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(Dirty Little Lies Duet #1) Bad Daddy

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J.D. Hollyfield

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The bold warning that blared like sirens around me at the indecent attraction for my roommate’s father.
It was improper and forbidden. I was hungry for attention. Determined. And he was an appetite that needed to be fulfilled.
I told myself just once, but now that I’ve gotten a taste, there’s no turning back now.
She made a mistake taunting me. Thinking she could handle a man like myself. I shouldn’t have allowed her so close. A stronger man would have denied her.
But I’m a bad bad man. And if I had any willpower of staying away from this illicit attraction…
It’s gone now.
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Dirty Little Lies Duet Series by J.D. Hollyfield

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J.D. Hollyfield

Everyone needs someone who can handle their dark side



I’ve been on campus for less than an hour, and I already hate college. Sweat drips down my back, soaking my white tank top. The entire freshman class now knows I’m wearing a pink bra. Not that I give a shit. I shake my tits at a kid walking past, his eyes glued to my chest, causing him to drop his Tupperware containers.

It’s move-in day, and go figure, I’m on my own. Mommy Dearest overbooked herself, which left me to hitch a ride all the way up to campus and unpack everything myself. A whole whopping four boxes. Standing in the center of the tiny dorm room, I lift my shirt, using it as a towel to wipe at the beaded sweat above my brow.

“Oh…um, excuse me.” A deep, alluring voice has me lowering my tank just enough for my eyes to lock on the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen. Dark, thick hair, the bluest of eyes, chiseled cheeks, muscled chest, arms…Jesus, I think I may have soaked my panties.

“Sorry. Is this room four twenty-two?”

Even if it wasn’t, my answer would be yes. God yes. “It is. Are you lost or something?” I realize I’ve yet to bring my tank top down, leaving my pink-covered breasts on full display. He’s dressed in a pair of fitted jeans and a casual t-shirt, accentuating the enormous amount of time he must spend at the gym.

He studies me with unwavering attention. The I see something I shouldn’t like and can’t seem to look away kind of attention. And I love every second of it. My heart skips, and a tremor of temptation travels up and down my spine. Sadly, he catches his mistake and forces his eyes up to mine. Clearing his throat, he says, “Oh…uh, no. Actually, right where I need to be.”

Well…isn’t today my lucky day.

There’s no denying the instant attraction between us. His eyes burn with a fire of undeniable lust, igniting something between us. I bite the inside of my cheek, taking a step closer. I bet he smells divine. Like spice and all man. “Hmmm…I think I can help you with—”

“Oh, good! You found it!” Our unspoken allure gets interrupted by a petite blonde entering my room and I lower my shirt. “Hey, you must be Violet. I’m Hazel, your roommate. I see you’ve already met my dad.”

My eyes shift from the peppy blonde to the man standing next to her. Dad. An indescribable blast of excitement flows through me at the indecent way he drank me in before getting caught by his daughter. I lick my lower lip, taking in my new roommate’s daddy. “Yes, we sure have.” My words hold a lot more meaning than she picks up on. His eyes shift, breaking from mine, and I stretch my hand out to him. “Hi. I’m Violet. Nice to meet you.”

He snaps out of his haze, reaching out. “Mr. Winters. Heath. Nice to meet you.” Our hands connect, and a spark zaps through my veins.

“Awesome! I’m super excited. It’s gonna be great. Are your parents here too?” Mr. Winters instantly retreats. Buzzkill, Hazel.

“No. Actually, it’s just my mom, and she got stuck at work.” Translation: she had any and everything better to do than help her daughter with her first important journey to school.

“Oh, okay. My dad and I can help you if you need stuff brought up. He’s the best. Just ask, and he’ll help you with anything.”

Oh, I bet he will. His cheeks flame with guilt, which tells me his sweet daughter would most definitely frown upon the fact that he just eye-fucked her new roommate. I probably shouldn’t encourage it, but the butterflies have yet to settle in my belly. Acting like this only confirms the horrible things my mother has accused me of. My mother always hated me for the way I looked. Blamed me for supposedly being a temptress to the revolving door of men she had in and out of our home. Did I ever encourage it? To piss her off, yes. Did all the drunk men she brought home ever attempt something with me? All the time. Did I ever pursue an older man? Never.

Until now.

What the heck has gotten into you, Violet? Great question. This is super inappropriate. He’s probably twice my age. “Thanks,” is all that comes out of my mouth. My heart hammers, and I suddenly become insecure. I adjust my tank top, wishing it wasn’t soaked through, and try to busy myself with my stuff while they finish bringing up the rest of her things.

“Whoever made this stupid drawer needs to go back to design school,” I grumble, losing my battle with the fifteen random pieces that came with an Ikea nightstand. My nose picks up a hint of spice, and I look up to find Mr. Winters kneeling next to me.