the back of the stables where the tack room is. It holds all the saddles, brushes, and other equipment for the horses. It’s also the only private place where Dante won’t think to look for me.

Alfonso shuts the door behind us and turning to me, his gaze drifts over my face. “Run away with me,” he says once again.

Honestly, the idea is tempting, but I know there’s no escaping Dante. He’ll find me, and his wrath will be cruel.

Lifting my hand, I rest my palm against Alfonso’s chest. “It’s not worth the risk. When we’re found, Dante will kill you.”

“When we’re found? You don’t think I can keep you safe?” Alfonso asks, a frown forming on his forehead.

No one can keep me safe, least of all a nineteen-year-old stable boy.

Instead of voicing the truth, I ask, “Where would we go? With what money?”

“I’ll find work,” he says while he places his hand over mine.

“That’s not a guarantee,” I argue.

Alfonso’s head begins to lower, and before his mouth meets mine, he murmurs, “Let me take you away from here.”

My naïve stable boy.

Not wanting to talk about something that can never be, I accept his kiss. I part my lips for his tongue to enter, and soon we’re stripping each other out of our clothes. I get lost in the moment where I get to be free. Having sex with Alfonso has nothing to do with attraction but everything to do with making a choice for myself. For one blessed moment, it feels like I’m not a prisoner in my father’s villa.