Come Undone – Love Bites Read Online Nichole Rose

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Love is just a 1-900 number away for this curvy girl and the man of her dreams…

Arwen Grayson
Two weeks ago, I met the man of my dreams.
By day, he’s my crazy hot roofer.
By night, he’s the wicked man who drives me wild over the phone.
The only problem?
I have no idea if he’s the same man or not.
And I’m running out of time to find out.
Today, I plan to learn the truth once and for all.
Even if I have to play dirty to do it.

Granger Vaughn
Two weeks ago, I met the curvy girl of my dreams.
But she doesn’t know that the man she greets with a sweet smile every morning is the same one who drives her wild on the phone at night.
I got myself into this mess.
It’s time to get myself out of it.
I just hope like hell she doesn’t kick me out of her life when I confess.
Because I can tolerate a lot…but I won’t survive losing her.
She’s meant to be mine.

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Chapter One


"Hey, baby. It's Arwen."

I grip the phone tightly in my hand as Arwen Grayson's sweet voice whispers down the line. Desire stirs, hitting me like a fist at the breathless hitch in her voice. Every pleasantry I promised I'd exchange with her tonight leaves my mind in an instant. The only thing left behind is burning hunger and the need to hear her come undone for me one more time.

"I need you naked." My voice strains with the need to make her come. Tension knots my shoulders, the ache for release cinching my balls up tight. Even the skin across my back feels stretched too tight.

"Tex." The nickname I gave her the first time I called sounds like little more than an erotic sigh tumbling from her lips. "I hoped you would call again."

I bite back a groan at the thought of her naked and waiting in her bed for me, her nipples hard, her dark curls spread across the pillow, her big blue eyes dark with desire, her thick thighs like porcelain against the dark blue counterpane. Goddamn. I want to see that sight for myself.

Good luck with that, asshole, I think.

A girl like Arwen isn't going to give a motherfucker like me the time of day. To her, I'm just a lonely pervert at the other end of the line. Nothing could be further from the truth, of course. She doesn't know it, but I'm the same man she's greeted with a smile at her front door every day for the last two weeks.

I'm her roofer. And a complete jackass.

I was captivated the moment I saw her. But like an asshole, I didn't approach her. Instead, I eavesdropped as she chatted with her roommates about her new job as a phone sex operator. She was nervous and didn't know what to expect. She's a virgin, but she needs the cash. As soon as I heard that, my protective instincts went into overdrive.

I know what kind of filthy shit men want from women, especially innocent little lambs like Arwen. They're not getting it from her, not even on the phone. It's been years since I was last with anyone, but I spent half the afternoon trying to find the company she said she worked for, and then I did what needed to be done.

It's a damn good thing I own a successful business because I'm her only client.

I tell myself I only call to protect her, but I'm a liar.

That very first night, I convinced her to tell me her fantasies instead of acting out mine. She opened up to me in a way I never expected, allowing me a glimpse into her secret sexual desires. I've been hooked on her since. No, that's not true. I'm head over heels in love with this girl. She's as curious as she is sweet, as sexy as she is adorable.

Two weeks later, I'm no closer to telling her who I really am than I was that first night.

The way I see it, I'll be lucky if all she does is stick her stiletto up my ass when she finds out I not only eavesdropped on her private conversation but then acted on what I overheard. No, there won't be any getting out of this mess, and she definitely won't be letting me carry her to bed to make love to her like I truly desire once she finds out how badly I've abused her trust.

Sad fact is…all I'll ever have of her is this: a once-a-night phone call.

If this is all I can have of her, I'll take it, though, consequences be damned.

"Are you wet for me, Arwen?" I pop the button of my jeans and jerk them down, freeing my cock. I want to be a gentleman and make this about her, but who am I kidding? I am no gentleman, and my cock is already throbbing for release. I wrap my hand around my length and pump, hissing as pleasure shoots through me hard and fast.

Arwen's response comes as little more than a needy whimper in my ear. "Yes, Tex."

"That’s real good, sweetheart." I love how easily she responds to me and how much she opens up to me on these calls. She trusts me with her body, even if only over the phone. What I make her feel, what I make her do, isn't just a call to her. I'm not just a call to her. I see the truth in her eyes every morning and in the subtle smile that never entirely leaves her face. I fucking love knowing I put that smile there.

Watching it fade when she realizes I'm the one she's been talking to isn't appealing to me. And yet I can't seem to stop calling her either. I don't want her talking to anyone who isn't me.