Seized (Mates for the Raskarrans #6) Read Online Heather Fox

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Sam: I’ve been desperate to meet my raskarran mate ever since I first saw the gorgeous green guys on the beach. So when the dreamspace forms, I’m beyond excited. So he might not be entirely convinced I’m real, I’m not going to let that get me down. Dad always said problems are best solved one step at a time, and the solution seems pretty simple. We just need to get to know one another better. Step one: Who is my mate. Step two: Who am I. Step three: I’m not sure, but hopefully it involves kissing.
Dazzik: With the big rains soon coming, and my supplies running low, the last thing I need is a distraction. The pretty female in my dreams tells me she is my mate, but even if she were real, this is not the blessing it should be. I could not care for a mate. I can barely care for myself. But the more I speak with Sam, the more I start to doubt my conviction that she is invented. And when my old tribe strike, I know I must go after them. I must save her and claim her before it is too late.




No matter how many times I insist on doing the washing up after a meal, I still have to fend off several raskarrans as they practically fight with each other to help me.

“Let me do my part,” I tell them, laughing as I shoo them off with a spoon. Hardly an effective weapon, but they scurry away all the same.

It’s no different today as I prepare to wash up for the last time here at Walset’s village. The huts are all closed up, the things Walset’s tribe wish to bring into their new life all in crates and bags, only these bowls and spoons, and the large pot used to make broth left to pack. And the usual queue of raskarrans forms in front of me, ready to lend a hand.

I point to one of them, then to the broth pot, giggling as he rushes to heft it into his arms. The rest I wave away, and they all grin at me, eyes bright with amusement, before inclining their heads and getting out of my way.

I lift the stack of bowls and spoons, then follow my eager helper to the river. It’s much closer than the small brook that Gregar’s tribe use for fresh water. Walset’s village is built close to the banks on a particularly curved point of the river’s path. The great waterway flanks the village on three sides, leaving only one pathway in and out. Right at the back of the village, opposite to the path Maldek and I walked down a few days ago as we approached the tribe for the first time, there’s a shallow section that slopes gradually down towards the fast, deep water. Walset’s tribe use this area for all their cleaning needs. Washing pots, washing clothes, but also washing themselves. A few times I’ve been minding my own business, scraping the bowls clean with the rough moss that passes for a sponge here in the forest, when I’ve looked up to catch an eyeful of a naked raskarran, as they clean off after a long day of hunts or patrols.

Liv wasn’t lying when she said these guys have really big dicks.

I’m still none the wiser on whether they know how to use them.

There are no naked raskarrans today, though. Once these bowls are clean, it’s time for us to go.

“Are you going to miss this place?” I ask.

My helper, a younger guy called Hafsan, who’s as sweet as raskarrans come, gives me a puzzled look, answering in his own language with a little shrug.

I gesture at the village, then bring a knuckle to the corner of my eye, jutting out my bottom lip in an attempt to look sad. Hafsan laughs, but then turns thoughtful as he looks back at the village - the only place he’s known his whole life. The place he’s about to leave behind.

For me. Well, for us. To protect us girls from the raskarrans who would do us harm.

And maybe, just maybe, to find their mates.

Hafsan nods, repeating my ‘sad’ gestures, before patting my head affectionately and breaking out into a dazzling smile. He’s such a cutie, and he’s got great bone structure - high, proud cheekbones and a chiselled jawline that is just begging for someone to plant a line of kisses along it. Okay, he’s a little too sweet for me, but he’d make a great mate for someone.

“You’re going to be a hit with the girls, Hafsan,” I tell him, as I rinse each of my bowls in the shallows. “That big old smile of yours, those cute little dimples it makes in your cheeks. They’d be crazy not to want you for their mate. I’ll introduce you. Let them all know what a sweetheart you are.”