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The Killer's Fake Bride - Possessive Dark Mafia

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B.B. Hamel

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One night to get pregnant. One afternoon to say, I Do.
Matteo Franco was supposed to kill a man. Instead, I spent one delicious night with that dark and brutal stranger, and walked away dizzy and aching for more. But I’m a Healy princess. My life is for my family, and Matteo’s a Valentino soldier, my sworn nemesis.
All that changes when I find out I’m pregnant with his child. My family will kill me if they find out, and he’s the only one that has a shot at keeping me safe.
Except he’s a monster, a killer, a beast. He’s everything I swore I’d never love. And now he says the only way he can protect me is if we’re married.
My enemy, my baby, my body, my life. How much will I give up for safety? And how much will he take? If I let him, he’ll leave me bruised, broken, and begging him for more.
The final entry in the steamy and exciting Valentino Crime Family! I think you’ll fall hard for Matteo as he aggressively protects his Sam and his baby. If you like your mafia hot, dark, and suspenseful, pick this up and start devouring! As always, it’s a standalone, full length novel with no cliffhanger and a guaranteed happily-ever-after. Enjoy! XO BB
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B.B. Hamel



The city felt like it was on the edge of breaking apart, but deep inside an exclusive Healy crime family party, all that blood and death was far, far away.

From the outside, the house looked like any other in Philadelphia: simple brick, a few windows, black door. But inside, the polished wood floors gleamed and every inch of the structure was renovated in the last ten years, changing it from classic West Philly squalor into something opulent and absurd. Gilt lined the walls, lush carpets covered the living room, paintings hung on the walls. It was less of a row home and more of a mansion in miniature.

The room was packed. Men and women all in black stood around the edges next to the walls while in the middle of the space on top of a pile of cushions and a thick red Persian rug, two petite women knelt completely naked except for masks on their faces in front of a tall, muscular man with a long, hard cock. His mask was black and white, while the girls both wore peacock-feathered blue. The girl on the left had dark brunette hair and snow-pale skin, and she slowly took the man’s cock deep into her mouth, gagged once, then pulled back. The other girl, a slim blonde that looked like she spent a lot of time in a tanning bed, slid him into her throat before sucking his prick faster, lips moving up and down, spit slowly spiraling off his long shaft as he fucked her face.

Half the people ignored them. Some watched with varying levels of interest as the man pulled back and slid his cock between the brunette girl’s lips. The blonde girl kissed the brunette’s neck, caressed her thighs and throat, before she moved back behind the brunette to run her to tongue along the girl’s pussy and ass. The brunette kept sucking the big man’s cock, on all fours now and moaning loudly, honestly a little over the top, while the blonde went down on her from behind. Meanwhile, the guy grabbed the brunette’s face and pushed her deep along his shaft.

The whole thing was fake as hell. But a nice enough performance, if you were into that.

I wasn’t there to watch some hired talent fuck though, and it wasn’t my thing anyway. I preferred my women maskless and eager and not surrounded by a bunch of strangers.

No, I was there for a very particular reason, and I’d risked a lot to get an invitation.

Or to fake an invitation anyway.

I heard about this party three days ago. I knew this sort of thing happened in the Healy family, but a guy like me, some low-level street thug with no cred among the top of the crew, would never in a million years snag an invite.

It also didn’t help that I was a Valentino spy with orders to kill one of the Healy lieutenants.

But they didn’t know that, or at least I hoped not.

One of the guys I drank with at this Healy joint right next to UPenn’s campus was a midlevel brute named Sean, one of a thousand Shawns and Seans in the family, and the sort of guy you kept around for the sheer violence he was willing to unleash on anyone that got in his way. He wasn’t the brightest bastard in the world, but he had some access and so he was the perfect mark to cozy up to and get friendly with. We’d drink most nights, unless he was out cracking skulls or whatever the hell they had him do. I’d get him drunk and he’d tell me things, little things, small things, but I was good at turning small information into something much more important.

He showed me the invitation. Flashed it to me with a big smirk. “A little reward for a job well done,” he said, bragging.

Stupid bastard.

“What’s that?” I asked, as if I didn’t already know.

“Just one of those parties my bosses throw,” he said, shoving it back into his pocket. “For the rank and file guys, you know? Blood family doesn’t go to shit like this.”

I got him wasted. Made sure he was blacked out when we left that night around three and walked back through the city streets.

I stabbed him three times in the neck then cut his throat and left his body in an alley.

But the invite didn’t get any blood on it.

Unfortunately, the thing had his name, so I spent an inordinate amount of time making a very good fake.

Which was how I ended up watching some girl choke on a massive cock while another random chick licked her pussy from behind.

The big guy let out a loud growl. Seriously, he growled like he was some kind of bear, and the group changed positions. The brunette rode him while the blonde sat on his face, and both girls kissed and touched each other’s breasts and all that crap. After a few minutes, a couple of the random people watching around the edges walked over to the pillows, got down next to them, and started kissing.