Resisting the Doctor (Marietta Medical #1) Read Online Patricia W. Fischer

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After being hired as the temporary director of Marietta Medical ER, Dr. Lucy Davidson meticulously plots the course she wants the quickly growing facility to take. She’s laser-focused, determined to prove herself worthy to become the permanent director. No distraction will sway her…not even the brilliant and disturbingly handsome new Emergency Room physician, Thomas McAvoy.
Fulfilling a promise, Thomas has come to Marietta to help the woman who saved his life then leave as soon as possible. Still sustaining injuries from the near fatal attack, he realizes how much he appreciates the slower pace of his temporary assignment at a rural hospital. It’s a soothing balm after years in an hectic urban ER.
The charm of Marietta and the friendliness of his colleagues lure Thomas into thinking he might like to make his temporary position permanent, especially since he and Lucy have become closer. As their relationship begins to heat up, Thomas realizes Lucy is everything he dreamed of in a life partner, but will old wounds derail their happily ever after?


Chapter One

“Single car MVA. Starred the windshield. Awake and—”

“Get me the hell off this thing!”


Dr. Lucy Davidson’s valiant attempt to stay upbeat in the last thirty minutes of her twenty-four hour shift had almost lost its potency, but the chaos of a new trauma patient immediately revived her exhausted body like she’d mainlined a double espresso.

“No loss of consciousness,” Paramedic Amanda Carter continued as Lucy ran with paramedics Amanda and Kyle Cavasos, along Officer Brett Adams toward a trauma room.

A quick scan of the patient told her if there were any immediate signs of distress.

ABC-Airway. Breathing. Circulation.

“I hate these backboards. I need to sit up! My face hurts. Give me something, stat!” The patient rolled his shoulders in an attempt to get out from underneath the backboard’s Velcro straps that kept him solidly in place. He tried to pull the bandage taped to his forehead off. “Why is this crap on my face?”

Lucy pushed his hand away. “Leave it.”


“Leave it.” As they rolled into room one, Lucy patted her pocket to make sure her favorite stethoscope was with her.

Got it.

“It’s a bandage for the blood, sir,” Amanda explained as they positioned the EMS stretcher next to the bed.

Immediately, scribe Ethan Flynn, Nurse Shelly Westbrook, and nurse’s aide Poppy Henderson surrounded the bed. Along with the first responders, each grabbed a handle of the backboard.

Lucy donned a pair of gloves and nodded. “Okay, on three. One. Two. Three.”

Easily, the group lifted the patient and quickly went to work disconnecting him from the EMS monitors.

Lucy jumped into the fray, adrenaline coursing through her veins. With swift efficiency, she palpated his arms, legs, and his abdomen. When the patient didn’t grimace and she didn’t feel any obvious fractures, she breathed a small sign of relief. “Can you feel your legs and arms, sir?”

“I can feel you grabbing me. Kind of like it.”

“Let’s logroll him off the board.” Ignoring the patient’s comment, she helped the members to peel back the Velcro straps and turn the patient to his side.

Lucy ran her hand up and down his spine. “Anything hurt, sir?”

“Nope, but keep rubbin’ my back there, sweetie. Been a long time since I had a good back rub.”

Her teeth clenched at his sexist commentary. There’s one in every town.

“He’s a real smooth talker.” Amanda gave Lucy a sideways glance.

They rolled the patient to his back and Lucy verified the C-collar placement.

Shelly and Poppy reattached the bedside EKG leads to the chest stickers and the pulse oximeter to his finger as Ethan typed everything each medical team member called out.

“I need to sit up,” the man demanded. “I need to sit up now.”

“Work with me, first. Can you tell me your name? Where you are?” Standing at the head of the bed, Lucy grabbed her purple penlight and checked his eyes. “Pupils equal and reactive to light.”

“Got it.” Ethan’s fingers sailed across the keyboard as Kyle pushed the collapsible stretcher out of the room.

The patient turned his head as much as the hard cervical, or C-collar, would allow. “Quit shining that shit in my face.”

Before Lucy could respond, the hard smell of stale alcohol, dried blood, and nicotine slapped her in the nose.

Without warning, the burn of anger danced in her chest, momentarily derailing her momentum. Tears pricked the backs of her eyelids and she turned away, pushing the wicked memories to the far corners of her brain.

Where did that come from?

“You okay, Dr. Davidson?” Ethan asked.

Focus, Lucy. Focus. “Yes. Sorry, thought I was going to sneeze.”

“He does smell like he washes with nicotine.” Brett wrote on his clipboard.

Kyle reentered and added, “The back of the ambulance smells like a morning-after frat party.”

“That’s one way to start a Monday.” Turning back towards the patient and staff, she nodded. “Who did you bring us this morning?”