Christmas with My Best Friend’s Dad (Fixer Brothers Construction Co #4) Read Online Raleigh Ruebins

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When I met my best friend's dad in a bar, I didn't know he was my best friend's dad. Not yet, at least.

This Christmas, I only had two to get my kitchen renovated and to find a hot older guy to keep me warm at night. I never thought I'd find both in the small town of Jade River, where people take the holiday season very seriously (and always with beer or mulled wine). I ended up in the arms of exactly the man I wanted, and we shared a scorching night under my Christmas tree that I'll never forget. ...Then reality hit. His son is my best friend, and what we did should have been forbidden. Now our lives are more intertwined than either of us ever bargained for.

But on these cold winter nights, I'm starting to think I'm addicted to him...Christmas with My Best Friend's Dad is a short novella (appx 27,000 words) and is stuffed full of holiday cheer, snow, and hot guys in scarves (and even hotter under the Christmas tree).

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In my defense, the night I slept with my best friend’s dad, I didn’t know he was my best friend’s dad.

Not at first, at least. I’m not a monster.

It all started in my kitchen, where I was running my mouth way too much to the Fixer Brothers Construction crew.

“All I’m saying is that it’s December, and I need cock,” I said. “Christmas cock. Now more than ever.”

I bit my lip as soon as I’d said it, wishing I could shove the words back in my mouth. We’d been talking nicely and innocently about how much we enjoyed Christmas, and now I’d gone and brought up how desperate I was for dick.


I glanced around the kitchen at Charlie, Nathan, and Shawn, the three very professional construction workers who were just starting in on my small kitchen renovation. Without missing a beat, though, one of them let out a whistle, and everyone cracked up.

“Oh, thank God you guys laughed,” I said, relaxing against my kitchen table. “I regretted what I said the moment I said it. Let’s talk about the weather, instead. How about that snow, huh?”

“Christmas cock? More like December dick,” Nathan joked, breezing right past my attempt to change the subject.

“Santa schlong,” Charlie added with a snicker.

“Holiday hog,” Shawn added.

“Winter wang. Present penis. Merry member. The Gift of girth,” Charlie said, smiling wide now. “I could go on forever.”

Relief flooded through me. I’d been working for the Fixer Brothers for a few months, after they’d hired me to do an overhaul of their website and online marketing—and now I’d hired them to do some work on my place. I’d already been friendly with the guys, but I certainly hadn’t talked to them about how badly I needed cock before. We’d been all business up until this point.

But anyone who talked about the gift of girth, I could consider a friend.

“I knew I liked you guys,” I said. “Maybe when I finalize the code for the Fixer Brothers website overhaul, I should add in a note that each home renovation comes with free dick jokes, too.”

“If the customer wants them, of course,” Nathan said from above the tile saw that was currently stationed at the edge of my kitchen. “I say we go deeper. Tell us more about your Christmas cock needs, Casey. We all need a little dick sometimes, right? Whether we’re giving it or getting it?”

“Ignore him,” Charlie told me, waving a hand toward Nathan. “He thought he was straight until he met Kace Tomlin and now he’s ga-ga for football player dick.”

“Just because I came out later in life doesn’t mean I don’t get it,” Nathan protested. “I’ve learned a lot of new things since dating Kace.”

“Say no more. I get it,” I said. “I usually go for older men myself, but Kace Tomlin is the hottest pro football player I’ve ever seen. You’re a lucky man.”

“I really am,” Nathan said, a dreamy smile landing on his face.

Each of the guys had white work T-shirts on, printed with their Fixer Brothers Construction Co company logo. When I’d gotten an email from them a few months back, seeking out a website developer, I’d jumped at the chance. Hell, I’d leaped on it like a ravenous lion. The Fixer Brothers were a huge deal, lately—not only were they an independently owned small business here in Colorado, but they’d also recently gotten their own home renovation TV show.

I was 23. I sure as shit didn’t have much money saved yet. I’d recently bought this little mountain shack house that was in need of about a thousand repairs, and all I could afford now was getting the grimy old tile backsplash replaced, getting a few light fixtures installed, and repairing a piece of the concrete foundation behind the stove.

Nothing glamorous. But owning a house at all at age 23 made me feel like a king, and I was determined to take goddamn good care of this place for years to come.

“Christmas cock,” Charlie said, glancing up at me and wiping at his brow with the back of his tattooed arm. “Say no more. Every time the holidays hit, I start to get this craving for it. The cold air, the snow, cozy fires, and the desperate need to get railed.”

I hummed. “You get it. Clearly.”

“Do you have any hookups in mind around town?” he asked me.

I shook my head. “I’m a nerd who codes websites. I work from home. And I’m new in town,” I said. “I have no prospects right now.”

Shawn and Nathan were the brother duo that owned Fixer Brothers Construction, and Charlie was their right-hand man.

“You don’t seem that nerdy to me,” Charlie said, grinning at me. “Do nerds usually look like James Dean and say phrases like I need Christmas cock?”

“You’d be surprised,” I said. “Who says nerds don’t crave big, strong Daddy types? The kind who could boss me around and then fuck me afterward as a consolation prize?”