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Landon Shriver is on cloud nine. He is an art gallery owner, comes from a wealthy family, and is married to successful debonair real estate agent Theo Parks. Nothing could possibly burst Landon’s picture-perfect lifestyle bubble until one fatal night, that is.
A burglary turned homicide attempt in the middle of the night at their new home proves to cause so much angst and turmoil between the couple. But was this home invasion a random attack, or was it pre-meditated? So many entangled webs of lies, secrets, and deceit come to the surface that puts Landon and Theo’s entire marriage in jeopardy.
Is everyone who they claim to be? And does everyone really know who they are in a relationship with? No matter what the answer, one thing is for certain. When a murder happens that close to home, it always leaves everyone second-guessing.


“I know sometimes you think you are moving through this world alone, unseen, unnoticed. But don’t believe that for a second. I have made a study of you. I know what you are going to do before you do it. I know where you’ve been and I know where you’re going.”

- Amy Elliott Dunne (Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn)

Part I


Chapter 1

Current Day…

How did I ever get to be so lucky? I thought to myself, leaning against the window frame of our master bedroom, peering through the marine blue drapes, intently studying the front driveway. It was seven o’clock at night, and during the time of season where one minute the sun was glowing, giving a soothing amber ambiance to the suburban community, and just ten minutes later, it was practically pitch black out. The stealth of the night changing out of her workday clothes and into her seductive obsidian cocktail dress.

I cupped my ostentatious wine glass in hand, taking a sip of the red velvety Pinot Noir as I stared at the newly parked carbon-gray Mercedes-AMG GT convertible that appeared. As the driver’s door opened, a long muscular leg stepped onto the asphalt, showcasing a honey-leather Giorgio Armani dress shoe and a pair of fitted Brioni silver pants that hugged it. The figure stepped out of the car fully. I couldn’t help but simper at the sight of this GQ model. His suave tan features and impeccable taste for fashion turned me on so much.

His index finger and thumb softly gripped the frames of his silver Marc Jacobs aviators, pulling them from his face, revealing those Caribbean blue eyes of his that made me want to dive right into their depths. The Adonis figure with the perfectly squared jaw tilted his head, making direct eye contact with me. I quickly stepped back behind the curtains, ashamed he caught me mesmerized by his presence.

God, I could be such a fucking creeper sometimes!

I turned from the window and rushed down the oak hardwood stairs to the foyer to greet him as he entered the front door, propping myself against the white column that helped to serve as a visual separation to the open concept formal dining room and main hall. My suave lean against it served to accentuate my muscles in my solid black, fitted V-neck shirt as I held my wine glass, swirling the contents around within it. My subconscious attempted to cast me in the role of the seducer.

“Another late night?” I asked him as he shut the door behind him, placing his leather briefcase against the nearby wall.

My husband stepped by me, placing his well-manicured hand on the cup of my shoulder, sending a shockwave through every neuron in my body, most of which congregated at my cock, giving it the jolt of excitement it was longing for. The intensity soon subsided as he released his grip on me and passed through into the office. “Yeah. But the night’s not over. I just came home to print out a few documents. Then heading back out to meet a client to show him a new listing.”

Theo Parks is one of New York State’s top one-hundred up and coming real estate brokers, according to New York Homes & Land Magazine. Arguably, he’s the number one cream of the crop in Syracuse. And here I am, Landon Shriver, playing the best supporting actor in the role of his loving, devoted husband of three years. I wouldn’t discount myself or my accolades by any means. I have much to be proud of, co-owning Shriver & Weston, a high-profile and distinguished art gallery in Syracuse, focusing on exclusive, professional fine art and contemporary art. The artists we represent vary from the up-and-coming, to the eclectic, to some who are world-renowned. Quite the hodgepodge of talent.

I took a rather long sip from my wine glass as I eyed the fine tight rear of my husband, ambling into our home office. “So, what time do you think you’ll be back home? Should I start watching Big Brother without you?”