Wolfman (Royal Bastards MC – Flagstaff Chapter #5) Read Online M. Merin

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While Wolfman’s favorite hobby might be torturing the Flagstaff Chapters’ enemies set to nursery rhymes, life takes an interesting turn when he falls for a nun.
Neither can deny the heat that flares between them but will their secrets destroy them or bring them closer?



The details of what has been referred to as my first murder have been relayed to me, but looking back, I don’t have any memories of it at all. Nor do I, technically, think it should be counted as murder, even though I was often reassured that it was.

The second person I killed was more like accidental manslaughter. I was fully intending to wallop the shit out of my neighbor, no matter the couple years or handful of inches he had on me. It’s not like it was my fault he slid on the wet grass and cracked his skull open.

Let’s just skip over the death of the third person for now.

It was the fourth time I found myself standing over a dead body, that I realized I needed to get away from my family.

Especially because of who I just killed. This wasn’t some accident that could be covered up, not when a man this powerful had this many stab marks.

Chapter 1


“Prez?” I knock on the door, even though I don’t hesitate to walk through it.

His son is asleep in a vibrating chair that’s perched on his desk, which explains why he hasn’t lit the cigar that he’s chewing on.

“Knock. Wait. Enter when I tell you to,” Declan grounds out the words in a low voice. “Why is that so fucking difficult?”

“Timber said you were looking for me,” I say instead of answering him. None of the patched Royal Bastards wait for his acknowledgment before entering his domain; it’s simply the easiest way to annoy him without doing anything we can actually be punished for.

“You have him do any work on you yet?” he asks, as his hand reaches up toward the new ink on his neck.

“Yep. Are we going to keep him?” We haven’t exactly been in a hurry to replace Ink since he was murdered but it seems like it would make all of our lives easier if we had an exceptional tattoo artist associated with the club.

Timber, or Big Timber, as the guys have been referring to him, has long been an independent rider. I know he’s had invites to join not only other Royal Bastards chapters but also the Northern Grizzlies, among other MCs.

“I’ll make him an offer eventually, but he’d be a fool to agree to go through the prospect period. So, I figure we’ll wait a while and make sure he’s compatible,” Declan answers, placing his hand on Cullen’s stomach when the baby starts to fuss.

“Did someone figure out which kids dared Justin to sneak downstairs?” I ask to fill the silence.

Declan lets out a grunt and mutters, “Little ass wipes. I gotta lecture a group of pre-teens later.”

I stand there, deciding to wait him out and wondering why he called me before him today.

“Sister Claudine called me last night. Seems she’s worried about one of her nuns being in trouble, if she doesn’t get led astray by you first,” he tells me, trying to hide the smirk on his face. “Want to tell me what that’s about?”

“Rose isn’t a nun yet,” I answer, wondering what the nun’s game is. She and Sister Angela know full well I’m interested in their novice. “Is that what she said?”

“Not in so many words, just that you’re spending a lot of time with one of them. The last I checked, there’s a pretty healthy rotation of women who hang around here, not to mention the strippers. Why the fuck you got to go chasing…” his voice trails off at the same time his eyes narrow.

“I like her.” Not liking the look in his eyes and unsure of what he’s about to say, I interrupt him; trying to get ahead of this and to make sure he doesn’t call her anything that I might object to. “Besides, Sister Claudine and Sister Angela didn’t seem like they minded too much.”

“What do you mean you ‘like her’?”

Shrugging my shoulders gets me a seething look that tells me I need to properly answer him.

“She is.” I pause, not accustomed to exchanging my feelings with Declan. “I don’t know. She’s like a magnet for me and there’s no way a woman like that is meant to be a nun.”

“Whether she’s meant to be a nun isn’t my concern. However, Sister Claudine is. If you want to spend time with the woman, stop creeping around the property. I’m assuming she’s eighteen,” Declan’s voice remains light despite the hardness in his expression, and I know Cullen is the only reason he’s not yelling right now.

I bite down on the smile that pulls at my lips, not wanting to test how much I can get away with in the presence of his infant son.