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Tech Billionaire's Secret Baby - His Secret Baby

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Jamie Knight

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Finding out her secret will be priceless.
I’m back in my small hometown, for a high school reunion I’d rather skip.
Thanks to my tech company, I’m rich AF. And my old pals want to catch up with me. I only plan to share my wealth with them.
And ignore those who called us nerds. But I do a double take when I see Chloe. She was a popular and pretty cheerleader.
But now she looks better than ever. Our time together is burnt in my memory. And my fantasies have featured her curves,
so now I can’t resist fulfilling them. I thought she was shallow back then. But now she loves my muscles and brains.
Too bad for her that now I only want a fling. Or at least that’s what I think. Until our one night of post-reunion fun ends, and I find it hard to walk away again.
My feelings for Chloe are stronger than ever, and getting harder and harder to deny.
I suspect she’s hiding more than just feelings from me. And I’m determined to claim what has always been mine.
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Jamie Knight

Chapter One – Sean

I hadn’t been to Sewanee in about three years. It was the week of my ten-year high school reunion, so I had kinda said fuck it. I couldn’t live in fear of my hometown forever. Plus, it was also a chance to see my grandmother. I knew she didn’t much care for the city, but she would make the trek for me. It was time for me to be a little bit more considerate.

Driving down Main Street, a few things had changed in the past ten years, but Sewanee had a way of holding onto its old ways. So it was a little nerve-racking being back. The few times I had returned, it was only to see my grandmother, but I’d be seeing some of my old classmates this time. I had changed quite a bit since high school, but that didn’t keep me from developing a whole lot of anxiety. I didn’t know what to expect, but I hoped for the best.

In a few minutes, I arrived at my grandmother’s home. The house was as exuberant as my grandmother’s personality. Bright colors and a cheerful aura. It was always nice to visit.

As I pulled up, Grandmother Lucy came bursting out of the door, ready to meet me. I parked and was barely out of the car before she was smothering me in hugs.

“What took you so long!”

“Traffic, Grandma!”

I tried to get out of the hug so I could grab my suitcase, but she kept me wrapped up tight. Eventually, I did manage to get free and grab my stuff. We headed inside, and the moment I stepped into the house, I could tell my grandmother had been cooking.

“What’s the delicious smell?” I asked.

“A little home cooking for my favorite grandson.”

“Your only grandson.”

“Well, you’re still my favorite. Why don’t you put your bag away, and then we can eat?”

I nodded and went to put my suitcase away in the guest room. I cleaned myself up in the bathroom a little before heading back down to the kitchen. When I walked in, I saw the feast my grandmother had prepared.

“My goodness! Are we meant to eat all this food? The two of us?” I gave my grandmother a look because there was no way we could eat the feast she had prepared. I was sure it would keep, but still. There would be leftovers for days!

“Oh!” she waved me off. “You need a little more meat on your bones anyway.”

There wasn’t much arguing I could do there, so we sat down to eat, and I stuffed my face. Three plates! I never ate that much. After high school, I got into working out and maintaining a particular physique. Grandma’s food was a major treat.

Once I had cleared my third plate, my grandmother started spooning more food for me. I had to hold up my hand for her to stop because I really could not eat another bite.

“Grandma, I’m stuffed.”

“How? You hardly eat anything.”

I had to shake my head. She at least put the bowl down, but then she got up and produced her famous coconut cream pie. “Are you sure there’s no more room in your stomach?” I could smell the delicious sweetness of the cake and could not resist.

“Maybe I can fit in a slice.”

She cut each of us a piece, and we ate. I had caught her up on my company, but I knew her line of questioning was far from over.

“So, have you finally managed to find yourself a girlfriend?”

My grandmother was always asking about my love life. The answer was always the same.


I wasn’t looking for romance or anything like that. I didn’t even really date. In college, I had gone a few dates here and there, but nothing really stuck. And once I started developing my app, I just didn’t have the time. Work consumed my life, and I liked it that way. It meant I couldn’t get hurt. High school was an extremely trying time for me, and I never wanted to get back to that feeling.

“Don’t you want to be in love?”

I shrugged. It sounded nice from the way movies described it, but I couldn’t really miss something I never had.

“We’re going to come back to this.” She pointed her fork at me, and I nodded. “What about the reunion? Are you excited?”

“I don’t know,” I sighed. I was definitely nervous. “I’m a little upset that Tyler is on the planning committee. You know how he treated me in high school.”

My grandmother nodded knowingly. That guy made my life a living hell. I never understood why he targeted me specifically. Tyler did bully other kids, but it felt like he had a personal vendetta against me.

“Well, you buy and sell a million guys like Tyler a hundred times over.” I smiled at my grandmother’s attempt to cheer me up, and it worked. I was feeling a little better. “Plus, he’s ugly.”