Wade (Reaper-Patriots #38) Read Online Mary Kennedy

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**This book contains graphic sexual content and may be sensitive to some readers.

Wade Slater is a soon-to-be retired SEAL who has always tried to do the right thing. That’s all he was doing when he agreed to help out a dying teammate, but it got messed up fast. The only woman he ever loved is angry and missing, his parents are furious with him, and if his luck keeps going like it has, he’ll be court-martialed. When his world rights itself, he finds that family and love really does conquer all.
Hannah Evers is a budding music major, whose abilities as a lyricist shine through in everything she does. Unfortunately, it’s not really her passion. She doesn’t want to perform in front of a crowd. She wants to write music for Amanda and Bull and be content in the background. Too bad that others have ideas about what her future looks like and it doesn’t include the only man she’s ever loved. Wade Slater. Trying to dig out of her own mess becomes even more painful when she realizes that Wade has a secret that just might kill her.



Wade stood next to his twin brother, Tyler, staring in the big full-length mirror in their parents’ bedroom. They were both looking at the other, trying to decipher any differences whatsoever. Mrs. Morgan, their fourth-grade teacher, said that identical twins were identical in every way. Wade and Tyler didn’t believe her. They knew they were different in a lot of ways.

For instance, Wade loved asparagus, and Tyler hated it. Tyler liked basketball more than baseball. Wade liked baseball more than football. She didn’t know it, but they were very different. Although, thought Wade, staring at the mirror, it was hard to see any differences at all. Maybe that’s what Mrs. Morgan meant.

Their parents were extraordinarily unique and beautiful people. Even at nine, the twins knew that much. Quincy ‘Zulu’ Slater was a retired Navy SEAL. At six-feet-six and two hundred and eighty pounds of muscle, he was not someone you wanted to mess with. But he was also extremely handsome with a beautiful mocha coloring to his skin, a face carved from stone, and lips every woman wanted to kiss. At least, that’s what their mother said. All the time.

His expressions often lent a serious air to his demeanor. When in truth, he was a jokester. He loved God, he loved his country, he loved his teammates, and he loved his sons. But more than anything, Zulu loved his wife, and he was proud to show his sons every single day how a man should treat the woman he loves.

Gabrielle ‘Gabi’ London Slater was quite possibly the most unique woman anyone had ever seen. Her hair was a silvery-white, shining like metallic thread. Her eyes were a translucent blue with swirling rings of pale blue, green, and white. When you were speaking to her, you often got lost in those eyes as if the ocean were pulling you in deeper and deeper like a whirlpool that wouldn’t let you go.

“We have Mom’s eyes. Kind of,” said Ty, staring at the mirror.

“Yea, kind of. They’re not as light. It looks kind of weird with our skin color. Maybe that’s why people call us freaky-looking,” said Wade. “We got Dad’s chin, and maybe one day we’ll be as big as him.”

“We’re big now, Wade,” laughed his brother. “Coach Haskins thought we were in middle school.” Ty laughed, remembering the middle school’s football coach being terribly disappointed when he found out they were only nine.

Wade looked back at the mirror at the same time as Ty did.

“We look exactly alike,” said Ty, nodding at his brother. “Even our penises look the same.” Both boys laughed, wiggling their hips at the mirror. They were fully clothed, but they were still little boys who found it funny.

“I think that’s enough mirror time,” came the booming voice of their father behind them. Both boys laughed, jumping into their dad’s arms. He easily lifted them, kissing them both on the cheek.

“Dad! You’re home early,” said Wade.

“Yep. Took care of business and wanted to take my boys into town for some Christmas shopping. We have to get your mom something special this year. She’s been a very, very good girl.”

“Cool!” yelled Wade. “Maybe one day I’ll have a girlfriend or wife to buy things for. I’d buy her the best gifts ever and make sure she knows I love her, just like you do, Dad.”

“I’m sure you will make her feel loved every day, Wade,” laughed Zulu.

“Ewww, who would want that?” frowned Tyler. “I’m going to have a dozen girlfriends and make sure they don’t know about each other. Then I can kiss a different girl every night, and they won’t even know about it.”

“That’s a dangerous game, son,” smirked Zulu. “I think we should have a conversation about that but later. Right now, let’s get into town.”