Until Her (A Love Story Duet #1) Read Online Carmen Rosales

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Still reeling from the death of both of her parents, 17year-old Aura Rayne is out of options. Moving in with another family for room and board, Aura becomes the family’s new housekeeper in the richest part of town. Attending Elite Spencer Academy as a senior changes everything for her.
Football star Kalum St. Claire plans to sail through his senior year as an exceptional athlete with the hottest girl on his arm. But when a new girl moves into his house, his school, and his life, Kalum is determined to not let her presence dim his spotlight.
But when Aura and Kalum grow closer, neither one can resist the attraction. Now, it’s up to them to deny the pull or succumb to their wildest desires. With his future on the line and her past haunting her, can the two lovers from different worlds find a life together that works for both of them?


Chapter one


I’m sitting in the back of a black Rolls-Royce as the driver pulls through a gate that leads to a sprawling Manson. My jaw almost hits the floor. I have never seen a house up close so big before. The lawns are manicured and have hedges made into figures. Who does that? I guess rich people do. These people are insanely rich. I mean, the house looks like a celebrity mansion with acres of secluded real estate.

My parents raised me on the other side of town, where the working-class live in Spencer, Pennsylvania. My mother was a loan officer, and my father worked as an assistant manager at a lumber store. My parents met in college, and my mother fell pregnant, she finished school, but my father had to drop out and get a job to support us.

It was rough sometimes because they lived paycheck to paycheck and could only afford the necessities. I went to public school my whole life, but what I lacked in luxury at home, my parents love made up for it. My parents loved each other, and that love was passed down in their parenting. I couldn’t have asked for better parents. They provided for me by giving me a roof over my head and warm meals laced with love.

The driver opens the back passenger door and proceeds to get my three suitcases out of the trunk. It’s everything I own and basically the clothes on my back. My parents were out for a night on the town when they were sideswiped by a semi-truck. Both my parents died instantly. Just thinking about them brings a sting to the back of my eyes. Since my parents didn’t have savings and had loans on practically everything they owned, the bank sold the house and everything that was left was paid to creditors. I was left with nothing at the age of seventeen. No money, no house, and no place to live.

The good news was that my mother’s neighbor is a housekeeper and heard of an opening for a housekeeper nearby where she worked on this side of town. The family in needing the job to be filled immediately heard of my situation, spoke to the social worker and rather then being sent to foster care, the judge granted them temporary custody for four months until I turned eighteen. The stipulation is that I work the maximum number of hours a seventeen-year-old can work after school and they would provide room and board to include paid tuition to Spencer Academy for my entire senior year.

The double doors open, and a butler immediately greets me by the name of John.

“Hello, you must be Aura."

I give him a nervous smile. “Yes.”

“I will have your belongings brought to the maid’s quarters so you can get settled in.”

I never thought in my wildest dreams I would be a housekeeper to some rich family on the other side of town. I had to say goodbye to my friend Gina and boyfriend Marcus back home at Spencer High.

I was devastated by the loss of my parents. I went to therapy and grieved for two months until they were sure I didn’t need to be medicated. My friends back home promised they would be there when I would get back, but I was closed off. Marcus promised he would call me and assured me we weren’t over. I just had to finish my senior year at Spencer Academy, and I could maybe go off to college. If possible, a scholarship to a good school that would be great but if not, I would have to take out loans. In my mind, this is just temporary, but the St. Claire's don’t have to know that.

“Thank you.”

“Mrs. St. Claire will be down in a minute to give you a tour and what her expectations are while you are here.”

I nod and, in that moment, I can hear the click clacking of heels on the pristine cream marble floors.