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There may be time for one last match this Season–
All it will take is a little tenacity.

Lady Charlotte Blackmore has spent her life helping the vulnerable find refuge at The Asylum for Orphaned Girls. But now her association with Seth threatens that—members on the committee refuse to trust a woman who they believe has set her cap at a man decidedly below her station.

While Charlotte declares otherwise, Sir Seth Mulgrave is even more adamant. He failed the woman he cared for once. Now, over two decades later, he’s not willing to take a chance on love again.

Knowing how important Charlotte’s work is to her, Seth proposes a plan—they will convince society they are only friends. Proving you’re only friends with someone you care deeply for is not as easy as it sounds, though. But, pursuing a relationship would mean no longer being able to help young girls at risk—how can either of them be at peace with that?
As the forth and final stand-alone novel in a new series by author Laura Rollins, The Tenacious Lady Blackmore ends the Daughters of Courage series with a romance readers are calling “marvelous” and “absolutely delightful”. This charming story is a light-hearted, clean and wholesome romance set in the Regency era (think: a clean Bridgerton). All books in this series have their own Happily-Ever-After and can be read apart but are best enjoyed in proper order.


Chapter One

Late August, 1807


Lady Charlotte Blackmore had not been this nervous since she’d powdered her hair pink for her first ball. That had been nearly thirty years ago. One would think, at her age, she would have outgrown the tingling anticipation, the lightheaded hope.

It was all Seth’s fault. If he hadn’t left London for a time, if he hadn’t refused to send word of whether he would be here tonight, she wouldn’t be so beside herself.

Charlotte turned about the grand ballroom at Blackmore House, her London residence. In only a few hours, this space would be filled with nearly all the haut ton of England. At least, those individuals who were still in London. Summer was quickly swelling from hot to smothering, and most of society had fled to the country for relief. Charlotte hadn’t, though, for if she left London, she wouldn’t be able to continue her work at The Asylum for Orphaned Girls. Just the thought of leaving the nearly two-hundred girls cared for there sent a sharp pain radiating through her.

She could never stop helping those girls.

More still, if she left, she wouldn’t have an excuse to see Seth again.

For now, though, the room was made alive by nearly a dozen servants bustling to and fro. The last of the flower arrangements was being placed, the food was being laid out, and the last edges of the floor were being chalked to prevent dancers from slipping.

With a smile and a complimentary comment to her housekeeper, Charlotte slipped from the ballroom and made for upstairs. Knowing all was in order for tonight, it was time she readied herself.

Only a few steps up the staircase, a footman hurried over to her.

“Pardon me, my lady,” he said, extending a silver tray with a cream-colored letter atop it. “This just came for you.”

“Thank you, John,” Charlotte said, picking up the letter. The writing on it was familiar. It was from Mrs. Lewis, the woman hired by the asylum, charged with watching over the girls during their various school and work activities.

“The messenger who brought it is waiting for a response,” John continued. “Should I send him away?”

“No,” Charlotte said. “Have Cook give him a little something to eat. I’ll have a response ready in a quarter of an hour.”

“Yes, my lady,” John said with a bow, then turned and moved off quickly toward the back of the house.

Charlotte’s lips pulled to one side.

That Mrs. Lewis was writing her at all was unusual. That she needed an immediate reply could only mean that this letter did not hold good news. Charlotte had delayed getting ready for her ball longer than she ought. Mary, Charlotte’s lady’s maid, would be quite put out to learn her mistress planned on delaying a quarter of an hour more. But only until she learned the reason.

Mary herself had been raised at the asylum, so she would understand how important it was that Charlotte respond immediately.

Once seated at her writing table in the sitting room which adjoined her bedchamber, Charlotte quickly opened the letter.

Lady Blackmore,

Please forgive my intrusion on your day, only the strangest thing has just happened here at the asylum, and I am at a loss as to what to make of it.

Only now, a former girl of ours has come for a visit. Her name is Emma Tilbury, and she was first brought to us, along with her infant sister, many years ago. Earlier this year, Emma showed herself to have all the qualifications necessary during her exit exam to find employment and leave us. She found work in a London home, but, strange enough, was sent back to us only a few months later.