The Hidden Door (Open Doors #4) Read Online Vinni George

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Life is tricky…especially with a hidden identity.

In a word, Brody’s life is complicated. He has enough secrets—and enough reasons to keep them—to fill the back of his Volvo station wagon. But something about the marine biology nerd who works at the smoothie shop has the things he’s kept hidden begging to be set free.
Phin has never been one for complications, which is why he’s always avoided relationships. Hookups? Yes. Relationships? Definitely not. So why, after striking up an unlikely friendship with Brody, can Phin not seem to get the hot surfer with the pink surfboard out of his head?
When circumstances force Brody and Phin together, will Brody’s new feelings be enough to convince Phin to build a relationship with him, or will Brody have to share parts of his past and present that no one else knows about to keep his man?




“We’ve got to stop meeting like this,” I yelled from where I was standing at the edge of one of the tide pools in La Jolla Cove, watching as the surfer I’d been crushing on for months strode toward me, his neon pink surfboard tucked under his arm and a smile stretching across his face. I wasn’t sure he could hear me over the crash of the waves, but I didn’t really care. He was gorgeous with his shoulder-length sun-bleached hair blowing in the early morning breeze while the barely risen sun still painted the sky in pinks and peaches and the palest blues. If I were a photographer, I could have sold the image as the cover for a romance novel and made a mint.

Brody left his board on the sand and picked his way up and over the rocks to meet me. “Phineas, my man.” He pulled me into a hug, and like always when he surprised me with his best impression of a giant squid, I stood still with my arms at my sides. He never gave me enough time or space to work out how to hug him back. Though I wanted to.

“Okay, seriously. Are you following me?” I smiled as I said it so he would know I was kidding, and he returned the grin, the creases around his mouth digging deep into his bronzed cheeks. “This is the third time we’ve run into each other at three different beaches. I believe in coincidences, but you have to admit, this is testing the limits of plausibility.”

Brody threw his head back on a laugh that was picked up and carried away on the breeze. When he met my eyes again, he was still smiling. “It’s not my fault you do your tide pool thing at the beaches with the best surfing.”

He had a point. “That day on the cliff, I wasn’t tide pooling. I had just stopped to kill time before my shift at the aquarium. I like to watch the sea lions.”

Shrugging, Brody said, “That one wasn’t my fault. You turfed in on my favorite spot.”

“The view is pretty amazing.”

“That it is.”

A comfortable silence settled around us. While I hadn’t set out to do it, I enjoyed spending time with Brody, and our chance meetings had only increased my attraction to him. He was hot as hell, and I’d thought so since he’d first come into the smoothie shop on Newport Avenue where I worked to supplement my doctoral stipend, but the quiet morning at the tide pools near Black’s Beach and the early afternoon we’d spent watching sea lions on the cliff above Seal Rock had created an almost tangible connection between us. One I thought I might have ruined after the previous week.

Brody had invited me to his friend Sam’s house, and my friend Tanner, who was visiting from Chicago, had come too. When we got there, Sam also had a friend visiting from Chicago, and in a weird chain of events—and because Tanner’s luck is just that bad sometimes—my friend and Sam’s friend Beckett were actually boyfriends who had broken up for a stupid reason having to do with the fact that Tanner was a grad student and Beckett was a professor. Drama ensued, and Tanner and I ended up hitting the booze hard. Thankfully, we’d poured ourselves into an Uber before either of us made asses of ourselves, especially since one of the students from the Introduction to Oceanography class I was TAing that semester also happened to be there. Tanner and I had spent the rest of the day drinking more and watching trashy reality TV. We’d both woken up with hangovers, then I’d taken Tanner to the airport, and he’d headed back to Chicago. There was a chance he’d get a job out here, and I was keeping my fingers crossed that became a reality. I missed my best friend.

At any rate, Brody had come out to our Uber to see us off, and in my drunken state, I might have come on a little strong, trying to convince him to come back to my place with us. To be fair, I’d been putting out all the signals that I wouldn’t mind hooking up with him almost since we’d met. I’d even given him my phone number on the back of one of his receipts from the smoothie shop, but outside of sending me Sam’s address and the details for the party, he hadn’t used it.