Second Chances in Eversley Village (Eversley Village Romance #2) Read Online Suzanne Fox

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Escaping a past she chose to forget. She must face it head on.

Jaz has been selling high performance cars to high performing football players in the north of England. And is on her way to achieving her goal of becoming a millionaire. Until she receives a call telling her that her estranged mother is in a critical condition in hospital.
Called back to her left behind world in Eversley village, Jaz not only has to battle with her feelings towards a woman who let her down so badly as a child, she must also face ex-boyfriend Julian who she regrets giving up for her career.
Things become tense when she is introduced to her young siblings. With a career hanging on a thread and young brother and sister that need her, how can Jaz achieve her dreams? And all of this, while watching Julian get on with his life with another woman.


Childhood Memory

Jaz walked into the Eversley Burrows estate. It was early summer. Her school tie was in her backpack and she held her blazer over her arm. She had a regular desk in the detention room and guessed Mrs Carter knew Jaz preferred doing her homework at school, as she had taken to giving Jaz a couple of biscuits, when no other kids were in attendance at the hour-long session. Jaz had to knuckle down if she wanted to pass her exams the following year. She needed support and a peaceful environment to study in, and she got none of that at home.

Turning into Rosemead Close, she heard the music of Britney Spears pumping from her house. Stacey’s on the bottle again, she thought feeling a zap of fear in her chest. She had stopped calling Stacey ‘Mum’, as she resembled nothing like her friends’ mothers, with her partying and the foul way in which she spoke. Taking a deep breath, Jaz passed a couple of neighbours who asked if she was okay. She gave them a silent nod and as they returned to their conversation in hushed tones, Jaz wondered whether they blamed her for the way Stacey had turned out.

Retrieving her key from her school backpack, she opened the door to the deafening sound of ‘Toxic’, which thumped through her mother’s sound system. Stacey swayed from side to side, with a cigarette in one hand and a bottle of vodka in the other. Jaz stormed over to the CD player and pressed stop.

‘What do you think you’re doing you little …’ Stacey shouted abuse, the sort that Jaz had become used to. Jaz knew it was better to keep quiet when Stacey had been drinking and looking at the scene in the lounge with mess everywhere and discarded tissues, she guessed her mother had split up with her latest boyfriend. Jaz didn’t have time for it. She was being picked up in half an hour.

Locking herself in the bathroom, Jaz had a quick shower and sat on top of the towel covered toilet seat. She opened her bag and took out the present Holly had given her at school. It was a top and jeans. She picked them up and pressed her nose against the soft material. They smelled fresh, unlike the usual smoke tainted clothes she wore. Although, they weren’t the pretty colours that Holly dressed in, they were purple and black. Holly’s mum knew exactly what Jaz liked.

Once ready, Jaz glanced in the mirror and smiled at her reflection. She was looking forward to the evening ahead.

Downstairs, she found Stacey sitting at the dining room table crying as she smoked another cigarette. Looking up, she frowned at Jaz ‘Where d’ya think you’re going?’

‘Out. With Holly.’

‘And what’s with the clothes? You little wretch you nicked them, didn’t ya?’

‘No, Stacey. They’re for my birthday. Which is today. I didn’t expect you to remember.’

‘Oh, that’s it. Go on, attack me again. I’ve clothed and fed you for fifteen years, you cheeky little –’

‘Stop it,’ Jaz screamed. Feeling the tears prick her eyes, hoping they would not ruin her black eyeliner.

‘As if I want to remember the day you were born,’ Stacey shouted. ‘My whole life was ruined.’ She stabbed her finger at Jaz. ‘You stole my childhood. I didn’t get to be a teenager for long. I was a mum.’

‘Stop blaming me for everything. It’s not my fault.’

Jaz saw Holly’s dad’s car sweep into the cul-de-sac. Jaz marched over to the front door and opened it and stormed down the driveway. As she reached the car, she heard Stacey scream obscenities at her from the doorstep, ending with: ‘And don’t bother coming back.’

Chapter 1

‘Are you ready for this, Tyrone?’ Jaz dangled the key to the Lamborghini. Hesitating, she kept it just out of his reach. He seems way too young to be buying such an expensive and powerful machine, she thought as she handed the fob to her fresh-faced client. Her clients seemed to be getting younger and younger.