Rebel Without Sunscreen (Sizzle Beach Summer #0) Read Online Haven Rose

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An all-expenses paid trip to a place of my choosing is one heck of a surprise. However, when it comes from my dad and mom, it’s also suspicious. Does that mean I did the cautious thing and declined? Heck no. I accepted and packed my bags for Sizzle Beach, telling myself I’d deal with the consequences later and enjoy the perks. The main one being Jericho Madsen. While I was experiencing life on my terms for the first time ever, my parents were back home arranging it.
I spend five days a week treating cavities, stressing the importance of brushing teeth, and so on. But the other two involve me, the ocean, the sun, and ensuring neither become a danger to the numerous beachgoers I’m tasked with watching. As much as I love both jobs, as fulfilled as they make me, I know something is missing. I just don’t know what until I meet Cameron Schultz.


Chapter One


September 10th…

“Strange things are afoot at the Circle K,” I whisper to my best friends, Isabel Dwyer and Tara Dewey. I’m currently in a ride share headed to the airport, having just left my apartment after packing enough for a week long trip. An unexpected one, so I hope I remembered everything I’ll need.

“Why are you going there?” Izzy asks. “Chocolate fix? No, wait. It’s not that time yet.” Yes, the three of us synced up years ago. It’s still a phenomenon I cannot explain, but it does happen.

“All that good sex has fried your brain, girl,” Tara mutters, making the driver cough to cover his laugh.

“Stupidity or celibacy? Geez, such a hard decision to make,” Izzy sasses.

“You said hard,” I chime in, and this time the guy doesn’t even bother trying to hide it. I know we sound immature for three women in their twenties, and the truth is, we can be at times. But they’re two of a small group I can be me with. My older sister, Emory, being the other.

“Anyhoo,” Tara interjects after we’re done giggling, “what’s going on with the Schultzes now?” They know I was having dinner with my parents, so them being responsible is the logical choice.

“They’re sending me on vacation.”

“Shut the front door!” Izzy hollers, her habit of curtailing her swearing lest she accidentally do so in front of her students showing. “Have they been replaced with pod people?”

“And if so, can you keep them instead?” Tara wants to know, only half joking. No, wait. She’s completely serious. They are not fans of my dad and mom, a feeling that is mutual.

“They claim that they feel bad I had to miss ours,” I explain. We had a girls’ getaway scheduled prior to starting adulthood after graduating college, but I had a family obligation that prevented me from going and Tara’s jerk of a boss decided her presence was needed on a business trip.

“So, this is a reimbursement?” Izzy asks, clearly as confused as I am by this turn of events.

“According to them, yes. I even get to pick where I want to go. They’ll cover all expenses.”

“Wait,” Tara interrupts. “They’re paying for everything and the destination is your choice?”

“Uh huh.”

“Abort, abort,” Izzy chants.

“This is some bad juju,” Tara adds. “They’re being nice? I don’t trust it. Or them.”

“Me either,” I admit, thankful I’m not the only one questioning their motives. It’s just not like them to act this way. You know, normal. “I’m gonna enjoy it until it all blows up in my face, though.”

“Okay, I can understand that. Where are you going?” Izzy wants to know.

“Sizzle Beach. I figured you loved it so much, maybe I will, too.”

“No maybe about it,” Izzy warns me. “You won’t want to leave.”

“It already has here beat,” Tara states. “Her parents aren’t there.”

“Neither are we,” Izzy mumbles.

“We could always visit,” Tara reminds her.

“I haven’t even visited yet,” I point out. “What if I hate it?”

“You won’t,” they assure me in unison.

“Who knows, maybe the town won’t be the only thing you fall in love with,” Izzy states with the wistfulness of a woman that’s found her soulmate.

“I think I’d rather have my wisdom teeth pulled than attempt dating,” I retort. She and Parker are perfect for each other, and I’m thrilled for them, but I simply don’t see it happening for me. I’m more apt to meet a dud instead of a stud.

“Then just get laid!” Tara shouts, cackling as the video call ends.

“You’ve got crazy friends,” the driver states. “Don’t get me wrong, they’re clearly great,” he adds in defense, “but crazy.”

“That’s what makes them great.”

“You’re lucky to have them,” he says, which I’m taking as an agreement.

“Yes, I am.”


“This is the life,” my cousin and best friend, Keene Evans, states via our walkie talkies. No, we aren’t seven, but we do have them as a means to communicate, using a channel that’s just for us to keep our conversations as private as possible. Which is a little hard to do while surrounded by probably at least a hundred people as we monitor the beach. We could use our cells, except this is more fun. Okay, there’s still a little boy inside us. Responsibility can’t dull all of it.