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The Shadow Princess (Chronicles of the Stone Veil #6)

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Living an idyllic life in Wyoming, Thalia Clairmont is completely unaware that her world is about to be turned upside down. Step into the next dimension with The Shadow Princess, the newest story in The Chronicles of the Stone Veil series from New York Times bestselling author Sawyer Bennett.
My name is Thalia Clairmont and I am heir to the throne of Vyronas. A title that was unknown to me after the love of my life, Bastien Dunne, had me stripped of my memories and sent me through the veil into another dimension. He maintains it was for my protection after my parents were killed and our kingdom was overthrown, but I see it as a betrayal.
Overwhelmed by my feelings of both love and anger for Bastien, I quickly understand that things aren’t what they once were. Vyronas is at war and an evil sorceress has claimed my throne by casting her blood magic to subjugate my people. With my memories returned, I realize Bastien isn’t the man I once loved and has instead become a distant, hardened warrior whose heart is as cold as ice.
My magic alone cannot defeat the blood sorcery, so I delve into the deepest shadows to find a way to regain control of my kingdom. Can I defeat evil without succumbing to the darkness? And will Bastien and I be able to reclaim the love we once shared? I am the Shadow Princess and it’s time for me to reclaim my throne.
The Shadow Princess is a standalone second chance romance with a fantastical flourish within The Chronicles of the Stone Veil series.
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Chronicles of the Stone Veil Series by Sawyer Bennett

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Sawyer Bennett



The Garden of the Gods crackled with magic as Bastien Dunne entered it, leaving behind the clang of swords and the hissing of attack spells. His own powers—normally humming on a low frequency—sparked hot as he stepped foot into the circle before settling again. As innate to him as his own heartbeat, the warrior caste magic passed down through his bloodline was something he often took for granted.

It was there, and he knew how to use it for attack or defense.

Just as he knew how to gut a man ten different ways with his sword.

As he moved deeper into the garden, a sacred space meant for reflection and peace, the sounds of battle training receded. Bastien was tired after a long day and was sick of trying to mold young men into hardened soldiers just so he could send them out to die.

At the center of the park, a large pressian tree rose from the ground. Its thick trunk split at the base into several arms that grew up and outward to form a protective arch over much of the garden. Smooth of bark, the wood was the color of bleached bone, the leaves a deep purple threaded with glowing veins of misty white. The tree served as a sign of strength in the land, withstanding dry heat, humidity, or ice, depending on what region of Vyronas you traveled.

The pressian also had delicate qualities, growing fragile, five-petaled flowers that felt like silk and tore just as easily. They not only perfumed the air but were used for many healing potions and even spells that required the paradox of strength and vulnerability.

Not that Bastien had experience with that. His magic was very particular to what he was—a soldier.

No, that wasn’t quite right.

He was the commandant of an army that was being decimated, and he was out of options.

Around the perimeter of the pressian tree, but still falling under the canopy of shimmering leaves, stood five stone statues representing each of the five gods. They were life-size, each figure clothed in robes and one-shouldered cloaks that hung to the ground. Three women and two men—all referred to as gods regardless of gender—were once called the Infinites because they had always been so.

At least according to legend.

Gardens such as these were all over the realm of Vyronas, allowing respite for weary travelers who wanted to pray and seek help from their gods.

This space was built only seven years ago when the army of Kestevayne settled into the valley and built what was supposed to be a temporary village until they could defeat Ferelith.