The Beauty in Grace (Gracie’s Redemption #1) Read Online Reese Jett

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Rule number one is simple; you don’t get better unless you decide you want to.

Despite Gracie Walker’s seemingly perfect upbringing with two doting parents, addiction still took hold of her and wouldn’t let go. For eight long years, she wandered through life in a haze and booze in her veins. Hope evaporated with every sip she took.

But now, Gracie wants nothing more than to get better.

After losing the baby she wasn’t even sure she wanted and never dared hope for, Gracie knows she would through hell to reclaim what is rightfully hers. But sobriety is no joke. Everyone she thought she could rely on have moved on with new loves… or so it seems. With Gracie focused on rebuilding the life she squandered all those years ago, she barely has time to react when the current girlfriend of her former flame tries to destroy everything she’s worked hard for.

With so much stacked against her, can she find the beauty in Grace?

*** EXTREME WARNING! Please be strongly advised that this book contains harsh language and a few sex scenes. This is a Why Choose book/series. The heroine does not choose one love partner but instead chooses multiple. Please be advised of this before entering the book.



The hallway is dimly lit as I step off the elevator after my father. I grip my box of items tightly in my fingers, stomach clenched up. I’d been told the guys had accepted my father’s offer, but until I actually hear it in person, I refuse to believe him.

The deal is simple – I move in with them, finish school, and daddy will pay for the apartment. But do I really want to do this? Yes and no. I’m terrified of the guys reactions, nervous that the instant they see me, they’re going to change their minds and send me on my way. I’d be far from surprised and more understanding. After all the shit I’ve done to them, blaming them for turning me away would be the last thing on my mind.

But what else can I do? I’d have to live with my parents. Twenty-three years old and living with my parents – yikes. It sounds like a waking nightmare to have to explain. Then again, most of the people I have called friends are no more. Now that my life is focused in sobriety, they’ve all but disappeared.

Daddy knocks on the door before opening it. I know he has a key that will be left with me, but the door in unlocked and doesn’t need it. I linger on the threshold, box clasped between my fingers so tightly, the rugged edges cut at them, threatening to split the flesh.

I stare at the four human being inside the three-bedroom apartment. Two males and two females. My stomach twists when I catch sight of each man having an arm around one of the girls. The old bile of jealous is back in full and it sucks.

My eyes linger over the woman at the younger of the two men’s side. I recognize her from the last time I had popped up, drunk and high out of my mind. She’s the woman Owen had been with then and nearly left to be with me. I’d fucked up that, though. The other one, who is on Devon’s arm, is new to me. I don’t recognize her, but when she glances up at Devon, the adoration that flashes in her eyes sting my heart.

“Hello, boys,” daddy greets and beckons for me to enter.

I step over the threshold and into the apartment, moving to the side to allow the door to be closed behind me. Ninety-five days. Ever so closer to a full four months.

I look up to catch my father’s eyes. He looks at me with pride for the first time in a long time, longer than I can remember. Happiness. Not disappointment. For almost six years, that’s all I’ve ever seen in his eyes. Giddiness sweeps through me. It’s been so long since I have felt any pride from either one of my parents and it feels way too good to give up.

Maybe, just maybe, if I focus on that – I can make this work. That can be my new drug of choice. Making my parents happy. Because if anyone deserves it, it’s them. My parents don’t deserve to have a drug-addled, alcoholic daughter who had been too selfish to stay sober for twenty-four hours in order to celebrate a simple Christmas with them in a long time. I used to use the defense that on my birthday, it was my day, even if it was Christmas Eve at the same time. I was allowed to celebrate it however I damn well pleased. I now know just how wrong and selfish that was. I also know that it’s going to take a lot more than a simple apology to make up for it all.