The Dragon, the Lion, and Their Unicorn Omega Read Online Lorelei M. Hart

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A dragon and a lion walk into a bar…really.

Alpha dragon shifter George might not love helping to run his family’s empire, but he really has no choice. As the alpha son, it is his responsibility to keep the hoard growing. It’s the way of things. If only he had the courage to be more like his brother and break away just enough to find his happily ever after, too. Being responsible sucks.
Alpha lion shifter Kingston lost everything when his partner left him for another. Good riddance to the bad relationship, but he misses the delivery service they started together. Lesson learned. He’s never mixing business with pleasure again. Now he’s stuck taking odd jobs, including driving snotty rich people around. Good times.
Omega unicorn shifter Chann loves his job at the new club Animals SD. In so many ways, it’s like being a part of a huge family. Which was good given his own family rejected him after his first shift revealed he was not a wolf like the rest of his den.
One night at Animals changes everything as the three of them discover they’re fated mates. If only it was as easy as that.


Chapter One


Being responsible sucks.

But you didn’t hear that from me.

I wasn’t actually speaking to anyone, just chanting the mantra that had been taking up its own section of my brain since the day I walked out the door of Harvard and through the glass revolving door into the building with our family’s name emblazoned across the top and also the ground floor.

And, yes, it was the same day. My father saw no reason to waste time once I finished my MBA. Or as he liked to call it, my time to play. He had not even found that second degree necessary, and I’d had to fight for the right to complete it, pointing out that our competitors, a family of dragons who had legitimately had a member on the Mayflower, were putting their heir through a master’s program at Yale.

A dragon pilgrim—the mental image had always amused me, despite the fact that he hadn’t been a pilgrim and had not stuck around at Plymouth Rock longer than it took to unload his trunk and convince a cabin boy to travel the wilds of Massachusetts with him. Since they eventually mated, I suppose the family could claim they had two ancestors on the Mayflower, but nobody wanted to suggest anything that would make them brag more. Although, I’d wondered why they didn’t claim the cabin boy, since the omega had borne the first Firben on this continent.

Their building stood catty-corner to ours and held exactly the same number of stories. It also, however, had an antenna mounted on the roof so they could say it was taller. I’d been amazed that my father hadn’t also added one—a longer one—until I learned that my dad had put his foot down and canceled Father’s order for such. He’d told Father we were not going to be responsible for taking down passing planes just to be able to say our building was taller.

This argument was not over, but I had ceased to pay attention. Being taller by a stiff wire was not going to make a whit of difference in our bottom line or anything else. It was just one more detail in a complex and long-running competitiveness. Even when Humphrey, my brother, and I were young, we were cautioned to be “better than the Firbens” while learning to be good keepers of the hoard.

Of course, we were both expected to be active in the family business, but Humphrey had chosen to go another way when he mated his wolf and bear…putting double pressure on me to carry on our business. I should have resented him, I suppose, but the happiness in his eyes made that impossible. In fact, I’d done what I could to smooth his way within the family. I could not, however, suppress the mild envy that I felt whenever I saw him with his own new family. My nephew Gregor was the handsomest and smartest baby ever born.

Or so Zevo and Aras, Humphrey’s mates asserted, and I agreed wholeheartedly. Any concern our fathers had about his mating melted away when they stood together, holding Gregor, who kicked and cooed and won over his grandfathers.

My brother had a life entirely of his own making, and I had… Well, I had the life that was laid out for me.

At least one of us was following his heart.

One of the windows in my high corner office gave me a view of a more restful sight than our generational competition. It overlooked a green expanse of park with trees just starting to don their autumn colors and, right in the center, a pond shaped like a figure eight or maybe a barbell. I’d never been able to figure out the logic, but it was so narrow at the middle that the kayakers who loved to paddle around had to get out and pull the boat into the other section. The grass in that section was pretty messed up.