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As cursed as their affair was, they couldn’t stay away…

Since her father was assassinated before her eyes, Edna’s life has changed dramatically. Left only with her mother and cousin, she tries her hardest to become an ideal daughter. However, when she comes across a handsome man one night, she seems to cannot keep herself away. Not even after her cousin warns her he is not the angel she deems him to be.
Little does she know, he is the son of her father’s murderer…
Ronin McKenzie has no plan in finding love when he returns home to assume his newfound role as laird of the clan. But when his gaze lands upon Edna – a fire ignites, burning every sense of reason lying within him.
Not even the revelation her family is his kin’s worst enemy can deter him from pursuing her.
As their forbidden love grows stronger, it summons and unleashes demons no one expected. Moreover, a series of brutal murders will unearth long-hidden secrets to light. And those secrets will prove that Edna and Ronin’s love is doomed for they share one blood.
Is this a lie in disguise, concealing a buried truth? A truth that will change everything…

Loving her was the beginning of a chaos he could have never foreseen…



May, 1315

"Do we really have to go?" Edna raised her head as her mother's musical voice reached her ears. She knew her mother wasn't talking to her, and she knew it was impolite to listen in on someone else's conversation, but she couldn't stop herself. She tiptoed silently towards the open door of her parents' bedchamber; her ten-year-old frame small enough to avoid casting shadows, thus helping her remain hidden.

“Ye ken that we have to. Not going isnae even an option, Freya,” her father replied, exhaustion evident in his tone. Edna did not know what was wrong but she knew that she wanted to go. She had been looking forward to the Celtic Festival of Beltane all year, and she had no desire to miss it for any reason.

“I ken. I just hope we dinnae regret it.” Edna sighed in relief as she heard her mother finally agree. She had no idea what they were talking about, or what her parents would regret by attending the festival. All she knew was even though her father was a firm man, Edna was confident that her mother could persuade him not to go. So hearing they would be indeed not forced to spend this auspicious day indoors was a great relief.

Edna returned to her perch in front of her castle's largest window. The night was crisp with something unnameable, as if the sensation was so foreign that it could not be described. Regardless, the air around her felt alive. Edna felt as if the power of the gods was descending and entering her. She often wondered if magic existed and if the gods truly possessed powers. Tonight, she knew the answer to both of those questions was yes; she couldn't wait to see the powers, magic, and mythical creatures come to life tonight.

“Edna, are ye ready my bairn?” She turned around as her mother walked out of her bedchamber and smiled at her. She knew something was wrong when she looked at her beautiful mother, who had been told by everyone in the clan that her beauty was a gift from God. It's not as if she didn't look lovely tonight; she did. Her beauty was just hidden behind a mask of worry, or perhaps fear — rendering Edna slightly afraid. Her mother was her rock, the one person she looked to for motivation, and seeing her troubled pained her.

“I am ready, mama,” Edna replied with a smile as she walked away from the window and went to stand before her.

“My beautiful girl,” her mother picked her up in her arms, and Edna laughed loudly.

Her mother and father both loved picking her up. Her father's more masculine and larger arms made her feel safer, but her mother made her feel loved. Edna knew she couldn't live without either of them.

Just then, her father emerged from the bedchamber, handsomely dressed in the clan's colors; his plaid expertly tied and hung just above his knees. Edna leaped towards him, arms extended, as if she wanted to be in his arms, and sighed into his shoulder, inhaling the familiar scent. There was no one she loved more than her parents.

"Shall we go then?" Edna fervently nodded in response to her father's question, already concerned about the fact that they would be late. Her father grinned at her enthusiasm and they descended the stairs quickly before exiting the castle. Edna exhaled a sigh of relief, knowing that they'd soon be with everyone else and having the time of their lives.

"Edna, are you excited, my bairn?" Her father asked as they walked along the paved path among the trees.