The Man Who Set Me Free (Cresson Point) Read Online Romeo Alexander

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You can’t control everything. Sometimes you just need to let go, let life happen and believe things will work out. Could it really be that easy?

Simple, smooth, and calm. That’s how I like to keep my life. I plan and organize, leaving nothing to chance. It’s what makes me an excellent personal assistant. Just ask my boss, Abel. Being in control helped me create a comfortable life, even if I’m still figuring out exactly what I want from it.
However, I hit a bump in the road when Tobias showed up, mistaking me for a Grindr hook-up. Oh, I also hit him! Suddenly all the order in my world got a little shaky, and this strange, vibrant man started changing everything I thought I knew. Despite being comfortable the way I was, I was drawn to the energetic, slightly crazy man and compelled to go along for the ride. And why shouldn’t I have a little fun?
Of course, my life hasn’t always been so comfortable, and as it turns out, neither has his. I’d deliberately left my overly religious mother in my past for good reasons, but after twelve years she’s back, shaking my foundations and bringing back all the pain and dark memories. So now, I’m trying desperately to figure out if I can make room in my life for Tobias…or even if I should.
Everything’s changing, and for the second time in my life, I don’t know what to do.

Do opposites attract? Peter has always been in control…until he’s not. Tobias is all about going with whatever life throws at him. Can these two very different men find a way to be together or will the past be an obstacle they can’t get over?


Chapter One

Rolling over, I stared at the display on my phone and waited. It wasn’t unusual for me to wake up a few minutes before my alarm went off. Today, I had beaten it by about seven minutes, which gave me extra time to let myself wake up a little more in the comfort of my own bed. I’d done that since I was a kid, though back then I’d get out of bed to make sure my alarm didn’t go off and risk waking my mother before I was ready to deal with her.

I reached out just as the numbers shifted, bringing it to precisely seven in the morning, and immediately dismissed the alarm. In the silence, I could hear music playing from down the hall, and rolled out of bed. I knew full well Ronny wouldn’t get up when his first, second, or third alarm went off, at least not usually. My roommate wasn’t the most punctual of people, and he was even worse when it came to getting ready in the morning.

Rolling my neck, I pushed myself out of bed, grabbing my phone as I made my way toward my adjoining bathroom. I opened the curtains as I passed, wincing at the bright light streaming through them. It meant the sudden flash of the bathroom light coming on was less harsh on my eyes. Almost on cue, my phone began playing music, and I tapped on the small speaker in the bathroom so the music would come through it before I started the water.

Showers were one of my weaknesses, and I easily lost track of how much time I spent under the spray. Which was precisely why the app on my phone began turning the music down after ten minutes and then shut off completely at the fifteen-minute mark.

I dressed in my bedroom, away from the stifling heat of the bathroom, and looked myself over. People were always fond of telling me my looks were ‘boyish’ and that they would get less so as I got older. Well, I was a couple of months away from turning twenty-eight, and I swore I still looked fresh out of high school. My jaw was shapely enough, and my cheekbones made sure I didn’t have a perpetually round face, but there was just something about the bright blond hair, blue eyes, and softer features that screamed barely legal.

It drove me nuts.

Leaving my room, I could smell the coffee as it finished brewing. I always set it so it would be finished and fresh by the time I emerged. I grabbed the tablet off a nearby shelf where I kept it charging overnight and poured myself a cup of coffee. I set another cup on the counter, along with creamer and sugar. They weren’t for me, but if they weren’t obvious, Ronny would tear the kitchen apart in a zombie-like state to find them.

Popping bread in the toaster, I began looking over the schedule. I knew full well it wouldn’t be strictly adhered to, but it helped to have a good idea of what I was dealing with for the rest of the day.