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Blood & Bones - Judge (Blood Fury MC #3)

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Some risks are more dangerous than others... Judd “Judge” Scott lives a simple life running a successful business with his cousin, Deacon. As a bail bondsman and bounty hunter, he’s good at what he does.
He never expected Trip to come home and resurrect the Blood Fury MC, reopening old wounds. Being asked by the new prez to fill his late father’s boots as the Sergeant at Arms should be a hard no for Judge. Not only are they some pretty big boots to fill, but he also has too much to lose if things go sideways. Besides it risking his bail bonds business, he’s worried history will repeat itself and Judge wants to avoid ending up in prison, or dead, exactly like his father did. Even so, he reluctantly takes the spot as the club’s enforcer and wears his old man’s colors on his back.
Despite having no interest in a woman complicating his life, he’s intrigued by the young mother who shows up in town with her little girl. However, once Judge learns why she’s come to Manning Grove, he finds he has no choice but to get involved. And that could create more complications than they’re worth.
Note: Blood & Bones: Judge is the third book in the Blood Fury MC series. As always, this book has no cheating, no cliffhanger and has an HEA. It’s recommended to read this series in order.
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Blood Fury MC Series by Jeanne St. James

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Jeanne St. James


The End

Judd crept through the used car lot, keeping low and to the shadows, ducking behind each car he came to until he spotted the one he was looking for.

He grinned and his dick was already hard in anticipation.

At sixteen and not yet a member of the Blood Fury MC, he wasn’t allowed to touch any of the club’s sweet butts, unless his pop gave his permission. Like Buck had done for Trip when he was fourteen and got his cherry popped by one of them. In front of everyone.

Judd didn’t want his first time to be in front of the club members because he didn’t need them heckling him as they watched. Just like they did Trip.

Fuck that.

Instead, he found a way to pop a nut on his own. At least in a snatch and not his own palm. That he’d done more times than he could count. Sometimes him and the other boys would hide under the exec committee table during parties and watch when one or more of the brothers used that table to bang one out with any female they could find.

His fist had gotten some good workouts while watching some of that.

He’d tuck that shit away and remember it when he was in his bed at night, too. It gave him plenty of spank bank material.

It was his time. Trip lost his cherry at fourteen. And Judd was now sixteen. It wasn’t fucking fair and none of the girls at school would let him down their pants.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t tried.

He was too tall and gangly, and they called him a loser. They also called him dirty, even though he wasn’t.

The girls would say nobody wanted to let white trash like him touch them. Because if they did, no other boy would ever want to touch them afterward.

Well, fuck them.

He didn’t want one of those snobby-ass bitches, anyway. All he wanted to do was blow a load deep in their cunt, not marry them. Or even date them.

They probably preferred to take it up the ass anyway, so they could say they were still virgins.


He blew out a breath and slid his hand down the hard-on under his jeans. He’d stolen some wraps from the pharmacy in town and had a couple tucked into his front pocket.

He was ready.

He had also stolen some money from the cash register when the clerk was distracted by Sig tripping and knocking over a display of sunglasses.

Judd slipped him a five for doing it. Then Sig had demanded more. But Judd told the twelve-year-old he could fuck off. It hadn’t been worth any more than five since he only had to knock something over while Judd did the crime.

Sig threatened to tell the clerk if Judd didn’t give him a twenty. So, he popped Sig in the mouth, making him bleed. The kid accepted the five and shut the fuck up after that.

Judd needed the rest of the money since tonight was the night he was going to get what he’d been waiting for.

He popped his head up from behind a Chevy and glanced around the dark sales lot. At midnight, no one was around. He just wanted to make sure the pigs didn’t roll by and see him, fucking up his plans.

He moved closer to the old Dodge Caravan and peeked through the side window.

His heart pounded so hard, he could feel it all the way to his dick.

She was in there. Waiting like she said she would.

Because the cunt wanted the cash.

And he wanted the cunt.

With his blood racing through him, he jerked on the handle to the sliding side door of the minivan and carefully pulled it open, trying to be as quiet as possible.

“Got the scratch?” Molly asked.

He could hardly breathe enough to answer, “Yeah.”

She held out her hand with her long nails and lots of dumb bracelets on her wrist. “Let’s see it.”

“I got it,” he told her, worried she’d snatch it right out of his hand and go tell his pop. Then he’d get busted right across the mouth—if not worse—for trying to fuck a sweet butt when he knew he wasn’t allowed to.

But fuck Ox. All he had to do was tell one of those patch whores to fuck Judd and they’d do it. And he wouldn’t have to pay them shit.

“How much do you have?”

“What you wanted.” He was getting annoyed. She let any of the brothers fuck her for free and now she was getting picky?

He would be a future Fury member. She needed to learn a little fucking respect.

“You’ll get it after.”

She held out her hand again. “Least show it to me.”

“Fuck you, Molly.”

“No, kid, you want me to fuck you. So, scratch or no snatch.”

“You’re a fuckin’ whore, you know that?”

“If I wasn’t, you wouldn’t be getting ready to lose your virginity.”