Tangling with the Player Read Online Debra Elise

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I’m not sure what made me do it.
The devil? Too easy.
My boss? Maybe.
My screaming libido? Ding, ding, ding—we have a winner.
Winning a dinner date with the hunky baseball player at the charity auction hadn’t been my intention. My boss dared me.
My family and friends constantly tell me I need to lighten up—I’m too serious, career driven, and they say I scare men away. Whatever. But there’s something about him and a dare’s a dare, right?
He promises to keep his hands to himself, but do I want to hold him to his promise or ask him to show to me what it’s like to be desired by the league’s hottest player?

It’s my last year in the league and the PR department talks me into a bachelor auction. It’s for my favorite charity so I dust off my tux and play the role that’s unfairly followed me my entire career—playboy athlete.
She’s the opposite of my usual type. She has brains and beauty. She’s a little grumpy, okay a lot, but nothing I can’t handle. Besides, once I sit across from her, I can’t stop thinking how she’d taste and look after a night spent in my bed.
Thinking fast because I can’t let her walk away, I tell her I could use some help with upcoming social events and ask her to be my fake girlfriend. Incredibly, she agrees.
I suspect she sees right through my lame attempts at impressing her, but I’m determined to put some sunshine into her life, chasing away her grumpy façade on the way to my first and last happily ever-after.




* * *

“Thea Lynch, this is absolutely the craziest thing you’ve ever done.” I whisper the words to myself as I make my way through the crowded ballroom, avoiding eye contact with anyone I know.

Unfortunately, almost everyone I know is in the room. Well, almost everyone excluding my older brother, Colton, who was out of town. My younger sister, Brenley, who had supplied the gorgeous floral centerpieces from her new floral shop, was somewhere in the room and probably laughing her ass off.

I nodded at acquaintances, and several people I met through my job, when the sudden and sad realization that I didn’t have friends outside of work or whom I hadn’t met through work smacked me in the face.

So, yeah, everyone outside of family was here to witness my ramped up yet thoroughly under-used libido. And maybe I caved to the pressure of my boss’ teasing, along with her all-star player husband. They’d dared me a few days ago to help them out at the celebrity bachelor charity auction the Outlaws were a major sponsor of and had two members of the team participating.

And I just won a fantasy date with the Playboy Player. The “hard body of hard ball”, the man who otherwise would never look twice at me.

Refusing to appear embarrassed, desperate, or worse, giddy at the prospect of going on a date with one of the hottest baseball players in the country, I bypassed the stage. I was not going to follow in the footsteps of the previous winners who’d fawned all over their “dates.”

Instead, I’d kept my cool, keeping my face neutral when the auctioneer declared me the winner. I made a beeline for the exit and, as much as my high heels allowed me to, I quickly made my way out of the ballroom, then down the hallway where the checkout area was located for the winners to pay. What had I been thinking? This was so unlike me. And I couldn’t even blame it on too much champagne. I’d agreed to this, but the reality of it brought all my younger self’s insecurities bubbling to the surface.

Passing life sized photos of all the bachelors lined along the walls, I came face to face with the high-resolution print of my date. I stumbled slightly at the intensity of his light hazel eyes peering back at me. Brock Cameron, third baseman for the Idaho Outlaws, notorious playboy and Pineville’s favorite hometown boy, had risen to fame and fortune with his on-the-field talent and the league’s highest batting average year after year.

He made my heart skip, my lady bits tingle and question my sanity. The first two I could hide. But the last one? It was on full display earlier as I raised the paddle handed to me by my boss, Kelsey Jansen, with the assurance her husband, Maverick, and star pitcher for the Idaho Outlaws, would pay the winning bid. It was for a good cause, after all. All the funds raised tonight would go to the local club for disadvantaged youth, The Children’s Club, and other charities in the Pineville area.

“Thea, wait!?” My boss’ voice rang out. Kelsey caught up to me, cradling her very pregnant belly.

My stomach dropped at the sight. I fast walked back to her. “Kelsey, are you crazy? Slow down or that baby is going to make an unscheduled appearance, and I’m not taking the blame when Mav finds out you were running down the hall after me.” My hands were outstretched in a vain attempt to keep said baby from hitting the ground should my thoughts become reality.