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(Turf Wars #1) Biker Schmiker

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Bella Jewel

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Biker Schmiker - Turf Wars #1 - A romantic MC romance!
The newest series from USA today bestselling author, Bella Jewel!
Evelina has worked hard to get where she is in life. At the young age of twenty-five she became the proud owner of the town’s most infamous café, Wildflowers. Not only does this café make the best cakes in town, but it hosts the most successful open mic nights, bringing singers from far and wide to own the stage and take their dreams to the next level.
Coming from an Italian background, Evelina has a large family, a bubbly personality and the kind of drive that makes her café the best of the best. She prides herself in her witty personality, bubbly demeanor and strength to take her dreams by the horns. She is unstoppable and determined.
That is, of course, until a biker club moves into the empty garage she shares a parking lot with. For years, that garage has been empty and Evelina has had the space entirely to herself. Now, there are cars, motorbikes, parties, half naked women, alcohol and a President that is rude, gorgeous and refusing to keep the noise down.
Her café is going to struggle if she doesn’t do something right away.
The problem is, they are refusing to move.
Evelina is going to have to dig deep and find any way she can to get them to leave…even if things have to get messy.
She’s worked too hard.
This is her lot. This is her town.
That gorgeous biker and his club are going to find themselves in the midst of a war…a turf war.
And Evelina plans to win.
*Contains Adult Content*
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Turf Wars Series by Bella Jewel

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Bella Jewel


“MA’AM, ARE YOU LISTENING to what I’m saying to you?”

I blink slowly, tipping my head just slightly at the police officer speaking to me. He’s got a notepad in his beefy hand and eyes that are so dark they could almost be black and yet ... I find him weak - boyish, not someone I’d want on my side if I was in some sort of trouble, that’s for sure. Poor guy, perhaps he got picked on as a child and this was his way of regaining control?

When did I become so judgy?

After all, I am the one in a police station after being arrested for arson.

They’re wrong, though. I didn’t do it.

I know just who aimed the blame at me—that good-for-nothing, pain in the ass biker that took over my life, the garage next door, and stole all my sanity. He thinks he’s winning the war by pinning this on me, but he’ll come to find out, I can play a whole lot harder.

God damned bikers.

The cops might be scared of him. I certainly am not.

“I’m listening to you, sir,” I say, my eyes all doe like and my lashes fluttering as I blink innocently. “I just don’t understand why you think I had something to do with this.”

“Ah, Cash Riggs reported you, said he saw you light the fire in his garage. This was confirmed by two other members.”

That motherfucker.

“Firstly, with a name like Cash Riggs I’m surprised anybody is taking him seriously, and, secondly, I’d never enter that garage. Have you any idea what goes on in there?”

The officer, who I can see is named Billy, narrows his eyes. “I’m unsure what you mean, miss.”

I lean forward, letting my eyes dart from left to right before focusing on him. “A lot of sex, officer. So much of it, that I’m not sure how they’re even walking with the amount of STDs they’re sharing around in there. Don’t get me started on the alcohol, and drugs ...”

“Drugs?” Billy’s eyes widen.

I nod ferociously. “You don’t think bikers are just fixing cars in that garage, do you? Gosh, no. They’re selling drugs. Heaps of them. To my customers.”

Probably not true, but it wasn’t true that I started that stupid fire, either, yet here I am.

He watched me get dragged away by those police officers, with hate in his eyes. He thinks I did it, but deep down I’m certain he knows I didn’t.

Revenge is bittersweet.

Riggs should have been more careful who he messed with.

“Have you any proof of these transactions?” Billy asks.