The Chase (Philadelphia Bulldogs #4) Read Online Danica Flynn

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I’ve always been the fun guy. The no-strings attached, I’ll call you never guy. But there’s a cute blonde who works for my sister that I’ve had my eye on. But she’s got good girl written all over her, and I know I don’t deserve her.

When I went home with my boss’ brother, I thought I would never hear from him again. TJ’s not one for monogamy. But when he kept asking me out and said he wanted something more, I wasn’t sure what to believe.
Maybe going along for the ride with the hot hockey player would help me get over my issues in the bedroom. It’s not like he wanted to be my boyfriend.
The Philadelphia Bulldogs hockey team are back, in this all new-standalone opposites attract novel. Books can be enjoyed in any order. Please note this book deals with mental health issues such as anxiety and panic attacks.



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I grinned at my buddy Noah as I climbed on top of the barstool. He gave me a warning look and mouthed ‘don’t,’ but where Noah was all quiet seriousness, I was loud and obnoxious. Noah’s tiny girlfriend, Dinah, sidled up beside him. She gave me a wink as she pulled him down into a passionate kiss to distract him.

Atta girl, D!

“BOYS!” I shouted into the packed sports bar full of equal parts hockey players and fans. Naturally, all eyes were on me. Not gonna lie, I liked being the center of attention. “Let’s get fucking LIT!”

My teammates erupted into cheers like the hooligans they were and egged me on. G, our captain, shook his head, and I saw Riley nod while he snuck out the door. Since Riley got married, he hadn’t been much for going out. He used to be my bud with banging bunnies, but married life made him boring.

“Hey, asshole, get off my barstool!” the bartender with the shaved head yelled at me.

The owner, a big, blonde middle-aged guy, stood next to his son while he shook his head with a laugh. Hal Holmstrom didn’t mind the team coming in and causing chaos, partly because he was an ex-Bulldog. I liked to think he encouraged my antics.

I gave them my signature Desjardins lopsided grin and a shrug as if to say, ‘Who me?’

“You know I’m good for business, Ayden!” I teased the surly one of the two.

Ayden threw me a death glare. “Get down!”

Noah tugged on the hem of my slacks to get me off the stool.

I jumped down and eyed the redheaded rookie defenseman, Logan Cullen. “Come on Cully—you’re buying!”

“One round. I got a kid to get home to,” Logan said, but he saddled up to the bar and bought a round for the team, anyway.

Noah shook his head at me and wrapped his arms around his girl. Dinah looked up at him with stars in her eyes while he kissed her temple. They were so sickeningly in love, but I was happy for my friends. Especially since I spent years watching Noah pine over our neighbor.

Logan handed me and Noah a beer each before he delivered beers to the rest of the team. He was a good sport, but it didn’t mean we would go easy on him. Rookies knew we had to bust their balls at all times. It was hockey law.

“You’re so extra, T,” Dinah laughed.

I grinned at her and loosened my tie. I loved being a hockey player but having to wear suits to games was annoying as hell. I couldn’t wait to get out of this monkey suit…and preferably with a woman crawling naked into my bed.

I didn’t want to admit it, but since I got back from playing in the World Hockey Championship last summer, I’d had a bit of a dry spell. Not that there weren’t bunnies already eyeing me up and offering, but lately, they’d lost their appeal.

“Home opener, baby!” I cheered.

Dinah kicked my foot. “You still have eighty more games to play. I’ve suffered through watching this team my entire life; I know not to be hopeful.”

“Lovey!” Noah groaned.

She gave me a wicked smile.

Dinah did not mince words about how she felt about our team. She was a hardcore hockey fan, but like a lot of Philly fans, it came with some hopelessness. I didn’t blame her, especially because last season sucked. That’s why I was amped about winning the home opener. It was a fresh new season, and I was ready to bring the cup back to this city.